The Best Regular Jobs for Kids (Not Boring!)

Sometimes kids want to learn how to make their own money so they can learn to be independent.

Having a job can teach kids responsibility, character, money management skills and time management skills.

Regular jobs for kids can include things like working for their parents or working outside the home.

As long as the job is age-appropriate, kids can work and earn money on their own.

To get them started, here’s a list of jobs for kids that are easy to get into and won’t infringe on their school and extracurricular activity time.

Two kids washing a car with sponges

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Regular Jobs for Kids to Make Money

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great job for kids of all ages, and it does not require any real expertise to do.

Rather, it requires patience and a willingness to work with dogs.

Dog walking requires a lot of time management skills, but it pays fairly well and is a fun job.

Elder Assistance

Elder assistance is one of the best regular jobs for kids to do because it can be done year-round.

Plenty of elderly people need special assistance with some basic jobs, which is something that your child can do.

Chores such as preparing food, cleaning, and helping to keep someone’s house orderly are all things that can be done by your child.

Plus, teens and older kids can work with elderly individuals who may need special care and schedule to assist them on different days as needed.

What is important is to ensure that your child is not tasked with any medical responsibilities, such as managing medications.

These should always be done by a medical professional.

When it comes to assisting with chores and other such tasks, those make for a great job opportunity for kids.


Car Washing

Car washing is typically a pretty reliable way for kids to make money in the summer, and it’s easy to do.

All they need is a bucket of car-safe soap and water, a soft rag, and a garden hose.

It is easy for your child to have cars pull into a driveway and get washed for a few bucks.

This is a great job for multiple children as they can divide and conquer each position of a carwash and split the profits amongst themselves.

Plus, most people usually figure that car washes usually only cost a couple of bucks, so why not give it to some neighborhood kids to do?

Note: If your child is interested in starting a car washing business, they can get started with this highly rated car wash kit!

Starting A Business

This one might sound strange at first, but plenty of kids are able to start their own business with their parents’ help.

Although this wouldn’t typically be on a list of regular jobs for kids (because it’s a business, not a job), it’s still an idea I think is worthy of being on this list.

Starting a business simply means making a product and selling it either in person or in line.

To start, your child will first need a product to sell.

Many children sell basic arts and crafts projects or kits to make them.

Older kids can sell all sorts of things, from art to books or anything else.

There really are an unlimited number of possibilities when it comes to choosing a product to sell, but remember that it needs to be something that can be made in larger numbers so your child has an inventory of items.

To sell in person, consider attending local flea markets or craft shows with your child.

Selling online is a bit more complex, as digital banking will need to be done through you.

However, that is not typically a problem as most people have access to online banking.

Starting a small business is a great way for your child to make money doing something that they enjoy.

It can be something that continues to grow over the years and makes for a great side job once your child enters young adulthood.

The hands of two kids washing a car with sponges. Image says 6 regular jobs for kids

Farm work

If you live in or near a rural area, many farms are always looking for workers to help out.

Kids and teens can get regular work taking care of animals, planting and harvesting crops, and assisting with general maintenance on the farm.

Doing farm work can help teach your child useful homesteading skills, which will be very beneficial later in life.

Plus, it can help kids get closer to livestock and agriculture which can be useful if that is something they want to do with respect to their career.

Farm work is typically easy to fit into an academic schedule, and there will be plenty of opportunities for your child to learn about the world while they are working.

Mother’s Helper

This is a great job if your child would like to babysit but is not yet mature or old enough to do so on their own.

Being a mother’s helper basically means helping stay-at-home parents take care of their kids while a parent is in the home.

This would include helping parents do parental chores and learning about what it means to raise a child at the same time.

Here are some things a mother’s helper might need to assist with:

  • Playing with younger kids
  • Preparing easy meals
  • Putting young children down for naps
  • Cleaning up after young kids or babies
  • Teaching or tutoring basic academic skills
  • In many cases your child might also be expected to assist with general housework as well.

Being a mother’s helper is a great job for younger kids and can even be beneficial for older kids who are new to working with little ones.

It is also a great job for a teen who wants to go into pediatric care of any kind, as being able to work with kids takes special skills.

Jobs for Kids by Age

Need more ideas?

Here’s a full list of regular jobs for kids to do that are age-appropriate.

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