Cool LEGOs for Girls and Boys

No matter how old your kids are, chances are pretty good that they love playing with LEGOs.

And that makes these building bricks the perfect toy for both boys and girls!

But if you’re searching for gender-neutral building sets, it can take a while sift through all the different brick sets available.

These LEGOs for girls and boys are the perfect LEGO activities for kids – no matter their gender.

Kids playing with LEGOs on an image that says the best lego sets for kids.

Fun LEGOs for Girls and Boys

There’s no need to differentiate between sets for girls and boys when you’re looking through this list of fun LEGO sets.

That’s because these sets are perfect for both!

Each of these educational building sets will please a girl or a boy, making them great gift options to have on hand.

LEGO Classic Brick Box

Your child will spend hours on creative play with this LEGO building kit.

This educational toy allows kids to create toy trains or tiger figurines using this classic collection of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors.

The big set comes with windows, toy eyes, 18 tires and toy wheel rims, and a large selection of colorful bricks that can be placed on a green baseplate.

And as an added benefit, the container can be used as toy storage.

LEGO City Holiday Camper

Kids can travel anywhere they want with this  LEGO City Holiday Camper playset.

This set has everything your kid needs to create an awesome camper van with lots of cool features, like a table, kitchenette and sleeping area.

The mom and dad minifigures and a cute baby figure are the perfect addition to the set!

And thanks to the opening side panel and removable roof, there’s plenty of room for hands-on play after the set is built.

Surfer Beach House

With this LEGO Creator Surfer Beach House, your kids will have hours of fun!

That’s because this set features three models in one – a surf shack, a lighthouse and a pool house.

This LEGO building set also comes with man and woman minifigures and three buildable sea animals.

The surf shack has two floors with hinges so it can fold open for different play options and the lighthouse features a small boat and a manta ray.

LEGO City Ice Cream Truck

Have some summer fun any time of year with this LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck.

These LEGOs for girls and boys will give your kids a chance to build a brightly colored ice-cream truck, ice-cream lady, skateboarder minifigures, and a dog figure.

After they’re finished building, your kids can help the ice-cream lady drive the truck, serve ice cream cones, and make the skateboarder perform fun tricks.

Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village

Any Harry Potter fan would love this LEGO Hogsmeade Village.

This movie inspired set includes Harry Potter, Dean Thomas, Professor McGonagall, Madam Rosmerta, Mr. Flume and Mrs. Flume LEGO minifigures.

After putting the set together, your kids can visit and explore two of the most famous buildings in Hogsmeade village: Honeydukes candy store and The Three Broomsticks pub.


LEGO Minions The Rise of Gru

Children will have lots of fun building this memorable scene from the Minions: The Rise of Gru movie.

The kid-friendly set comes with three LEGO Minion figures, including Otto, Kevin and Stuart, along with a weapon rack, rotating training dummy, and launching fireworks for recreating a fun scene from the movie.

Safari Wildlife Tree House

With the LEGO Creator Safari Wildlife Tree House building set comes with three fun models in one: a tree house toy, plane toy and boat toy.

This educational building toy includes boy and girl minifigures with a camera accessory, along with three different buildable structures.

The tree house toy features a balcony with a couch and ladder, an interior with a toilet and sink, along with a posable giraffe, flamingo and hornbill.

Your kid can also build a biplane with a cockpit for a minifigure, plus a lion, a tree and an African lovebird.

And the catamaran comes with an adjustable sail, a crocodile toy and marabou stork toy.

Majestic Tiger

Your kids will have so much fun building three different animal models in one LEGO set with the Majestic Tiger set.

The posable tiger toy can move its body, head, jaw, tail, legs and shoulders.

And in addition to the tiger, your kids can also build a red panda that can move its head, tail, legs, feet and ears and a koi fish with a posable body, flippers and tail.

All three animals are paired by a smaller buildable toy.

The tiger comes with a red bird and jungle display; the red panda comes with a bonsai tree and bamboo; and the koi fish comes with water lilies.

LEGO Dots Message Board

Message boards are so popular and any kid will love having this LEGO DOTS Message Board kit in their room!

That’s because they can create a new colorful design every day.

With colorful letter tiles and more than 500 decorative tiles that include a range of colors and shapes, your kids can have fun decorating their text.

And since the DIY message board measures over 10.5 inches wide, it has plenty of room for kids to say what they want or create fun designs.

Mickey and Minnie’s Space Rocket

What young kid wouldn’t love a LEGO playset featuring their favorite Disney characters?

This LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket is one of the best LEGOs for girls and boys as young as four years old.

The rocket and space station include Starter Bricks elements to make building easy.

And after your kids are done building this cute set, they’ll have a blast with the two popular Disney minifigures and an exclusive Mickey silhouette tile.

Duplo Town Amusement Park

Get your toddler interested in LEGOs with this fun building set for boys and girls.

The LEGO DUPLO Town Amusement Park is filled with amazing hands-on features to stimulate growing minds, like light-up bricks and colorful building blocks.

With seven DUPLO characters, including two women, one man, and four children, along with two slides, a mechanical carousel, a turning Ferris wheel with three colorful cabins, and a push-along train, this big set is a great starter toy for beginning builders.

LEGO Dots Pencil Holder

With this fun LEGO DOTS Banana Pen Holder, your kid can create and decorate their own desktop storage container using colorful bricks.

Any arts and crafts fan will have a blast showing off their imaginations as they assemble and decorate the pen holder with bricks and tiles.

And after it’s built, they can keep their desk organized thanks to the pen holder’s space for pens, pencils or other items, plus lots of colorful tiles for decorating.

Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout

This fun Super-Hero hangout gives your kids a chance to put together a place for web-slingers to unwind after a hard day’s crime-fighting.

The Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout comes with Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, and super villain Green Goblin minifigures, plus Trace-E, the Ghost Copter and a two in one Goblin car, making it perfect for both boys and girls.

After building the playset, kids can shoot hoops with Spider-Man, dance with Ghost-Spider, make art with Miles Morales, play video games with Ms. Marvel, or trap Goblin in a buildable web.

No matter if you’re looking for LEGOs for girls and boys or just for one, this list of LEGO ideas should be just what you need.

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