19 Unique Letter From Santa Templates for Kids

A fun collection of the best letter from Santa templates from around the web to delight your child this holiday season!

Receiving a letter from Santa and writing a letter to Santa are both time-honored traditions in many families.

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While having him deliver presents may be enough for many, going that extra mile to have a letter delivered from the North Pole can make Christmas extra-special for kids.

Print a template and write a special note to your child or if you don’t want to change your handwriting to write a return letter from Santa, there are a bunch of places you can go to find pre-made letters for your kids!

Here are some of the best places to find letters from Santa.

Where to Find Letter from Santa Templates

Editable Letter from Santa Claus and Nice List Certificate

image of letter from santa with nice list certificate
from BrownCowCreatives

Grab this letter from Santa and Nice list certificate combo to give to your child to let them know how good they’ve been this year. You’ll be able to edit the letter and certificate right within your browser and then print it.

Personalized Letter from Santa with North Pole Postmark

image of letter from santa with north pole postmark

To seem really authentic, try this letter from Santa that is personalized (with tons of info) and is postmarked from North Pole, Alaska!

Personalized Letter & Autographed Photo Mailed from Santa

image of letter and autographed photo of santa
from BlessedMessGiftStore

This is a unique letter from Santa set that kids will be completely delighted with! Not only will they get a personalized letter mailed to them, but included will be a 4×6 glossy photo that has been autographed by Santa himself!

Christmas Elf Notes & Naughty or Nice Letter from Santa

With this Christmas set, you can leave a special note from the Christmas elves for your child every day. When it’s time, present them with a letter from Santa that lets them know if they are on the naughty list or the nice list.

Tiny Letter from the North Pole

With this set of 12 Christmas letters, you can use one every night as a countdown for the 12 days of Christmas. This set of tiny letters are 3.5×2 inches so it looks like they are made by elves and they include letters from Santa, Mrs. Clause, the elves and reindeer.

More Letters from Santa Ideas

The U.S. Postal Service

The Postal Service has a great program and instructions for delivering a letter from Santa to your kids! They even create a special North Pole postmark to help make the letter look more authentic!

Santa Letters

If you are looking for prewritten letters, this is a great option. Each letter contains a North Pole stamp, Santa’s official mail seal, a classic Santa letterhead, sticker, keepsake photo, and Santa dollar.

Letter from Santa

This letter from Santa has North Pole stationery! This is a great authentic looking letter from Santa that your kids will love!

Personalized Letter from Santa

This is a great letter template for those who want to type up their letter from Santa. There is a hand-pressed seal, 28 different templates, hand-made add-ons, and this can ship to anywhere in the world!

Print at Home Letters from Santa

This is an excellent option if you are looking for an easy letter from Santa! You can print this at home, and there are three different letter options to choose from!

Free Letters from Santa Claus

If you are looking for a free letter option, you can customize your letter using the Free Letters to Santa Claus site! These letters can be personalized to your child and even includes things such as hometowns and accomplishments!

Letter from Santa

While there are a ton of different options if you are looking for customizable letters, this one isn’t so customized. If you are looking for something quick and on short notice, this will get the job done!

Editable Letter from Santa

There are letters from Santa in this set, but you can also do Naughty and Nice list warning letters too! This is great for kids who need a reminder that Santa is always watching!

Email from Santa

For an instant response from Santa, this website lets you fill in a form with important information (name, age of child, Christmas wish list, etc.) and then send it electronically to Santa. After a few seconds of waiting, your child will get an instant personalized reply letter on the screen, from Santa!

Certificate of Niceness from Santa

A great idea for kids who are super excited about what Santa will bring, this certificate can be printed and presented to your child with his or her name on it as proof that they are indeed on the “nice list” this year.

Naughty List Notice

Sometimes little boys and girls need a reminder that Santa’s watching. This Naughty List Notice is just the letter they need to help them remember to be good.

A letter from Santa can make your child’s holiday season a little more magical.

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