11 YouTube Video Ideas For Kids (Quick and Easy)

Looking for YouTube video ideas for kids?

You’ve come to the right place.

Have your children been itching to start a YouTube channel?

It’s a very popular network, and kids love watching the videos people have uploaded onto their YouTube channels.

There are so many different types of videos kids could make that making a choice can seem overwhelming.

There are popular kid YouTubers in categories like toys, drama, makeup, art and so much more.

So if your child is interested in starting a YouTube channel, here are some YouTube video ideas for kids.

11 YouTube Video Ideas For Kids

There are so many YouTube channels vying for kids’ attention it can be hard to figure out exactly what will get viewers to click on your videos.

Funny kid videos seem to be topping the YouTube charts, but many other fun kid videos are not far behind.

These 11 YouTube video ideas for kids may help you and your children get started on the right foot.

3 little kids on camera through a phone dancing. YouTube video ideas for kids.

If your child is a little older and looking to work independently on their own YouTube channel.

Check out this blog post.

It gives a bunch of YouTube channel ideas for students. 

1. New Toys

Kids love to see the newest toys, so toy reaction videos can definitely be a hit.

It may be an expensive channel to get going, but if you can buy the latest or even the simple surprise toys, your child’s reaction to each toy will make some successful YouTube Videos.

Once they have a decent following, toy companies may even start to send free toys to them for reviews on their channel.

Once that starts happening, it will save you, the parent, money and can make your child money by having sponsors on their channel.

If your child is a little older and is able to communicate their thoughts and feelings well, record them sharing their reasoning behind why they like it or dislike the toys.

2. Cooking With Kids

Does your little one love to cook?

A cooking channel is a great idea if so.

Simple kid-friendly recipes usually get good views.

You’d be surprised how many people look up basic recipes like “how to make grilled cheese!”

3. Life Hacks

There are plenty of life hacks for kids, and who else to show them and teach them but your child?

There are so many life hacks using q-tips, pizza boxes, jewelry storage, and more.

Let your child create some easy life hacks to help other kids.    

4. Role Playing

If your child loves to play house, pretend to be a police officer, or wants to be a doctor when they grow up, create awesome kid videos where they’re acting out different scenarios.

There are endless options because your child doesn’t have to stay in the same costume for every video.

They can easily help you come up with a script and scenario.

For those kids who are interested in professional acting, this could be a great way to get their acting abilities seen by recruiters.

You never know! Their channel could be just the thing that leads to stardom!

5. Reaction Videos

Reaction channels are popular, and kid reactions are really starting to pick up speed.

Choose a trending video, new food, or movie, and have your kids try it on camera.

Make sure you record their reaction.

They’ll love to see themselves and how their face looks when they try spicy buffalo wings for the first time or view a funny video of cats! 

6. Prank Videos

Along the same lines as the reaction video channel, consider creating a prank channel.

People to prank could include older siblings, best friends, mom or dad!

You may even decide to prank all family members at one point or another.

Pranks get laughs, and laughs often get likes and subscribers.

A word of caution with prank channels, though.

Pranks can (and have been known to) go too far.

Make sure any pranks done to others (including people and animals) are completely harmless and in good taste.

7. Science Experiments 

Every kid loves science experiments.

Having a kids YouTube channel where kids learn something will not only bring in kid viewers, but it will also get approval from parents!

Create a channel all about science, and let your child be the lead scientist.

Parents and kids always look for simple science fair projects or fun Saturday activities or for school science fairs.

Edit in the text showing the steps and ingredients, and people will come back to your channel for more ideas the next time they need ideas.

8. Movie Reviews

There seems to be a new animated kids movie out at least once a month.

Vlog your experience going to the theater, getting snacks, taking your seats, and the movie starting.

Cut to you and your child walking out of the theater and ask them for their honest review.

Prompt them with questions like:

  • How many stars out of 5 would you give the movie?
  • What was your favorite part?
  • Was it better than the first one?

9. Pet Videos

Do you have pets at home?

Kids love pets, and a day in the life of your pet and kid may be the perfect YouTube channel idea for a kid.

Kids can show on camera how they take care of their pet by feeding, cleaning and playing with it.

Maybe they love going on walks or learning new tricks.

Bonus points if you have an unusual pet rat or snake.

10. Playing With Toys

This one may seem strange, but kids love watching other kids play with toys.

Pretty much any type of play, like action figure battles, barbies, pool toys.

There is just something about it that kids love.

If your child enjoys making up games with their toys, it isn’t a bad idea to grab the camera and press record. 

11. Field Trips

If your family likes to go on adventures, bring along the camera.

Next time you head to the zoo, museum, or other family attraction, take a video of your child talking about the different animals or paintings.

It will not only give parents helpful tips about taking their child to the same place, but kids will love to see what is available at each place. 

Getting Started With A Kids YouTube Channel

After you have decided on your YouTube channel idea, you need to know precisely how to set it up.

You can check out this YouTube Step-By-Step Guide, which will tell you everything you need to know about getting started and ensure you’re on the right track. 

To break it down quickly, after you’ve come up with your ideas for a YouTube channel you’ll need to:

  • Create a YouTube Account
  • Buy any production tools
  • Practice 
  • Upload

This guide above goes way deeper into all of those things and more! 

Kids YouTube Video Ideas

So you’ve now got 11 ideas for kids YouTube videos.

Sit down with your child and figure out what direction they’re looking for their channel to go in.

This can be challenging for a kid to understand, so share a couple of YouTube video ideas for kids with them.

You may even want to search for some example videos for them to watch.

A quick YouTube search will also show you how popular the idea is and what your “competition” is doing.

Remember, if your child wants to create a YouTube channel listen to their ideas and interests.

It is an enjoyable project if you and your child work together.

You do not want to be dealing with a miserable child who has no desire to do what you are asking on camera.

Good luck, and I hope these YouTube video ideas for kids got your gears moving! 

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