7-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge for Kids

Get your kids involved in the Spring cleaning process by giving them a 7-day challenge to clean up their areas and help out a bit around the house.

We’ll be trying this challenge this year in our house to get the kids involved with decluttering and freshening up the house for spring.

I think a great time to try this challenge with kids is during their spring break so that it won’t interfere with any school work or extracurricular activities.

I do understand that many families go on vacation during this time or have other things to do during spring break. In that case, choose whatever time works best for your family.

The point is to make it seven consecutive days of tidying up.

Rewards for the spring cleaning challenge

Be sure to have a reward for your kids at the end of each cleaning day. Think of things your kids will love and be motivated by, but also won’t break the bank.

Here are a few ideas for rewards:

  • bag of candy
  • cold soda
  • money (a dollar per day)
  • stickers
  • bubbles
  • pick what’s for dinner that night

When the whole challenge is done be sure to take your kids out for an even bigger reward like going to the movies or getting ice cream.

Spring cleaning challenge with kids

Day 1 – Go Through the House and Find Everything That Belongs to Them

On the first day, we’re keeping things simple. Have each child go through the house and find everything that belongs to them and put the items where they belong.

Don’t forget about no-so-obvious places like the car, garage and even the parents room if they hang out in there a lot.

Day 2 – Clean the Floor of Their Bedroom

Depending on how messy your child’s bedroom is this may actually be the most difficult day of them all. 

Have them put away everything that is on the floor, including under the bed.

While they’re at it they should separate anything that is broken or that they don’t want anymore into piles to be thrown away or donated. After it’s all done have them vacuum.

If this is a particularly large task move it to the last day so they get the biggest reward.

 Day 3 – Go Through Toy Chests to Look for Anything Broken or Unwanted

Have them dump out their toy chests to look for anything that is broken or that they just don’t like playing with anymore.

Put these things into two separate piles just like the previous day.

Day 4 – Go Through the Closet for Clothes they don’t like or don’t Fit Into Anymore

This one you might want to supervise just so you make sure your kids don’t throw everything they own away.

Have them go through their closets and drawers for any clothes that they don’t like or that doesn’t fit them.

Again, separate them into piles for throwing away and donating. 

Day 5 – Wash their Bedroom walls and the light switches and doorknobs in every room in the house

Day five is another easy day. Give them a bucket of soapy water and a rag or towel and let them go to town. Chances are most dirt on the walls is going to be at the level they can reach.

Once they finish their room, have them do the doorknobs and light switches in the rest of the house.

Day 6 – Sweep the Parts of the House That Don’t Have Carpet or Help With Laundry

Have them give you a hand around the house by sweeping up any of the rooms that don’t have carpet. Or you can get them to give you a hand with laundry.

This gives them the opportunity to help out your spring cleaning while also seeing how much work goes into maintaining the house. 

Day 7 – Clean Up School Supplies and Backpack

Finally, finish up by having them clean up their school supplies, their desk, and their backpacks.

While they’re at it give them new containers to organize their supplies on their desk or in their backpack.

Ending the challenge

Once the challenge is over, take those piles of items that are in good condition to be donated. Let your kids do the donating for an extra self-esteem boost!

And don’t forget about taking them for a big reward like going out to eat or going to see a movie. You want them to know how proud of them you are and how much you appreciate their participation.

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