Printable Fun Food Valentine’s Day Cards

There are so many places kids can give out Valentine’s Day cards. Some kids pass out valentines at their school parties, some pass out Valentines at church to friends, and some pass out Valentines to their siblings or other members of their family.

While Valentine’s Day is a holiday all about celebrating love, it can also be a fun time to be a little bit quirky, and kids want fun Valentines that will be perfect for anyone.

With that in mind we know kids will love these really fun, quirky food inspired printable Valentine’s Day cards. They are adorable and fun for anyone. They can be given out alone or attached to the food that they reference. Who doesn’t love getting a huge sucker or a doughnut for Valentine’s Day?

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Printable food valentines cards
  • Optional string to tie valentines cards to food
  • Snack item to attach valentines card to (try these fun extra large lollipops!)
  • Go ahead and print your Valentine’s Day cards and cut them out.
  • If you like, use a string to tie the card around the food item that is on that card.

That’s it! Let your kids pass them out and watch everybody love them!


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