Top Nursing Tanks for Breastfeeding (and Hands-Free Pumping!)

Having a few of your favorite top nursing tanks to breastfeed in can make nursing a lot simpler.

Getting to know your newborn and starting your breastfeeding and pumping journey is not always easy but, if you can get through the first few months of learning, it can be one of the most beneficial and best bonding experiences with your child.

Not every product works universally for every baby so why should every nursing tank top work for every mom?

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Finding the best and most comfortable nursing tank tops for your lifestyle and body type not only helps to facilitate an easier breastfeeding journey but also makes a more confident and stylish mom.

Shopping for the perfect nursing tank is tough since not all moms are the same.

Check out this curated list of the crème de la crème with different types and styles of nursing tanks that cater to different moms and individual lifestyles.

Whether you breastfeed or pump, have a curvy or thinner body type, or just want to look stylish when you go out, you’ll find the best nursing tank for you!

Nursing Tank Tops for Every Breastfeeding Mom


KUCI Maternity Nursing Top

KUCI offers stylish racerback nursing tanks in a variety of colors and patterns you normally don’t find when searching for breastfeeding attire. These tanks were designed for a flawless fit for the small-breasted babe. Not only are they made of a comfortable and breathable cotton spandex fabric that comfortably form fits to the body perfectly, but they also have adjustable straps and one-handed quick release clasps for easy access. KUCI racerbacks won’t leave you with an unshapely or roomy top.

Bearsland Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Tops

Bearsland tiered ruffle nursing tops are so adorable and don’t look like the typical nursing top! Why shouldn’t we be able to look cute and be able to easily feed our children too? Bearsland tanks are very functional for small breasts and have a great design with a double layer that lifts up in the front for effortless and discreet breastfeeding. The straps are adjustable, too, so you can adjust for an exact fit and length. Bearsland’s practical, comfortable and easy design pairs nicely with some cute jeans or leggings.



Glamourmom Full Bust Nursing Tank Top

Bigger busted moms need a balance of comfort, design, and exceptional support when searching for the quintessential tank. Glamourmom offers a full bust nursing tank with a seriously supportive design. This nursing tank works well for larger busted nursing moms because of its wide straps that offer support and full cut bust area that offers more cleavage coverage for fuller breasts. Other useful features include adjustable straps for expanding changing bust sizes and an extra long design for full functionality.

HOFISH Ultra Soft Nursing Tank Top

HOFISH nursing tanks have the ultimate amount of support for your bigger breasts. Even the moms who ALWAYS have to wear a bra may be able to comfortably wear this tank without one. It also has super sturdy clasps that are easy-to-use even with the largest breasts. Not only do they have full coverage in the breast area, but also have removable inserts if you prefer to take them out. HOFISH tank tops are so soft and comfortable and can be easily worn as underwear or outerwear. You will definitely be back for more.

iLoveSIA Seamless Nursing Cami

The ILoveSIA Seamless Nursing cami makes breastfeeding with large breasts so much easier. The cami’s built-in nursing bra offers soothing support for larger breasted ladies. In addition to superior support, the tank also has nicely designed comfortable straps, easy drop-down cups, removable pad inserts, and easy-to-open nursing clips. Seamless nursing camis are soft and comfortable enough for sleeping, so they make it easy to wake and feed your babe whenever he or she needs!


Suiek Nursing Cami

Every new mom agrees how hard the lack of sleep and constant waking can be especially in the first few months. Suiek nursing camis have no clasps or snaps making it easier to wake from your sleep and easily feed your hungry baby. With a cool crossover style, mommies can simply pull aside the stretchy fabric for effortless nursing access. Suiek camis come equipped with built-in pouches for inserting nursing pads and are made from a comfy cotton spandex fabric which allows the cups to stretch if your cup size grows. Check out the cute color options.

