15 Stocking Stuffers for 4-6 Year Olds (All Under $10!)

While your kindergartener has probably poured over their Christmas list this year, making sure they include everything they want from Santa, they probably haven’t put much thought into their stocking stuffers.

That means you get to have some fun finding the perfect little gifts to place inside their stocking this year!

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But filling your little one’s stocking with adorable little presents can quickly get expensive if you’re not careful.

So I’m here to help you spread a little more Christmas cheer and save some money this holiday season with these 15 stocking stuffers for 4 to 6 year olds – all for under $10.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids 4-6 Years Old

Face Crayons

What little kid doesn’t love to have their face painted? Now they can get fun designs drawn on their face at home without all the messy paint! These awesome face crayons will help you create amazing designs on your kid’s faces by simply drawing the design right on.

Road Tape

Any car-loving kid will absolutely love getting a roll of road tape in their stocking. With this simple budget-friendly stocking stuffer, your little one can turn anything into a road for their toy cars and trucks.

Little People Wheelies

If you get them a new roadway, your little one is going to need some new cars to drive on it! Little People Wheelies are the perfect option for budget-friendly stocking stuffers this holiday season!

Santa’s Sleigh Bells

This fun age group is all about Santa during the holiday season. Make this Christmas special by placing a bell from Santa’s sleigh in their stocking! You can be sure their belief in Santa will be going strong all the way into next Christmas with a memorable gift like that.

Activity Book

Your 4 to 6 year old may have moved passed traditional coloring books, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy getting an age-appropriate activity book in their stocking. In addition to coloring pages, look for a book that also has engaging content like mazes, dot-to-dot drawings, and word searches like this adorable unicorn activity book.

Scented Markers

And if you grab an activity book for your kid, you can’t forget to add some crayons or markers to their stocking, too. But traditional markers aren’t much fun! This year, take your gift game up a notch an put some scented markers in their stocking! They’ll enjoy the fun smells just as much as they enjoy coloring with these cool markers.


Alright – it’s probably safe to say that your kindergartener isn’t going to be excited about receiving a toothbrush in their stocking. But what if that toothbrush had a picture of their favorite cartoon character on it? I think that just make brushing their teeth a little more fun!

Hat and Gloves Set

Winter hats and gloves are essential during the chilly months. Make sure your little one wears these must-have accessories by gifting them a set featuring their favorite characters.

Cotton Candy Slime

I don’t think the popularity of slime is going away any time soon. So, this simple (and cheap) stocking stuffer is sure to be a big hit with your 4 to 6 year old. And as a bonus, it smells like cotton candy!

Color Bath Drops

Putting a jar of these color bath drops in your kid’s stocking this year is sure to make bath time a little bit more fun. Simply drop one of these fragrance-free tablets into the water to instantly tint the bath water without staining the tub (or the kids).

Bath Crayons

While you’re at it, why not give your kids a chance to create some bathtub art while they’re taking a bath? These washable bath crayons are the perfect way to keep your kids entertained in the tub. And when they’re finished drawing on the walls, you can easily wipe the artwork away with a little bit of water.

Kid-Friendly Jewelry

The compact size of this cute necklace and bracelet set make it perfect for a Christmas stocking. And the fact that it’s constructed of plastic beads – while still totally cute – make it a great intro to jewelry without you worrying about your forgetful kindergartener inevitably misplacing it somewhere.

Silly Socks

Socks are a pretty common stocking stuffer. But this set of silly socks is anything but ordinary. Your kids will love sporting these cute socks when they head back to school after Christmas break.

Character Water Bottle

Kid-friendly cups and dishes are another simple addition to a Christmas stocking, which is why I love the idea of getting your young child a new water bottle. And finding one with their favorite character on the front might make them want to drink a little bit more water next year.

Crayola Baby Shark Coloring Pages

If you have a kindergartener who loves to color with markers, you know what a mess those artistic sessions can be. But with this fun Crayola Baby Shark Coloring Pages, you can let your little one be as artistic as they want without worrying about the mess they leave behind! It’s a win-win for both of you!

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