The Best Superhero Toys and Accessories for Kids Who Are Super

All kids are super. That’s a fact.

But some kids definitely love the superhero persona more than others.

If you have a child who is all about capes, flying and saving the day, this is the perfect gift guide for them.

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There are tons of superhero toys out there, but we’ve sorted through them and picked out some of the best we could find.

So send your little superhero on an adventure of their own with superhero toys they’ll love.

The Best Superhero Toys and Accessories

LEGO Marvel Avengers Building Kit

Kids can build the ultimate Quinjet that includes 6 minifigures: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Rocket and Thor, all with new-for-March-2019 Avengers team suit decoration, and more.

Imaginext Superhero Flight City

This set combines Gotham City and Metropolis together with working doors and an elevator.

LEGO Duplo Batman Batwing Adventure

Kids can build the Batwing and help Batman defeat the Penguin!

Mr. Potato Head Spider Spud

Kids can dress up Mr. Potato Head in various different superhero looks.

Superhero Cape Set

This cape set includes characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor. Kids will have fun pretending to be their favorite superhero.

Avengers Coloring and Activity Books

A set of two coloring books that also includes various activities.

I Can Do That Hero Training Gamer

A fun superhero game that promotes self-confidence and self-discovery.

Spider Man Chutes and Ladders Game

The superhero version of the famous Chutes & Ladders game where kids can play as different superhero characters.

LEGO Superheroes Superman Metropolis Showdown

The coolest superhero car that actually flips in the air with the catapult function.

Imaginext Batbot

A robot and tank with over 100 sound effects, even the Bat bot eyes light up!

Imaginext Lex Corp. Hauler

The Lex Hauler has a turn power pad to eject the cage and a press button to fire the Kryptonite blaster.

Spider Man Web Car Launcher

Kids will love using this Spider-Man car because it shoots a web out of its spoiler to take down the villains!

Batgirl and Batgirl Mobile

Batgirl comes with her very own Batgirl Mobile, which has room to two, so her and one of her superhero friends can keep the area safe.

Captain America Blaster Shield

Just push the button to reveal the blaster that launches 2 NERF darts.

Avengers Bowling Set

This set includes 6 pins and a bowling ball for kids who love to bowl superhero style.

Marvel Superhero Electronic Reader

A Me Reader Module that reads each of the 8 books included out loud for children to hear about their favorite superhero adventures.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots

The Batman v. Superman edition of the iconic Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots game.

Avengers Pool Toys

Three superhero dive toys that kids of all ages can have fun with in the pool.

Imaginext Hall of Justice

The superhero Hall of Justice set includes a power pad that launches a missile at the villains and cool details for holding the bad guys.

Avengers Art and Activity Set

The set has everything needed for a young superhero fan to get artistic with!

Bedtime for Batman Book

Little Batman prepares for bedtime in this fun board books for kids.

Batgirl Toddler Doll

Ready for fun and action, this Batgirl doll is perfect for toddlers to carry around with them.

Superhero Handheld Bubble Machine

Kids will have fun pretending to be a superhero and fighting crime with this handheld toy that shoots bubbles.

App-Controlled Batmobile

Kids can build their own LEGO Batmobile toy that’s also becomes a remote control toy with a special downloadable app.

Avengers End Game Laser Tag

A fun laser tag game that allows kids to have epic battles and outsmart their opponents. There are 3 shooting modes and a secret weapon button to up the game.

Superhero Arts and Craft Box

The kit includes 3 different activities that allow them to build a cape, a superhero mas, and superhero cuffs.

Aquaman Action Figure

A large 12” Aquaman movie figure that can perform signature battle moves when you squeeze his legs.

LEGO DC Superhero Girls Highschool Play Set

Kids can build a three-level high school and create scenes with their favorite characters as they go back to high school.

Spider Man Remote Control Helicopter

Kids can easily control this Spider-Man with the power remote that fits in the palm of their hand.

PJ Masks I’m Ready to Read Sound Book

A fun sound book that allows kids to hear the story by pressing the coordinating PJ Masks superhero buttons.

Imaginext Aquaman Play Set

The power pad activates the lights and sets the underwater scene that includes a sea creature for Aquaman to battle.

Superhero Bow and Arrow Set

Kids will love this soft shooting bow and arrow set that can be used for indoor or outdoor play.

Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

A life size pedal go kart that will have kids pretending their Batman as they make their way around.

Black Panther Vibranium Power Mask

Inspired by the Black Panther movie, the mask has light effects and a flip-down lens.

LEGO Iron Man Set

Kids can help Iron Man rescue Agent Coulson from Justin Hammer in his highly posable Detroit Steel weaponized mech. The set also includes minifigures.

Captain America Nerf Assembler Gear

Using this blaster, kids can become like their favorite superhero, Captain America and blast enemies away.

Marvel Avengers Watch

A fun watch for kids with a graphic of The Avengers as the round dial.

Play-Doh Marvel Hero Tools

This set includes superhero molds that kids can use to create their favorite superhero versions with Play-Doh.

Infinity War Electronic Gauntlet

Kids will have fun wearing this gauntlet that includes a push center button that lights up the stone and activates the sounds as they pretend to be Thanos.

Hot Wheels Batman and Rogues Vehicle Pack

A set of 5 Hot Wheels character cars that kids will love maneuvering around.

Imaginext Transforming Batcave

Turn the power pad to activate the transformation of spreading the platform, opening the Batwings, and revealing the Batcomputer. Kids can also open the garage and open a chest that contains Batman’s armor.

Magnetic Dress-up Superheroes

Create over 80 costumes with this 27-piece magnet dress up collage game.

LEGO Batman and the Joker Escape Building Kit

Build Batman’s helicopter and enjoy the Arkham prison, Harley Quinn’s bike and a mobile catapult.

Superhero Pull-back Car

Decked out with lights, sounds and can quickly take down obstacles, this car will have kids entertained for hours.

Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider Man Web-Quarters Play Set

This play set includes Spider-Man, 4 sets of power-up arms, a crane and a web-line.

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