BRLIDO Breastfeeding Tank Top

The BRLIDO breastfeeding tank top is the epitome of comfort and convenience making it an optimal option for sleeping. Made with silky-soft material, a stretchy wireless nursing bra and adjustable straps make it most suitable for sleeping soundly and also easy access to feed your child. Many moms find these tanks so comfortable they wear them day and night in the first few months making any time a good time to get a few minutes of rest. With a few color options available, make sure to pick up a couple of sets.

KUCI Maternity Nursing Tank Top

Sleeveless tanks from KUCI are awesome for sleeping, lounging or wearing to yoga. They are so comfortable to wear and the design makes it simple to nurse – especially at night. You gently pull the fabric that covers the breast to the side and your baby has easy access to feed with no troublesome clips to unhook. Also, this clever top has pockets to keep your breast pads in place – so no leaks!


Undercover Mama Black and White Nursing Tank Bundle

Undercover Mama offers comfortable nursing tanks all featuring their genius, patented hook and loop design, that connects the shirt to your favorite bra. With sizes up to 5XL, the Undercover Mama is an obvious choice for plus size mamas! Made of a soft and supportive cotton spandex fabric, Undercover Mama tanks have a nice snug fit, are high quality, and will stay in place. If you are between sizes, make sure to size up as they can run a tad small.

iLoveSIA Women’s Nursing Tank Top

Designed with a loose, comfortable waistline and made from soft, stretchy material, this nursing tank is a top choice to moms. The tank also features a seamless and wire-free built-in bra with one-handed clasps, adjustable straps, and removable foam inserts. iLoveSIA’s tank top is definitely a staple every nursing mom should have. Best of all, they offer sizes up to 3XL.

Larenba Nursing Tank Top

Get ready for lots of color and pattern options! This trendy nursing tank top from Laremba offers double-layer coverage with a very manageable pull-up design for easy access. This particular design is a nice fit for the postpartum body. Larenba tanks have great length and are loose, yet flattering. They are available to buy in plus sizes up to 3XL.


Rumina’s Classic All-In-One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Tank

If you’ve ever pumped, you know the importance of keeping your hands free while doing so. Whether you are doing chores or taking care of your baby, it’s so convenient to be able to multitask. Many moms wear nursing tanks even under their clothing, so why not get a comfortable all-in-one like this nursing and pumping tank from Rumina? It’s very easy-to-use by inserting the flange into the hole and adjusting the straps as needed. The shields are held in place and you are ready to pump.

Petit Tourbillon Hands Free Pumping Cami

This Hands-free pumping cami is versatile for breastfeeding, pumping, or doing both at once. It has some helpful features such as simple clips and pulls down panels for more exposure and direct access. This cute style comes in two colors. It would be a great option for breastfeeding or pumping for your babe all while multitasking and getting stuff done.



Lataly Seamless Nursing Tank Tops

Lataly offers this wonderful nursing tank top with a built-in push-up nursing bra. Not only does it give you that extra pad to help with perkiness, but it’s comfortable and super supportive too even without an underwire. Built-in push-ups can serve as smooth, seamless undergarments that easily transition to nursing without issue. This gives you the best of both worlds without sacrificing style, making the Lataly tank a total game changer!

BRLIDO Nursing Tank Tops Built-in Bra

BRLIDO tanks have a built-in, molded nursing bra that offers great support. It is made of breathable material and has enough padding to wear without being too thick or uncomfortable. This hip length tank also has just the right amount of stretch and stays in place, making it ideal for many activities. BRLIDO Nursing tanks are a top choice for everyday wear.

Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Tank

Kindred Bravely’s Simply Sublime nursing tank has a built-in bra with convenient removable padding and a seamless and tagless design. The tank comes in five color options and is remarkably soft and non-irritating to sensitive breasts. Kindred Bravely offers unique sizing options available in small to 2XL with regular and busty options that are perfect for all shapes and sizes. The padding is optimal to keep shape, shield any nipple or breast pad lines, and is discreet under your clothes. This tank has all of the bells and whistles like comfy, adjust straps, easy and secure clips that help to make breastfeeding easier.

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