Printable Breastfeeding Tracker Kit

Whether you’ve been breastfeeding for months or you just started your breastfeeding journey, you know how frustrating it can be when you can’t remember which side to nurse your baby from at the next nursing session.

This printable breastfeeding tracker kit is the perfect way to keep track of your breastfeeding and pumping schedule. It incudes breastfeeding signs for the door, breastfeeding tracker, pumping tracker, breastfeeding encouragement cards, and more! Free download

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way of nourishing a growing baby, but there are things about it that can make it challenging at times. Things like leaking, forgetting which side baby is suppose to be on or trying to guess if your baby is actually getting enough milk.

Now there’s hope! I’ve created a fun (and completely free) breastfeeding tracker kit to help all the sleep-deprived mamas out there. During those 4 a.m. feedings when you can’t tell up from down, at least with this tracker you’ll be able to tell left from right…that is if you should nurse on the left or nurse on the right.

Here’s how it works:

There are nine pages included in the printable breastfeeding tracker. They include:

  • Breastfeeding Log
  • Pumping Log
  • Left Side-Right Side Nursing Reminder Card
  • Breastfeeding Encouragement Cards
  • Breastfeeding and Pumping Door Hangers

Breastfeeding Tracker Log

The breastfeeding log will be handy for keeping track of your baby’s feeding habits and patterns. First write the date and time you are beginning a nursing session. Keep track of how long your baby nurses on the right and left breasts and record it. Use this information to determine things like which side she nurses better on and if she breastfeeds better during daytime feedings or nighttime feedings.

Use the notes section to write down any other important information you don’t want to forget.


Pumping Tracker Log

The pumping log is similar to the breastfeeding log. Use it to write down the date and times of your pumping sessions. Then record how many ounces you are able to pump from each breast and use the information from the log to see which breast produces more and during what time of day you produce more in general.


Left Side-Right Side Nursing Reminder

With the let side-right side nursing card, it will be easy to remember which breast to offer your baby next. Once the card has been cut out and folded, simply turn it to the side you want to nurse from next.


For example, if you’re breastfeeding your baby on the left side, when you’re finished just turn the card around to the side that says “right.” Then when you sit down to breastfeed again, the card is your friendly reminder to begin on the right side this time.

It’s convenient and easy.

Breastfeeding Encouragement Cards

These are probably my favorite part of this printable kit. The breastfeeding encouragement cards are meant to inspire breastfeeding mamas that “you got this!”

Sometimes breastfeeding gets hard. And it’s in those silent nights when we’re up by ourselves with the baby for the eighth time that we could use little reminders that what we’re doing is so important and how awesome we are for doing it.

That’s what these cards are for. Cut them out and place them by the area you use to breastfeed your baby. You can glance at them to feel encouraged whenever you need to.


Another way to use them would be to print them on a sheet and instead of cutting them out, put the sheet in a frame and use it for decoration in a nursery or by the nursing and pumping station.

You could even slip a few cards in your baby bag or purse as a reminder for when it’s tough to pump or breastfeed while you’re out of the house.

The point is to make sure they are accessible when you need a bit of encouragement when things get rough.

Breastfeeding and Pumping Door Hangers

Cut out the door hangers and use them to alert people before entering your space that you are breastfeeding or pumping.


Hang them on the nursery door at home or even on the outside porch door so visitors won’t bother you if you don’t want to be disturbed.

If you pump at work, take them with you so others know not to come in while you pump milk.

This breastfeeding kit also makes a great baby shower gift!

I really hope you enjoy it and get good use out of it for many months to come.

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