Free Printable Letter to Santa Template For Kids Christmas Lists

A letter to Santa template should make it easy for kids to write their wish list to Santa each year.

It’s one of the joys of Christmas that many kids love and can be a fun tradition or simply a one year activity that a family can do together.

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is also a great way to help kids reflect on their behavior over the past year and decide if they think they’ve been naughty or nice.

For parents, it’s an easy way to get a list of what your kids want for Christmas without having to directly ask them so you can keep the magic of Santa bringing gifts alive.

image of letter to Santa Claus templates

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Printable Letter to Santa Claus

For this letter to Santa template, your kids can choose from two different designs. One is a picture of Santa and Mrs. Clause and the other is a picture of Santa with gifts.

What you’ll need to print your child’s letter to Santa Claus:

  • Letter to Santa template
  • Printer and printer paper

Instructions for using your printable letter from Santa template:

  1. Print your template on regular paper.
  2. Read the letter to your child and let them fill in the blanks with their information.
  3. Let your child draw a special picture to Santa in the picture box.


What to do with Your Santa Letter Template

Once your child has written their letter to Santa, here are some ideas of things to do with it.

Send a Letter to Santa in the Mail

There are many places you can send your child’s letter to Santa Claus and get a response back! Here are a few:

  • United States Postal Service USPS has a program where your child can address and mail a letter to Santa Claus in the North Pole. As the parent, you’d include a personalized letter response from Santa to be mailed back to your child. Get more information on the USPS Letters from Santa program here.
  • Blessed Mess Gift Store This kit includes a personalized response letter mailed from Santa and a 4×6 autographed photo of Santa Claus. See the kit and get more information here.

If you want even more places to get response letters from Santa Claus, check out 19 Unique Letter from Santa Templates from Kids.

25 Days of Christmas Activity

If your family counts down the days until Christmas with a special activity for each day, add writing a letter to Santa as one of the activities.

Be sure to make it one of the earlier activities so they’ll have time to mail it and get a response back from Santa!

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