Super Cool LEGOs for 5 Year Olds

LEGOs are a fun toy for kids, but finding the right set for young builders isn’t always easy.

Luckily, there are a few playsets designed with beginner builders in mind.

These cute LEGOs for 5 year olds are the perfect way to introduce your young boy or girl to the world of LEGO brick building.

Whether they’re interested in putting together scenes from their favorite movies, creating unique LEGO activities for kids, or using their imagination to come up with their own scenes, five year olds will love each of these cool building sets.

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LEGO for 5 Year Old Girls

Get your girl interested in building at a young age with the help of some cute LEGO sets!

These adorable LEGOs for 5 year old girls are a great way to get your little one excited about building.

Whether she loves Disney characters or animals, she’s sure to find a set or two that sparks her interest on this list.

Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle

With this LEGO Disney Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle set, your Disney princess fan can build her own castle at home.

And since this set includes a three-level castle build with different rooms and functions and three mini-doll figures — Cinderella, Prince Charming and Lady Tremaine, plus Gus Gus and Lucifer LEGO animal figures, your five year old will have hours of fun playing with her LEGOs when she’s finished building.

LEGO Friends Ice Cream Truck

Have some summer fun any time of year with the LEGO Friends Ice-Cream Truck playset.

This cute set comes with LEGO Friends characters Andrea and Roxy, plus a dog figure and all the bricks she’ll need to build a colorful ice-cream truck.

After she’s finished putting the truck together, she can pretend to drive the truck around, serve ice cream or a popsicle from the truck’s freezer, use the cash register to ring up orders, or feed the LEGO dog a bone.

Mickey and Minnie’s Camping Trip

Your Disney fan will have a blast playing with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s Camping Trip playset.

The cute LEGO set for five year olds has a car and camper van, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse minifigures, a Pluto LEGO figure and a buildable campsite.

She’ll have so much fun playing with these camping figures after she takes the time to put this fun Disney set together.

Elsa’s Castle Courtyard

Do you have a Frozen fan at home?

She’s going to love this LEGO Disney Elsa’s Castle Courtyard Building Kit.

This 53-piece set is perfect for beginner builders and includes a buildable ice castle fountain courtyard and a transforming diamond dress designed to store her Frozen mini-doll inside.

And since the set comes with popular Disney characters Elsa and a Snowgie, your 5 year old is sure to have hours of fun playing with her new toys when she’s finished building.

LEGO Friends Horse Training Trailer

Inspire your five year old’s love of horses with this adorable Horse Training and Trailer set.

Since this cute set is designed for kids aged 4 and up, it’s perfect for young builders.

Your horse lover will have a blast putting together this fun playset, which includes a car for LEGO Friends Stephanie and Emma to drive, a trailer for the LEGO horse, a stable with a grooming kit, jumps and a training rein the mini-dolls can use to train the horse.


LEGO for 5 Year Old Boys

There are so many fun sets available for 5 year old boys!

From farm animals to superheroes, you’re sure to find one or two sets your kid will love!

And since each of these sets is designed for young builders, they’ll be able to learn and play all on their own.

LEGO City Barn & Farm Animals

Get your beginner builder off to a fun start with the LEGO City Barn & Farm Animals playset.

This adorable building set comes with all the bricks he’ll need to create a toy barn, greenhouse, tractor, trailer, four minifigures, and a variety of animal figures, including a squirrel, sheep, lamb, pig, piglet and cow.

After putting this adorable set together, he can have fun using the barn’s hoist to load the tractor trailer, open the roof to access the hay loft and caring for the animals on the farm.

The Shark Attack Stunt

Give your adventurous 5 year old a fun LEGO set to build with this LEGO City The Shark Attack Stunt Challenge playset.

He’ll have a blast putting this set together to set the scene for fun stunt shows and competitions, using the included flywheel stunt bike, minifigures, and a skeleton figure.

Once the set is put together, he can activate the toy stunt bike and release it, then try to avoid the spinning shark wheel, strike the barrels and reveal the pirate treasure chest inside.

Mickey and Friends Fairground Fun

Take a trip to the amusement park with Mickey and his friends with this cute Disney LEGO set.

This Mickey, Minnie and Goofy’s Fairground Fun set comes with everything he’ll need to put together a Ferris wheel, roller coaster and strength tester game.

After building the amusement park, have fun playing with the Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy minifigures on the working rides.

LEGO Star Wars

Help your five year old bring a scene from Star Wars to life with this cute LEGO set.

With this The Return of the Jedi adventure set, your young builder can put together an AT-ST, complete with a Starter Brick for a quick build.

After building the droid figure, he can play with the three LEGO minifigures – Wicket the Ewok with a bow and arrow, and a Scout Trooper and AT-ST Driver, to recreate the Battle of Endor at home.

LEGO City Fire and Rescue

Bring some action to your 5 year old’s next LEGO build with this LEGO City Fire Rescue & Police Chase playset.

Since this LEGO City set cludes a fire pickup with a drone, police motorbike, crook’s car, fire scene with traffic light, cat figure and three minifigures, he’ll have a blast getting creative with his LEGO rescues.

And he’s sure to love playing with the LEGO water splat elements from the drone, activating the toppling traffic light and raise and lower the LEGO flames at the fire scene.

Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout

Have fun with Spidey and his friends with this easy-to-build LEGO set.

With the Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout, your kid can put together an awesome place for his favorite super heroes to hang out.

This cool set comes with Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, and super villain Green Goblin minifigures, plus Trace-E, the Ghost Copter and a 2-in1 Goblin car.

And he’ll love playing with interactive elements of the finished set, including playing basketball with Spider-Man, painting with Miles Morales, playing video games with Ms. Marvel, or trapping Green Goblin in a buildable web.

Minions in Gru’s Lab

Is your five year old a Minions fan?

Give them a chance to build Gru’s Lab with this cool LEGO playset.

With Kevin and Otto Minion toy figures and tons of fun features, this awesome playset is a fun way for your kids to act out scenes from Minions: Rise of Gru.

After building the set, your kids can make the Minions slide into the basement, test their car on the ramp, or use the trigger on the back of the washing machine to make it turn.

LEGOs for Young Kids by Age

You may not have a 5 year old who is into LEGOs, and that’s ok!

You may have older kids who are into them.

So if you don’t need LEGOs for 5 year olds, here are some LEGO sets for other ages:

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