15 Fun Ways to Display LEGO Sets for Kids

If you have a LEGO lover at home, your kid probably spends hours putting together LEGO sets.

What better way to show off all their hard work than by displaying their finished sets for everyone to see?

That means you’re going to need some ideas for ways to display LEGO sets after building all those fun LEGO sets for kids!

Whether you’re searching for easy decorating ideas, cool DIY projects or other LEGO activities for kids, you’ll love all these awesome display ideas for all your kid’s LEGO playsets and minifigures.

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Ways to Display LEGO Sets

From decorative shelving to glass-covered cases, there are tons of great ways to show off your kid’s LEGO builds after they’re finished putting together their sets.

And the best part is that this list is so full of ideas, you’re sure to find one to fit into your existing décor!

Check out these cool ways to display LEGO sets so you’re ready the next time your kid finishes an intricate LEGO build that’s worthy of display.

LEGO Baseplates

With the help of LEGO baseplates, you can turn just about any storage container into a LEGO display space.

Simply attach the baseplates to your shelf with some super glue.

Once the glue is dry, your kids can have a blast decorating the shelf in their room with their very own finished LEGO sets and minifigures.

And since baseplates come in a variety of sizes and colors, you can find the right fit for just about any storage solution.

LEGO Display Case

Protect your kid’s LEGO builds with this covered display case.

Thanks to the high quality acrylic glass lid, you can keep dust and debris from getting on their LEGO display.

And the baseplate shelving inside ensures your kids’ finished playsets stay put while they’re displayed.

They can even use the case to show off their favorite mini figures.

This big shelf can hold up to 35 of their favorite characters inside the protective glass!


Bookshelves aren’t just for books!

They’re also great for displaying LEGO sets.

After your kids are finished building their next set, they can arrange their finished bricks creations on the shelves for display.

To make a regular bookshelf a little more LEGO-friendly, try gluing some baseplates to the shelves with superglue.

After that, your kids can easily attach the sets to the plates so they won’t move around or fall apart while they’re being displayed.

LEGO Minifigure Case

Does your kid have a big collection of minifigures?

Why not show them off with a LEGO minifigure display case?

This transparent case comes with slots for 16 figures, along mini-baseplates inside each of the compartments to hold the figures in place.

And since the display case features a classic LEGO design, it will fit with your kid’s other brick-inspired decor in their room.

Clear Floating Shelves

Put your kid’s LEGO creations on full display in their room with a set of clear floating shelves.

These cool acrylic shelves are a great way to add some style to your kid’s room and show of their handiwork at the same time.

This set comes with six 15x5x4 inch shelves, perfect for displaying all of their finished sets on the wall of their room.

And since each set is clear, the storage space won’t distract from the LEGO sets on display.

Brick Shelf Tower

Does your kid have a lot of LEGO playsets to display?

This shelf tower may be the answer!

And the best part is that your kids can build the shelf tower themselves, just like a regular LEGO set.

The shelving tower comes with baseplates and buildable brick legs to create a display structure.

Once the shelving unit is constructed, they can easily add their own LEGO creations to each baseplate for display.

Display Stand

If your kid is a fan of building flying playsets, like the Star Wars Mando N-1 Fighter, a display stand is a great option.

After they put their ship together, they can easily attach it to the stand to display it in their room.

LEGO Storage Container

Keep your kid’s building bricks organized and give them a place to display their latest build with the help of this LEGO storage container.

Featuring a baseplate on top, your kids can build their own LEGO designs right on the container.

And since the box contains a large drawer underneath the baseplate, they can easily store the pieces they’re not using when they’re finished playing.

Colorful Floating Shelves

Add a pop of color to your kid’s walls, along with a place to display their finished LEGO sets with these colorful floating shelves.

Choose from a few different LEGO-friendly color options for your shelves, including red, yellow, and blue!

After that, just hang the floating shelves on the wall in your kid’s room and let them fill them up with their favorite LEGO creations.

Minifigure Shadow Box

Your kids will love showing off their favorite minifigures in this cool wooden shadowbox.

Since the large frame features a baseplate background, you can easily display each of your kid’s favorite figures inside.

Just add the glass and frame and hang the display on the wall to easily show off your kid’s handiwork right in their room.

LEGO Brick Shelf

With the help of these stackable LEGO brick shelf pieces, you can put together your own LEGO inspired storage area at home.

Each shelf is the perfect size for displaying finished LEGO sets.

And since they can be stacked on the floor or hung on the wall, you can use these cool brick-shaped shelves anywhere in your kid’s room.

Toy Storage Container

Keep your kid’s LEGOs organized and give them a place to show off their finished builds with the help of this storage container.

The shelving units on top of the container are perfect for placing finished LEGO sets.

And the large bin on the bottom is a great place to store extra bricks and parts that your kids aren’t using.

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DIY LEGO Display Ideas

Even if there are tons of great LEGO display options to purchase, sometimes it’s better to do it yourself!

With the help of these cool DIY projects, you can create a customized display area for all of your kid’s favorite building blocks.

LEGO Display Shelves

Show off your kid’s minifigure collection with the help of this simple DIY LEGO project from Lovely Indeed.

All you need are a few tools, wood, and self-adhesive LEGO tape to put this DIY display shelf together for your kid’s room.

Minifigure Shadow Box

Use your Cricut or Silhouette to create a cute display case for your Star Wars minifigures with this fun DIY project from Mama Cheaps.

With the help of your cutting machine, a shadow box picture frame, and a picture framing mat, you can create a cute mini figure shadow box to show off your kid’s favorite LEGO figures at home.

Wooden Crate Minifigure Display

Turn a wooden crate from the craft store into a cute display for your kid’s LEGOs with the help of this easy tutorial from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

All you need is a half crate and some craft wood to create a personalized storage area for your kids to display their favorite minifigures in their room.

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