The Ultimate List of Holiday Themed Rice Krispie Treats!

Who doesn’t love rice krispie treats? No matter the holiday, you can decorate them to match.

And they’re not just for kids!

Make yummy rice krispie treats for every holiday! Christmas rice krispie treats, valentines rice krispie treats, halloween rice krispie treats, Easter rice krispie treats, and more! A go-to list for inspiration for every major holiday.

They’re yummy for everyone in the family! Even as a kid, I remember making these yummy treats and thinking how I couldn’t wait to eat the sticky mess off of my fingers and then dive into the cooled bars.

Today’s modern kid hasn’t changed all that much in regards to their love for these gooey, delicious treats. What has changed is all the creative ways moms and dads are using to incorporate them into holidays and celebrations.

Use this list for fun inspiration when making your next batch of rice krispies treats for every holiday.

Valentine’s Day

Show some love to those you know with these adorable treats!


Celebrate Easter with an extra Krispie treat!

4th of July

Flags, fun and food round out the perfect Independence Day celebration!


Monsters aren’t just for scaring you…they’re also for eating!


Let’s be thankful for these delicious treats!



Get the family involved in decorating these treats for the Christmas holiday.

Christmas rice krispie treats shaped like snowflakes, Christmas tree and other fun holiday shapes! #ChristmasRecipes #RiceKrispieTreats #Christmas

What’s the most creative thing you’ve made with rice krispies treats for a holiday?


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