Printable Christmas Cards for Kids

Let your kids personalize the Christmas cards they send this year. They can color their own card and write a personal message in it. They’re the perfect printable Christmas cards for kids.

Christmas cards are a staple for sending to family and friends each year.

We can spend a lot of time looking for the perfect card to convey the message we want to say. And kids can take even longer.

Not only that, but cards can get pricey. When you start thinking about all the relatives who will want to hear from your family from the holidays and then add up the price of Christmas cards, it can be shocking.

Because of that, I thought it would be good idea to make a set of DIY printable Christmas cards for kids.

Each card has a different picture on it so your kids will be able to color them however they want. They can choose from gingerbread men, Santa, reindeer or snowmen cards.

Once the cards have been colored, they can then open them up and in write a special note to whoever they are sending the card to.

So instead of the card having the same message as someone else’s card, they can write a personalized note to grandma, grandpa or aunt Sally.

Printable Christmas Cards for Kids to Color

These printable Christmas cards for kids make good gifts for kids at school. If your child has a school Christmas party coming up and they need to take a special gift for someone or even the whole class, these are perfect for that.


Think of them the way you would think of having a Valentine’s card for each class member.

It will be easy to print enough for the class (I recommend printing them on cardstock) and write a special Christmas note for their friends.

They can choose to color each one for their classmates, or if they feel like that’s too much they can give the card and let the coloring be a part of the interactive fun the recipient will get.

One more option you can use these cards for is that you can color the card and give it to your child as a part of their Christmas gift.

What a great memory it will be to have a special handwritten card from a parent.

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