31 Fun and Creative Things for Kids to Make and Sell

Making things and selling them is a great way for a creative kid to earn some extra money.

And since there are so many amazing things your kids can sell, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this money-making idea.

If your kid is searching for ideas for their next business venture or idea for what to make and sell at school, go through this big list of things for kids to make and sell with them.

They’re sure to find a few ideas for their next product.

Creative Things for Kids to Make and Sell

Being creative is an essential part of making things to sell.

Crafts are often some of the most popular items for kids to make and sell. That’s because crafts are fun to make and easy to sell!

If you have a creative kid at home, they’re sure to love making some of these cool projects and selling them to friends and family.

  • Lemonade. You can’t go wrong with a classic lemonade stand! Making homemade lemonade and selling it to neighbors is always a great idea for kids. Lemonade tutorial
  • Baked goods. Kids who enjoy baking at home can create a profitable business selling their baked goods. They can make cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, candy, and donuts to sell to friends and family members. Chocolate chip cookie recipe
  • Dog treats. Making homemade healthy dog treats is another fun way for kids who like to cook to earn some extra money. Homemade dog treats recipe
  • Slime. Kids love playing with slime. And kids love making slime. That means it’s a great business idea for any kid interested in making some extra money.
  • Pet toys. Creating toys for pets is a fun idea for any kid who loves animals.
  • Candles. Homemade candles are popular among homeowners, which means there’s a market for this simple craft.
  • Paintings. Do you have a great painter at home? Let them create their own artwork and sell it. They can sell each canvas individually or sell prints of their artwork.
  • Soap. Homemade soap is a simple project that kids can easily make own their own, which means it’s a great item for them to sell, too.
  • Bath bombs. Handmade bath bombs are a popular beauty product right now. And since they’re easy to make, your kids can have some fun making and selling bath bombs.
  • Sugar scrub. When it comes to homemade beauty products, sugar scrub is probably the easiest to make. That makes it perfect for kids! Sugar scrub tutorial
  • Keychains. Since they’ll always be useful, decorative keychains are a popular way to make money. And since they can be made out of a variety of materials, your kids can get creative with their designs. DIY keychain tutorial
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Clothing and Accessories to Sell

Creating custom clothing is another great option for kids who are searching for ideas for their next business.

Clothing will always be a popular option among buyers, making this idea perfect for kids who love creating new things.

  • Handmade clothing. Kids who know how to sew can get creative by making their own handmade clothing. They can use patterns you purchase at the store or online or even create their own custom designs for their clothing.
  • Graphic shirts. Making your own graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts is another simple clothing idea for kids to make. You can use a cutting machine, like a Cricut, to create vinyl designs for the shirts quickly and easily.
  • Jewelry. Creating custom jewelry using beads and pendants is simple enough for kids of any age to do. That makes it a great choice for young kids who want to start their own business.
  • Bags. Whether your kid wants to sew their own bags or just add custom designs to premade bags, selling custom bags and totes is a simple project for kids to make and sell. DIY bag tutorial
  • Scarves, hats, and gloves. Kids who know how to knit or crochet can use their skills to make their own winterwear to sell. DIY bucket hat tutorial
  • Hair accessories. Hair bows, headbands, and decorative pins are all popular accessories among girls. And since those accessories are simple to make, your kid can use their creativity to sell their own line of handmade hair accessories.
  • Tie-dye. Tie-dye shirts and accessories will never go out of style, making them a great way for your kid to earn some extra money. Tie-dye shirt tutorial

Home Décor Kids Can Make

Handmade home décor is another popular category of things kids can make and sell.

And since homeowners are always looking for unique items to add to their home, they’re sure to find buyers for the decorations they make.

  • Signs. Decorative signs are always a popular choice among buyers. Creating painted signs is a great way for your kid to earn some extra money.
  • Pillows. Kids who know how to sew can create decorative pillows using pretty fabric. Or they can add their own custom designs with vinyl to premade pillows for another easy craft option to sell.
  • Painted furniture. If your kid is a good painter, upcycling furniture by painting it is a great way for them to use their talents to earn some extra money.
  • Seasonal decorations. Everyone loves decorating for different holidays, which means making seasonal décor to sell is a great idea. Your kid can make Christmas ornaments, Easter baskets, or fall wreaths to sell throughout the year.
  • Cups and mugs. Decorating cups and mugs with designs and words is another popular idea for kids.
  • Coasters. Decorative coasters can be made out of a variety of things, giving your kid the option to be creative when they make their designs.

Things Kids Can Sell Online

Selling physical products isn’t the only way your kid can use their creativity to earn money. Your child can also earn money selling products online.

These digital products are a great way for your kid to start their own virtual business.

  • Online courses. If your kid is knowledgeable in a certain area or has honed their skills in a craft, let them teach other kids their secrets. Whether your kid is great at math or an amazing pianist, they can share their knowledge through an online course and earn extra money.
  • Printable worksheets. Parents and teachers love finding resources to help their kids in different subject areas. If your child is good at graphic design, then can create their own printable worksheets to sell.
  • Printable planners and calendars. Creating planners and calendars is another simple way for your kid to use their graphic design skills online, allowing users to pay them to download their creations.
  • Social media templates. Older kids who have experience with social media can make their own social media templates for buyers to use on their own accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Stock photography. Kids who enjoy taking photos can snap pictures and sell them on stock photography sites online to earn money.
  • Ebooks. Writing and selling ebooks is a creative way for kids who love to write to earn money. They can share their knowledge on a certain subject or write a fiction book for kids to read.
  • Print on demand products. If your kid is interested in creating products but you don’t want the hassle of storing their supply at home, consider print on demand products instead. These companies allow you to create product designs online, then order individual products when a customer places an order.

Use these ideas as a starting point for things for kids to make and sell. With a little creativity, they’ll have the perfect product for selling and making money.

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