The Best Nut Free Lunch Ideas for Your Kid’s School Lunch

Nut free school lunches are critically important for kids with nut allergies, but it can be hard finding enough recipes for a variety of lunches.

Kids can get tired of taking the same old thing to school all the time when they have a restricted diet.

Here’s our curated list of delicious nut-free lunch ideas for weeks of school lunch ideas.

With this list, it will be a while before they have to repeat the same lunch again!

Nut Free School Lunch Ideas

Sweet Potato Tots

Via Wicked Spatula

Kids who like tater-tots will get a kick out of having them made from sweet potatoes. They add a bit of sweetness while still being a healthy vegetable.

Homemade Pizza Pockets

Via Dancing Through the Rain

Pizza anything usually gets kids excited for lunch. These pizza pockets are no exception. They’re a delicious and filling lunch idea.

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

Via Bubba Pie

I love that these pinwheels can be made with deli meat, or with chicken from a leftover meal.

Turkey Club Wrap

Via Food Meanderings

Wraps are a great way to switch up the normal sandwich routine. These turkey club wraps are easy to make and they only take five minutes.

Gluten-free Lunch Box Ideaes

Via Creative Green Living

Need nut-free and gluten-free lunch ideas? Creative Green Living shares a lot of bento-style recipes so kids will have choices when their diets are restricted.

Tortilla Pinwheel Lollipops

Via Home Cooking Memories

Make regular pinwheels more fun to eat by putting them on a lollipop stick!

Clementine Muffins

Via On My Kids Plate

I’ve never thought of this before, but wow what a great idea to use clementines to make muffins!

Emoji Rice Balls

Via Tikkido

How cute are these rice balls?! This is such a fun way to package an everyday food and make it super cute for a kid’s lunch.

Meatloaf Sliders

Via Raiai’s Recipes

These sliders make a great main dish and the best part is they can be eaten with or without bread.

Kid-friendly Pasta Salad

Via Little Sunny Kitchen

A colorful combination of delicious vegetables and pasta any kid will want to try.

Turkey and Cheese Quesadillas

Via Eating on A Dime

Add some turkey to the traditional cheese quesadilla and you have a tasty, filling lunch.

Chicken Greek Salad Wrap

Via Snappy Gourmet

Spice up a plain Greek salad by putting it on a tortilla making it a wrap with chicken instead.

Avocado Tomato Sandwich

Via Stress Less Be Healthy

This is a healthy sandwich kids will enjoy. It can be even be grilled!

Veggie Rainbow Wrap

Via Recipes From A Pantry

I don’t know about you, but colorful food makes me want to eat it. There’s something about the colors in this veggie wrap that are appealing to the eye and will definitely be appealing to a kid.

Pizza Muffins

Via Raiai’s Recipes

Muffins and pizza-two favorites of just about any kid. Combine the two like this recipe does and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Glutten-Free Sunbutter Honey Granola Bars

Via Flippin’ Delicious

Nut-free kids can still enjoy a yummy granola bar treat with these tasty granola bars that use sunbutter. They’re also glutten free.

Tuna Egg Salad

Via Wholesome Yum

Tuna salad is filling and adding eggs gives it more protein and makes it a great option as a main dish for a kid’s school lunch.

Mickey Mouse Lunch

Via This Ole Mom

Add fun and excitement to school lunches by making them Mickey themed. Use any veggies as sides and you’ve got a healthy, fun lunch.

Whole Wheat Pita Pizza

Via Money Wise Moms

I love how easy this pizza is to make. And the best part is that it’s whole wheat making it a healthier alternative to regular pizzas.

Turkey Cheese Apple Sandwiches

Via We’re Parents

We love these apple sandwiches so much, we also included them in our non-sandwich school lunch guide.


Tortilla Pizza Rollup

Via On My Kids Plate

This pizza rollup is a nice, healthy alternative to the store-bought kind.

Berry Salad

Via Tasty Galaxy

Fruit is healthy and delicious and can be a great substitute when you need something other than pb&j for a lunch.

Chocolate Chip Protein Bites

Via Vegetarian Mamma

Kids can still get the crunch, but without the nuts in these delicious protein bites that use wholesome allergy-free ingredients.

Ham and Cheese Rollups

Via Our Wabisabi Life

This lunch idea is as easy as they come. You can use ham or any meat you choose to roll in a tortilla.

Healthy Yogurt Fruit Pots

Via Recipes For Men

These yogurt fruit pots are nice to make ahead of time and have sitting in the fridge ready to grab throughout the week. The fruit can be switched to any kind you want for variety.

Fun Sandwich Lollipops

Via The Soccer Mom Blog

What a clever and fun way to include a sandwich in a lunchbox. Roll them up and make them look like lollipops!

Chicken Mayo Sandwich

Via Recipes For Men

Use roasted chicken, deli meat or leftovers to make this classic chicken sandwich.

Zucchini Muffins with Goat Cheese

Via The Foodie Journey

These muffins are savory and will fill up even the pickiest eater. They hide the veggies and include cheese for a real flavorful treat.

Having a peanut allergy doesn’t mean kids can’t eat good.

With a bit of imagination and this handy list of nut free lunch ideas, they’ll have an awesome school year full of yummy lunchtime favorites.

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