5 Useful Part Time Jobs for 16 Year Olds with No Experience

So your teen just turned 16 years old and decided they want to save up for their first car.

You give them some odd jobs around the house for a little extra cash, but obviously, that will not be enough!

It’s time for the new driver to start looking for a part time job.

But, what can a 16 year old do? It’s that odd age where they have little experience and no real idea about how the job world works.

So let’s get started and look at some part time jobs for 16 year olds with no experience!


Teenage girl lifeguard

5 Part Time Jobs For 16 Year Olds With No Experience

A quick list of some part time jobs for teens!


Becoming a lifeguard requires some training, but you can do most of the training online, and all of the training is great life skills like CPR and first aid!

Lifeguards are needed at almost all apartment complexes, country clubs, town parks, lakes, water parks, and many ocean beaches.

Lifeguards’ salary starts at minimum wage in many states, but many places offer more due to the training and professional responsibilities.

You are often responsible for not only watching the water, but cleaning the bathrooms, helping guests with any issues, and keeping the swimming area clean.

If you live in an area that gets cold in the fall and winter, they can also lifeguard at indoor pools! 

Camp Counselor

If your teenager enjoys working with smaller kids, a camp counselor may be the job for them!

Camp is always fun for little kids, and a great camp counselor can make it even better!

Many camps are full days to help working parents, so your teen will receive plenty of hours.

Plus, camps are often held at community centers, YMCAs, and other places that offer childcare services year-round.

These places also need help with after-school programs during the school year.

Your teen can easily move into another job when the school year starts. 


Car Wash Attendant 

Many car washes are adding attendants to their pay stations to help customers who may have trouble reaching the machine or understanding how it works.

They are also adding teenagers to the beginning and end of the car washes to give the car a little bit more of a shine before the customer pulls away!

A car wash attendant is one of the best part time jobs for 16 year olds with no experience!

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Is your 16 year old a pet lover? Becoming a dog walker or pet sitter is the perfect job for a teenager with a soft spot for our furry, scaly, and fluffy friends.

Walking a dog or watching a pet takes a lot of responsibility because people don’t leave their family pet with just anyone.

Think about having your child hand out some flyers within your neighborhood, church, or other community spots where people are familiar with your family and your child.

It is a very important job, but often just involves some exercise or watching tv while hanging with the family pet!

Teenage lifeguard on image that says 5 part time jobs for 16 year olds.

Retail Sales

Retail jobs for 16 year olds are pretty easy to find.

Most stores in the mall are geared towards this age group, and many other stores love having young fresh workers helping out!

Many stores make their employees wear their clothing which can become expensive and eat up the paycheck!

Look at places like Target, Walmart, or children’s clothing stores.

These stores often do not have a specific type of clothing they must wear.

Target used to require a red polo and khakis, but now most employees are just required to wear an appropriate red shirt and pants. 


Jobs For 16 Year Olds

These are just 5 part time jobs for 16 year olds with no experience, but there are so many more to choose from.

Hopping online and doing a quick search of “ part time jobs for 16 year olds with no experience near me “ or “ jobs hiring 16 year olds with no experience ” may bring up some good results or at least a good jumping off point!  

So when your child slumps down on the couch next to you and says, “I’m 16. I need a job!” you have some ideas to get started.

If these don’t work, look into other activities or hobbies your child is interested in.

If they play a sport, have them look into becoming an umpire/referee.

If they love cooking and food, maybe a fast food place, a pizza parlor, or hosting is the right part time job for them.

You may have been thinking part time jobs for 16 year olds with no experience are nowhere to be found, but there are plenty of options!!!

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