The Best Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

Finding a flexible afterschool job is a great way for high schoolers to earn some extra spending money.

But it can be difficult to find a job that works with your teen’s busy schedule. That’s why online jobs are such a great option for anyone in high school.

And with these online tutoring jobs for teens, your kid can share their knowledge and help other kids their age, all while earning their own money during their free time.

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Can I Tutor Online as a Teenager?

Finding a tutoring job online can sometimes be difficult for teens because many tutoring sites are only open to applicants who are 18 years or older.

And some even require a bachelor’s degree to apply. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options if you’re hoping to find a way to tutor kids online while you’re still in high school.

When you’re looking for an online tutoring job, there are a few things you’ll need to be successful.

Before your teen starts applying for a job online, make sure they have:

  • Reliable internet. The most important thing your teen will need is a good internet connection. Since they’ll need to use the internet to work with their tutoring students, it’s important that they have access to a reliable connection every day.
  • Computer with a webcam. Another essential item needed for online tutoring is a webcam. In order to teach online, your teen will need to use a web-based camera to video chat with their students. Make sure your teen’s computer is fitted with a camera and microphone so they can easily connect with their students while they’re online.
  • Screen recording software. Although screen recording software isn’t required for online tutoring, it is helpful. Your teen can use the software to record their screen as they’re teaching, making it easier for their students to follow along with the lesson.
  • Subject matter knowledge. In order to teach other kids online, your teen will also need to be well versed in the subject they’re teaching. Whether they’re tutoring other kids in math, science, or reading, make sure they know enough about the subject to be a helpful teacher.
  • Patience and understanding. Since your teen will often be teaching children younger than them, it’s also important that they have a patient and understanding attitude. They should be able to teach lessons without becoming frustrated with their students, allowing the students to learn at their own pace.

Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

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Finding a tutoring job for your teenager is a great way to make it easy for them to find clients.

But since most online tutoring sites have age restrictions and education requirements, finding a site that will hire a teenager can be challenging.

Luckily, there are two websites that are perfect for high school students who want to start tutoring online.

When your teen starts their job search, check out these online job sites:


Since there are no age restrictions for tutors on Preply, it’s a great option for a high school student.

The website offers tutoring in more than 100 subjects, allowing your teen to pick the lessons they want to teach.

To start working as a tutor on Preply, your teen will have to create a profile, describe their strengths as a tutor, and upload a video introduction.

After that, moderators at the site will review the application and approve them to start teaching.


If your teen is interested in teaching English to children in China, take a look at Palfish.

This phone app is a great option for anyone interested in teaching English as a second language.

And since there are no age restrictions on tutors using the app, your high schooler can sign up to earn money tutoring online.

The only requirement your teen will need to start teaching on this app is a TEFL/TESOL certificate, which can easily be obtained online.

How to Start Tutoring Online

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While getting a job on an online tutoring website is a good option for some teens, others may want the freedom that comes with starting their own online tutoring business.


And since there are a variety of different ways your teenager can find students to tutor online, they’ll have several options for getting started.

The first step to tutoring online is to find students to teach. Your teenager can search for tutoring clients using a few different websites.

Each of these sites are a great option for your teen to advertise their tutoring services:

While you might think of as a place for your teen to advertise their babysitting services, this site is also perfect for setting up tutoring sessions, too.

The site allows users to list a variety of different services, including tutoring.

Your teen can create an account with the approval of a parent, then create their listing and advertise their services.


This online classified website is a great way for your teen to offer their tutoring services online.

Using Fiverr, they can set up a listing for their services, allowing them to pick the subjects they’ll teach and how much they want to charge per session.

Potential clients can then contact your teenager to set up a tutoring time and arrange payment online.

And since anyone over the age of 13 can create an account on the site, it’s the perfect place for your high schooler to advertise their services.

Facebook Marketplace

Setting up tutoring sessions with local students is a great way for your teen to earn some extra money.

And advertising their tutoring services on Facebook is a simple way to get new clients.

Look for local buy and sell groups in your area or list their services on the general marketplace to let parents in your area know that your kid is available for tutoring.

In addition to finding students online, your teen can also search for clients in their local area.

And even if your teen prefers to tutor online, they can advertise their services to students in the area.

Posting flyers is a great way to get local students. Or reach out to local teachers to let them know that your teen is available for tutoring.

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Try advertising your teenager’s tutoring services at the local:

  • Schools
  • Library
  • Youth centers
  • Daycares

Once your teen has a few clients booked, they’ll need to figure out how they plan to tutor online.

To set up their own online tutoring business, they will also need a few essential items to get started, including:

  • Video chat software. One of the most popular ways to tutor online is through video chat. Your high schooler could use a laptop, tablet, or their phone to video chat with their students. Depending on the method they plan to use to communicate with their students, they’ll also need a video chatting platform, like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.
  • Screen sharing software. In addition to video chatting equipment, it’s also a good idea for your teen to have screen sharing software to help them demonstrate their lessons to their students. This software is especially helpful for math, science, and English tutoring.
  • A calendar app. If your teen plans to tutor more than one student, having a calendar app is essential. This will help them stay organized as they’re booking their tutoring schedule in between other school assignments and extracurricular activities. And it will help ensure they don’t over-book their services.
  • Payment method. Figuring out how their clients will pay them is another important aspect your teenager will need to consider when setting up an online tutoring business. Online payment methods, like Paypal, or payment apps, like CashApp, are both great options for accepting payment. As your teen is setting up appointments with new clients, make sure they discuss payment options to ensure they get paid for their work.
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Whether using an already established platform to find online tutoring jobs for teens or setting up their own business, tutoring can be a really good way for teens to earn money doing something that they love.

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