The Best LEGOs for 7 Year Olds

LEGO building blocks are some of the best toys you can find for kids of any age.

LEGO activities for kids encourage creativity and inspire possibilities in kids from a young age.

Kids in elementary school are especially fond of building LEGO sets.

That means there are tons of amazing LEGOs for 7 year olds!

Whether your kid is a fan of Disney princesses or Star Wars, they’re sure to find a LEGO set or two they’d love to put together on this big list of ideas.

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LEGOs for 7 Year Old Girls

When it comes to finding cute sets for a 7 year old girl, there are so many choices to pick from!

If your kid is a fan of princesses, camping or safaris, she’s going to love all of these cool sets.

And the best part about each playset on this list is that she’ll have just as much fun building the models as she does playing with them when she’s done.

LEGO Friends House Boat

Have an on-the-water adventure with this LEGO Friends Canal Houseboat.

Use the deck-top market garden to practice growing their own produce, help the mini-dolls tend to the garden, and sell the food to the community.

In addition to the buildable boat, this cute set also comes with an animal toy, bicycle, and market stall for the mini-dolls to play with.

Elsa’s Jewelry Box

Any Frozen fan would love to build their own Elsa Frozen jewelry box out of LEGOs.

This cute Disney set includes two LEGO toy rings locked inside, along with a turntable for an Elsa mini doll and Nokk LEGO figure to spin around on.

And after she’s finished building, she can store all her favorite jewelry inside.

Safari Wildlife Tree House

Take a trip to the jungle with the LEGO Creator Safari Wildlife Tree House building set, which features three models in one: a tree house toy, plane toy and boat toy.

Your kid will have a blast playing with the set once it’s built, thanks to the included boy and girl minifigures with cameras that add even more fun to your kids’ safari adventures.

And this fun set comes with tons of accessories, like a balcony with a couch and ladder, an interior with a toilet and sink, plus three brick-built animals: a posable giraffe toy, flamingo toy and hornbill toy.

LEGO Friends Forest Camper

Whether your kid loves camping or boating, this cute LEGO Friends Camper set is perfect!

Along with LEGO Friends Stephanie, Emma and Ethan mini-dolls, this fun outdoor set comes with a raccoon toy, a detailed camper van, sailboat, mini lakeside picnic set, jetty and mountain scenery.

That means your 7 year old can get creative and play out open-road adventures in the camper van, on the boat, or enjoy the natural surroundings.


Princess Adventure Castle

What Disney princess fan wouldn’t love to build her own castle?

With this LEGO Disney Princess Ultimate Adventure Castle set, your princess fan can put together this 698-piece set featuring an opening, lockable castle with four levels, five bedrooms, a celebration cake, an animal playground and a key.

And since the set comes with Disney’s Ariel, Moana, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana mini-doll figures, along with five LEGO animal figures, it is designed for endless adventures.

LEGO Dots Secret Box

Help your seven-year-old get crafty with their LEGOs with this DOTS Secret Box set.

This cool kit features an opening book-shaped box with working lock and storage space inside.

In addition to the pieces to build the box, the set also comes with decorative tiles to help your kid create their own unique designs.

And she can also use tiles from other LEGO DOTS kits and bags for even more customization and personalization.

LEGOs for Boys Age 7

Finding cool sets for 7 year old boys isn’t hard!

It just depends on what your elementary aged kid is into right now!

Whether it’s dinosaurs, race cars, trains, or video games, there’s a set for your kid on this list of awesome LEGOs.

City Express Passenger Train

Build a real working railway system with the LEGO City Express Passenger Train playset.

This cool interactive set includes everything your 7 year old will need to build a bullet locomotive with dimmable headlights, a dining car, passenger car and station platform, in addition to 24 track pieces and six minifigures.

Use the included remote control or your kid’s favorite smart device equipped with the LEGO Powered Up app to control the train after it’s built.

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

With this 3-in-1 dinosaur playset, your kids can create their very own Pterodactyl, Triceratops and T-Rex at home.

In addition to the cool dinosaur figures, this playset also comes with prey in the form of a buildable rib cage.

But the best part about these buildable dinosaurs is that each one comes with awesome features, like bright orange eyes, posable joints and head, large claws and an opening mouth with pointed teeth.

Race Car Transporter

This awesome LEGO Creator Race Car Transporter toy set features three models in cool set – a car carrier toy, crane truck and tugboat with a crane.

When your kid builds the car transporter toy, they’ll also get two race cars.

And after they’re finished building the transporter, they’ll have a blast playing with the detachable trailer carrying race cars that can be loaded on and off its two ramps.

LEGO Technic Motorcycle

Any boy would love building this LEGO Technic Motorcycle set.

That’s because it’s designed for motorcycle fans who love to build models and then play with their creations!

This buildable motorcycle includes a three-cylinder chain-driven engine, moving pistons, rotating chain, and working steering.

Minecraft Zombie Cave

Is your kid a fan of Minecraft?

Help him bring his favorite video game to life while building this LEGO Minecraft toy cave complete with toy coal, red stone, gold and diamond ore elements.

He’ll have a blast playing with this set because it also includes a furnace and ladder to mimic features from the Minecraft game, along with a Steve Minecraft minifigure, bat, baby zombie and zombie figures.

Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers

Your kids will have so much fun playing as 501st Legion Clone Troopers and relive exciting action from Star Wars: The Clone Wars with this LEGO Star Wars building set.

Featuring an AT-RT Walker and BARC Speeder, this building kit is perfect for any movie fan!

In addition to the battle droids, this LEGO set also comes with four Star Wars minifigures: three 501st Clone Troopers and a 501st Jet Trooper with a jetpack element.

Thanks to the posable legs, stud shooter, attachment points for a blaster and electro-binoculars element, this interactive set will provide your 7-year-old with hours of fun.

Jurassic World T-Rex Fossil

Have some dino-fun with the help of this Jurassic Park T-Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition building set.

After putting the pieces together, your 7-year-old can have fun role-playing as paleontologists with this LEGO playset, which features a buildable T-rex skeleton model, a baby Triceratops toy figure, dinosaur egg, teeth fossil and a leaf.

And since the T-rex skeleton is posable, your kids can play with it like a dinosaur toy figure or place it on the stand to display it as a museum exhibit.

LEGO Sets for First Graders

LEGOs for 7 year olds can also be thought of as LEGOs for 1st graders.

For teachers looking to add fun to their classroom playtime, getting a few LEGO sets for your kids to play with during recess or for taking a brain break can be just what they need.

If you need some ideas of what LEGO sets to get for first grade, check these out:

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