Things to Sell as a Kid to Make Money

Have you noticed your child is interested in learning how to earn their own money?

As kids start getting older, they become interested in making money on their own so they can have money to spend on things they want.

Although some jobs for kids are an option, sometimes kids do better when they can get creative and sell things on their own.

Most people love encouraging children by buying from them and supporting them.

Check out this list of things to sell as a kid to make money and start down the path of entrepreneurship.

Kid wearing chef's apron and hat holding a muffin tin.

Things Kids can Sell to Make Money

Snacks And Baked Goods

If you have a child who is a good chef or baker, there are plenty of foods they can whip up to make money.

Snacks are some of the best things to sell as a kid to make money.

They can set up a stand or go to a craft show or other type of show and rent a table to sell their goods.

And if they budget properly, it can be a great way to make some extra money. 

Each state has its own laws about food sanitation and preparation, so be sure to read what is legal to make at home to sell and learn how to label it properly.



Headbands and scrunchies are fantastic clothing accessories that people love to have lots of, and they are easy to make.

For kids who are talented at using elastic in their sewing projects, it can be easy to make these and sell them.

There are all kinds of designs and fabrics to choose from, so they’d have a wide selection of options for customers to browse as well.

Pot Holders

Pot holders are one of the first things people tend to make on looms, and for good reason.

Pot holders are some of the best things to sell as a kid to make money because they are always needed!

All kids need is a loom and a pack of loom bands to get started, and they can make all kinds of designs.

For instance, they can make pot holders in the colors of local sports teams and local high schools  to sell.



Bracelets, like other fashion items, are fantastic ways to make money by selling a product.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to what materials to make bracelets out of.

Kids can choose to use leather, paracord, elastic/fabric combinations, or other such materials.

Plus, there are so many ways to get creative and so that they have something to offer every type of customer.


There are two distinct types of posters kids can make: handmade or digital.

Handmade posters are when you get a large canvas or paper and make a one of a kind poster to sell.

Kids can also make a design online and print it onto posters to sell.

They can make posters and offer them to people who need them for the following:

Whichever way they prefer, posters are a great way to make extra money.

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Building off of the previous tip, there are so many different kinds of art kids can make to sell.

From paintings to sculptures and everything in-between, they can make something to entice any kind of customer.

Art can be sold in-person at craft fairs, through word-of-mouth or through private events.

There are also plenty of websites kids can sell handmade goods and art.

Some online marketplaces include:

  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Amazon handmade

Most online marketplaces require users to be of a certain age to create an account, so you’ll need to sign your child up and manage their account online.

Some kids and parents may find it easier to create their own website and list their items to sell.

With your won website, there are no restrictions and you’ll be in full control of how it operates.

Digital Art

Selling your art in-person is one thing, but you can also sell it online.

Selling digital art can be done in one of two ways.

The first is to make a digital design and sell it for customers to print and use as they see fit.

The second is to go through websites such as Zazzle or Redbubble and list art on there.

Customers can then choose a product, whether it be a t-shirt, mug, or tapestry, to have your child’s design printed on it.

Digital art is one of the best things to sell as a kid to make money because after they’ve created the design, they no longer have to do anything except sit back and let people buy their designs.

Bird Houses

Bird houses are fun to watch and they make for great outdoor decorations.

If your child have some skill with wood working, then making and selling bird houses might be one of the craftier things to sell as a kid to make money.


They can make bird houses and sell them without a design so the customer can paint and customize it to their liking, or they sell them already painted.

In fact, kids could sell blank bird houses as well as some with specific designs like seasonal or sports-themed on them to give your customers some variety.

Whichever route they choose, rest assured that making their own birdhouses to sell can be a great way to make money.


Everyone needs bookmarks, and people love fun bookmarks that are unique.

Plus, making bookmarks is super easy.

All kids would need is some heavy paper, such as cardstock.

From there, they can draw, paint, or collage designs onto the bookmark to sell.

They can sell bookmarks that represent different genres of books so that customers can get one to match their favorite series.

Another popular method is to make bookmarks featuring famous literary quotes on them, which can be great for marking up specific books as well.

They can create bookmarks for holidays, special celebrations, sports teams, or even time of year.

Easy Ways for Kids to Make Money

People love supporting kids who are showing their creativity and a desire to succeed.

Since buying from kids encourages them in their endeavors, exploring their creative side and finding things to create can be a lucrative and often easy way to make money.

Show your kids this list of things to sell as a kid to make money and encourage them to add their favorite things to the list.

If your kids are looking for more ways to earn money, here’s a full list of job ideas by age:

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