Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens: 15 Awesome Ideas Under $10

Stocking stuffers for teens and tweens are some of the hardest Christmas gifts to buy!

And while purchasing gifts to put under the Christmas tree for kids in this age group is difficult, finding stocking stuffer ideas can sometimes be impossible!

stocking stuffers for teens

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Luckily, I’m here to help you with your Christmas shopping this year!

If you’re struggling to find stocking stuffer ideas for your older kids, you need to check out these 15 awesome stocking stuffers for teens and tweens – all for under $10 each!

Cool Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens

Heated Ice Scraper


If you live in a cold climate, you know how much of a struggle an icy windshield can be. Make scraping their car windows a little easier for your teen this winter with a heated ice scraper in their stocking.

Makeup Brushes


Is your tween starting to show an interest in makeup? This fun mermaid makeup brush set is the perfect introduction to makeup for a young girl. She’ll love the playful mermaid scales on the brushes and the adorable mermaid shaped application sponge.

Mini Selfie Stick


Selfies are a way of life for teens and tweens. Help them take the best photos of themselves with a mini selfie stick. In addition to fitting perfectly inside their stocking, this cell phone holder will also easily slip in their pocket or purse, so they’ll have it whenever the perfect selfie moment pops up.

Sneaker Balls


Do you have an athlete at home? If you do, you know how smelly their sneakers can get. Help them get the stink under control with a set of Sneaker Balls in their stocking. These handy balls absorb bad sneaker smells simply by placing them inside the shoes when they’re not being worn.

LED Charger


With this cool LED dual charger plug, your teen will never misplace their charger again! In addition to glowing in the dark when it’s plugged in, this wall charger has two charging ports, making it easy to quickly charge multiple devices.

Turban Headband


Turban style headbands are super popular right now, ensuring your teen will love this cute accessory – especially if they wake up one morning with a bad hair day!

Touchscreen Gloves


Don’t make your teen choose between wearing gloves and using their favorite device. Make sure they can do both with ease with a pair of cute touchscreen gloves. The index finger and thumb on each glove feature touchscreen-friendly material, making it easy to use any smart device while keeping their hands warm, too.

Mini Flashlight


A mini flashlight is a handy thing for your teen or tween to have on hand. And with the attached key ring on this small LED flashlight, they can easily attach it to their backpack or keyring so it’s within reach whenever they need it.

Emoji Uno


Including a cool game in your kid’s stocking is a great idea this holiday season. Uno is a fun game no matter what your age, but your teen or tween is sure to relate more to the game when it features emojis on the cards. You may even be able to convince them to put down their phone and join in a family game!

Self Discovery Journal


The tween and teen years can be a difficult time for some kids. Help your young one find themselves with this awesome self discovery journal. It features 200 questions and writing prompts to help your young adult find themselves and discover the things that are most important in their life.

Journal Markers


Make journaling a little more fun for your pre-teen with a set of fine point markers in a variety of cool colors. They’ll enjoy writing and doodling in their journal after receiving a set of journal markers in their stocking this year.

Tablet Stand


Make using their tablet a little easier for your tween with this handy tablet stand. With multiple viewing modes and compatibility with a variety of devices, this universal tablet stand is sure to be a hit with your tech-loving kid this holiday season.

Portable External Charger


Keeping in touch with your teen while they’re away from home is essential. Make sure they’re phone is always charged and ready to go by giving them a portable external charger this year. The compact size makes it easy to slip in their pocket when they’re heading out for the day, ensuring they’re never without a charge while on the go.

Game Controller Slip Cover


If you have a serious gamer at home, they’re going to love having one of these game controller slip covers in their stocking. In addition to allowing them customize their controller, the non-slip grip on this cover ensures they’re gaming at their best each time they play.

Phone Case Wallet


Your teen is probably never without her phone, which is why this cute phone case wallet is perfect. It ensures she has everything she needs on hand at any given time, including her phone, ID, and money.

Buying stocking stuffers for teens and tweens just got a little easier with this list!

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