Part-Time Jobs for 12 Year Olds

By the age of 12, most kids are super busy.

They’ve got school, extracurricular activities, sports and a social life to name a few things.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in squeezing in time to make some pocket change.

If your young child is interested in working, I’d suggest they start with a simple part-time job.

Part time jobs for 12 year olds are the perfect way for them to earn money while not interfering with the rest of their busy lives.

Keep reading for part time jobs for kids to make money.

Kid delivering newspapers from a wagon

Easy Part Time Jobs for 12 Year Olds

Delivering Newspapers

Delivering newspapers is a classic way of making money as a kid and one of the best part time jobs for twelve year olds.

Delivering local newspapers is great because a kid doesn’t need a car. Instead they can bike or walk around their neighborhood and pass out newspapers to subscribers.

It can be tough since kids will have to wake up earlier than they are used to.

Plus, they’ll need a contingency plan in case of rain or other bad weather.

However, it is a simple and consistent job to do. And it compliments a school schedule well since delivering papers needs to be done early in the morning.

If your child is up to the task, delivering newspapers can be a great part time job that would fit in well with their schedule.


Parental Assistant

Being a parental assistant means helping local parents with odd jobs and the chores associated with raising children.

It can also be referred to as a parent’s helper.

Becoming a parental assistant is easy, and I recommend kids start by asking friends and family members if they know of any parents that could use an assistant.

With their parent’s permission and guidance, kids can also advertise their services online, which can really help boost their clientele.

While working, they’ll mainly be doing small chores around the house and possibly helping with young children.

As they get older and more experienced, they can do different and more difficult jobs for even more money.

Being a parental assistant can be a great part time job to make money as a kid as it is typically very flexible.

Kids can choose to only work weekends or afternoons or whatever works for them and their schedules.

Another bonus is that being a parental assistant can naturally develop into a consistent babysitting job, which is also one of the best part time jobs for twelve year olds.


Garage Cleaning

Being a garage cleaner just means helping with the cleaning of a garage, or doing it by yourself.

For many families, the garage becomes a sort of catch-all storage space that tends to build up in clutter over time.

This means that there are plenty of opportunities to make money by cleaning garages, which is really nobody’s favorite chore.

Cleaning garages consists of a few different steps:

  1. The first step is getting rid of any trash that is cluttering the garage.
  2. Then, it is time to start organizing things into boxes and onto shelves and racks.
  3. Once everything is organized it will be easier to condense into a smaller pile.
  4. Then, just sweep up and dust the garage and be done!

Most homeowners will provide the storage and boxes needed to organize their garage.

Your child may or may not need to bring their own cleaning supplies depending on the agree upon arrangement.

The good thing about cleaning out a garage is that it can usually be done in one day over the weekend, making it the perfect part time job for a twelve year old.

Image says 5 part time jobs for twelve year olds

Weeding Flower Beds and Gardens

Many families enjoy putting in flower beds and gardens, but few enjoy the process of weeding.

That is where a 12-year-old can come in and do that job for money.

All they will need is a pair of durable garden gloves and some basic knowledge on how to weed gardens.

To start, they can advertise their services at gardening stores, to friends and neighbors or in local gardening groups online.

Then, all they need to do is speak with the customer about what plants and flowers are in the garden.

Finally, their job will be as simple as ripping out weeds.

In order to avoid pulling out growing plants that are mistaken for weeds, it is important that they familiarize themselves with the garden before they start tearing into it.

Weeding is usually one of the better part time jobs for twelve year olds as it is simple to do.

In addition, there are typically plenty of people willing to pay to have their gardens weeded during the nicer months of the year.

Wreath Making

This is one of the more interesting entries, but it is a popular job.

Around holiday seasons, kids can pick evergreens and use them to make wreaths that they can then sell.

Of course, this requires a skill in wreath making, but it is a skill that can be learned by watching YouTube or asking an adult to help you learn.

Plenty of people enjoy buying festive wreaths around different holidays, so this can be a great job to have during different parts of the year in-between studying and extracurricular activities.

Plus, during off-months kids can focus on honing their skills and collecting materials.

More Jobs for 12 Year Olds

Even though they are young, 12 year olds can make find easy ways to make money whether through part time jobs, online or in other ways.

If your 12 year old is looking for additional opportunities to earn money, why not have them earn money by doing extra chores around the house?

This list of chores kids can do for money is a great starting point.

Also, check out our article on jobs for 12 year olds for more job ideas they try and earn some cash.

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