Anytime we can encourage kids to read more, we do. And now that it’s Valentine’s Day we couldn’t resist incorporating reading into these fun printable classroom Valentines for kids. The best part is they are non-candy Valentines, so you don’t have to worry about food and dye allergies.

These free printable Valentines are perfect for anyone on a kids list. No "love" quotes here so EVERYONE will feel included. Pass these out at the school Valentine's Day class party to all classmates or use them as a Valentine's gift from teachers to students. #ValentinesDay #ValentinesCards #ValentinesforKids #ValentinesParty

Instead of traditional Valentine cards that say who their heart belongs to, we decided this year it’s way more cool to say what their hear belongs to. And that something is BOOKS! There will be plenty of candy coming home from the Valentines party at school, so here is a fun Valentine for kids to pass out that parents won’t mind kids collecting.

These Valentine bookmarks can be from student to student, from teacher to student, or from student to teacher. It’s really appropriate for anyone.

We also encourage you to have your kids pass out an inexpensive book along with their Valentines bookmark. It’s a great way to encourage kids to read more!

Encourage a love for reading this Valentine's Day with these free printable Valentine's Day "I love reading" bookmarks for kids. The perfect alternative to lovey-dovey Valentines, these make the perfect gift for students and teachers. Especially those who love books! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesCards #ValentinesforKids #ValentinesParty

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Printable Valentine’s Day Bookmark

You’ll Need:

  • Heavy white cardstock
  • Printed Valentine bookmarks
  • Laminator and laminating pouches (a great option if you want to make them extra durable)
  • Inexpensive books (optional)



Just print your Valentine bookmarks onto cardstock paper and cut them out. As an optional step, laminate them before cutting to make them durable enough for the most voracious readers. You can be finished at this step and everyone will love them. But, if you want to go that extra mile, grab some fun inexpensive books and stick them inside. You’ll totally knock this Valentines Day out of the park!

Here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day books that would be perfect for any kid.

Valentine's Day Jokes for kids book, The Story of Valentine's Day book for kids

1. The Night Before Valentine’s Day – Join the excitement the kids feel as they prepare for one of the funnest holidays of the year-Valentine’s Day! Written in the style of “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” this is a great addition to any classroom holiday library.

2. Valentine’s Day Jokes for Kids: A Valenitne’s Day Book for Children – Everyone loves a good joke! This is the perfect book to make Valentine’s Day not only full of love, but full of laughter, too!

3. The Story of Valentine’s Day – Even while all of the fun and partying is happening, a lesson can still be taught. Learn the history of Valentine’s Day in a kid-friendly way.


Our alternative to the Valentine's Day card is this fun, free printable Valentine's Day bookmark for kids. These bookmarks are non-mushy, so they can be given to anyone (not just a secret crush.) Perfect for Valentines school parties! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesCards #ValentinesforKids #ValentinesParty


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  2. I like that they are non-mushy! My son was a little embarrassed last year (in 5th grade) with some of the Valentine sayings. He was very selective about who got what.

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