The Best LEGOs for Toddlers (Top Picks!)

Since most LEGO sets are filled with tiny pieces, you might not think these little building blocks would make great toddler toys.

But it’s easy (and safe) to let your toddler play with LEGOs when you find the right sets!

LEGO activities for kids aren’t just for older children.

These Legos for toddlers are the best way to introduce these fun and educational toys to your little ones.

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Legos for Toddlers

There’s no reason to put off introducing your toddler to LEGOs when you have these adorable building block sets available.

Each of these Lego sets for toddlers features large bricks and familiar characters, allowing your little one to practice building at an early age.


Lego Duplo Starter Set

Give your toddler plenty of bricks to spark their creativity with the help of a Lego Duplo starter set.

The set comes with 85 different pieces, including blocks numbered 1 through 5, a car, flowers, balloons, and two minifigures.

In addition to the set of bricks, the box also includes basic instructions to help your toddler build a variety of different structures with their building blocks.

My First Number Train

Help your toddler learn to count from 1 to 10 with this fun building block set.

Using the My First Number Train LEGO Duplo set, your toddler will have a blast building their own train to play with.

The rolling wheels make this cute set the perfect learning toy to introduce your toddler to LEGO bricks. They’ll have so much fun using the included minifigures to play as they learn.

LEGO Duplo Farm Animal Care

With the Farm Animal Care set from LEGO Duplo, your toddler can have hours of creative fun!

Since the set includes a pig, sheep, duck, and cat minifigure, any animal-loving toddler will have a blast creating their own LEGO farm.

Help your toddler act out animal care activities while they build their own farm using this cute educational set.

This set is easily one of the best sets of LEGOs for toddlers!


LEGO Jurassic World

Do you have a dinosaur-loving toddler at home?

This LEGO Jurassic World set is perfect for them!

Give your toddler a chance to rescue their own T-Rex and triceratops after they escape from Jurassic World with this Duplo set.

On top of a set of two minifigure dinosaurs, this toddler building set also comes with a buildable Jurassic Park entrance, palm tree, Owen Grady minifigure and LEGO motorcycle.

My First Alphabet Truck

Introduce your toddler to letters with this fun building set.

The My First Alphabet Truck from LEGO Duplo is a working truck that features 26 LEGO letter bricks featuring each letter of the alphabet.

And since the blocks are designed for toddlers, they’re safe for young children to use and easy for them to manipulate all on their own.

In addition to the alphabet bricks, the set also includes a truck, assorted building bricks, and three minifigures to play with.

Space Shuttle Mission

Encourage your toddler to explore outer space with the help of the space shuttle mission Lego Duplo set.

With a buildable rocket that features an opening body, wheels that turn, and a movable ladder, your toddler will have tons of fun creating and playing with this set.

And since the set comes with two minifigure astronauts – a boy and a girl – it’s perfect for any young space enthusiast.

LEGO Duplo Construction Vehicles

What little kid wouldn’t love to build their own construction vehicles at home?

Another one of the best LEGOs for toddlers sets is the Duplo construction vehicle set.

With this set, your toddler can construct their own dump truck and excavator.

And after they’re finished building their vehicles, they can play with them using the included construction worker minifigures, boulders, and shovel.

Duplo Building Table

Give your toddler a place to play with all their new LEGO bricks with this handy building table.

The top of the table is designed to hold larger Duplo bricks, so your toddler can build on top with ease.

And the underside of the table features a large storage container to hold all the extra bricks when your toddler is finished building.


Toddler playing with Legos. Image says "the best Legos for toddlers."

LEGO Duplo Barn

With a buildable barn that measures over nine inches high, the LEGO Duplo barn set is perfect for any farm-loving toddler.

The set includes a tractor, pig, sheep, horse, dog, hen, rooster, two cows, four Duplo figures, a realistically textured hay bale and lots of cool accessories, which means your little one will have hours of fun playing after they’re finished building.

And since the set can be configured in multiple ways, it’s perfect for sparking your toddler’s creativity over and over again.

Airplane and Airport

Turn your toddler into a jet-setter with their very own airplane and airport LEGO Duplo set.

In addition to an airplane with a removable roof and a rotatable airport control tower with luggage slice, this fun set also comes with three Duplo figures – dad, girl and a pilot.

To make it even more fun, your toddler can also use the included accessories, a teddy bear, flag and opening suitcase, to add extra realism to the air-travel role-play.

Minnie’s House and Café

Bring the fun of Disney home with this cute Minnie’s House and Cafe LEGO Duplo set.

This adorable dollhouse set comes with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck figures, along with a buildable house and café.

And since the set includes a variety of accessories, your toddler can use their imagination to inspire a variety of play scenarios involving cooking, eating, sleeping and gardening.

Construction Tower Crane

With realistic lights and sounds, the Duplo construction tower crane is fun to build and play with!

With this playset, your toddler can build their own busy building site packed with vehicles and figures, including a big bulldozer, mini bulldozer, dump truck, digger and a crane.

And since the vehicles feature push and go friction motors, sounds, lights and a working winch, it’s one of the most realistic Duplo sets available.

Mickey and Minnie Birthday Train

Are you looking for a fun birthday present for your toddler?

This LEGO Duplo Mickey and Minnie Birthday Train is perfect!

On top of being fun to play with, this Disney set is also educational.

Along with popular Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto, this building set comes with a three-section train with movable wheels, a buildable birthday cake with candle, five stackable number bricks, and cute accessories, like balloons and a birthday present brick.

Duplo Dollhouse

Combine the fun and imaginative play of a dollhouse with STEAM learning with this cute LEGO set.

This 3-in-1 dollhouse playset features a realistic kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom.

And it’s filled with unique details, like an opening fridge.

The set includes mom, dad, child, dog and teddy bear figures, plus many fun accessories for your toddler to play with after they’re finished building their dream house.

Elsa and Olaf’s Tea Party

Any Frozen fan will have so much fun building their own tea party with Elsa and Olaf.

This Disney inspired set is another one of the best LEGOs for toddlers sets because it includes Elsa and Olaf minifigures, along with a buildable icehouse, and everything your toddler will need for a fun tea party with their favorite movie characters, including a teapot, hot chocolate and cakes.

Remote Control Steam Train

Combine the fun of building blocks with a remote control vehicle with this toddler friendly set.

This cute train building set includes 59 Duplo pieces featuring lights and sounds.

The remote control steam train Duplo set comes with six track pieces.

Simply download the app for fun activities and remote-control via your own device!

After building the train, add the animal figure, locomotive driver, and child figures to inspire fun and creativity for your toddler.

Don’t let the ideas of LEGOs for toddlers scare you.

LEGO makes many sets with larger bricks that are perfect for toddlers to play with while they learn to play, build and imagine.

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