Fun LEGO Day Activities Kids Will Love

Is your kid a LEGO fan?

Have some fun celebrating the day LEGO was created this January with these cool LEGO Day activities.

From educational fun to unique building ideas, you and your kids will have a blast celebrating your favorite building blocks with these LEGO activities for kids for International LEGO day.

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What is International LEGO Day?

International LEGO Day is celebrated each year on January 28.

But why is the popular building block celebrated on that day every year?

Because January 28th is the day that toymaker Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, son of LEGO founder Ole Kirk Christiansen, submitted the patent for the original LEGO brick back in 1958.

Not only did Christiansen patent the design of a single brick, but also the concept of the bricks being used as an interlocking system.

LEGO Day Activities

Now that you know what International LEGO Day is all about, it’s time to start planning your own celebration with your kids!

Use these cool building block ideas to put together an amazing day of fun-filled activities for your kids to enjoy.

Learn some LEGO Trivia

What better way to celebrate LEGO Day than learning some LEGO trivia?

Have fun sharing unique facts about the popular LEGO building blocks with your kids.

After your kids learn some new facts, test their knowledge with a game of LEGO trivia.

Your kids will have a blast sharing what they know about their favorite bricks and learning something new at the same time.

Go shopping for a new LEGO Set

No matter what your kid’s age is, there’s a LEGO set designed just for them!

That means that whether they’re a beginner builder or an experienced pro, they’ll have a blast putting together a new LEGO set on LEGO Day.

Head to your favorite store or shop online to find an age-appropriate playset for your kid to put together.

Or you could use their interests to pick the perfect building set for the special day.

Since LEGO partners with a variety of popular brands — from Disney to Marvel — your kids are sure to find a set with subject matter that appeals to them.

Do a LEGO Challenge with your kids

Help spark your kid’s imagination for the building brick holiday by doing a LEGO challenge.

You can head to the LEGO website to get some challenge ideas for your kids to complete.

Or come up with your own open-ended challenges for your kids to do throughout the day.

Play LEGO games as a family

Have some LEGO fun with your kids on LEGO Day with the help of a few brick-building games.

Turn family game night into a LEGO event with the help of some brick-themed games.

You can come up with your own DIY games to play or turn on your favorite LEGO video game to get the action started.

No matter what type of game you play, your kids are sure to have some fun enjoying their favorite building blocks as you play together.


Play with LEGO minifigures

Use your kid’s minifigures to have some imaginative fun on LEGO Day.

Grab all the pieces to your kid’s collection of minifigures, then get creative putting together silly characters.

After that, your kids can play and build, creating their own LEGO stories along the way.

Make some LEGO crafts together

Using your bricks to build something isn’t the only way to do LEGO Day activities.

You can also have some creative fun by using the LEGO bricks for crafts.

Whether you paint with your LEGOs or use them as stamps, there are so many fun ways to craft with the popular building bricks.

Get creative and come up with some artsy ideas for celebrating your kids’ favorite toy by using LEGOs during arts and crafts time.

Build a LEGO city together

There’s no need to follow the instructions every time your kids build with LEGOs.

Let them use their imagination to create their own LEGO structures using the bricks they have at home.

With the help of a few baseplates and lots of bricks, your kids can make their own LEGO city with buildings of different shapes and sizes.

After they’re finished planning their city, add some minifigures to the town and let your kids enjoy playtime in their very own town.

Come up with your own LEGO creations

Buildings aren’t the only thing you can construct with LEGO bricks!

Let your kids’ imaginations go wild on LEGO Day by asking them to build their own Lego creation.

They can build an animal, vehicle, person, or come up with a whole new creature using their bricks.

After everyone is finished constructing their creations, let everyone in the family show off their LEGO build.

Have a LEGO movie marathon

One of my favorite ideas is watching LEGO movies for LEGO day activities.

Whether your kids are a fan of LEGO Batman or Ninjago, there’s a movie for them!

Let your kids pick out which movies they want to watch.

After that, pop some popcorn, grab some movie theater candy, and have a LEGO movie marathon for the big day.

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Get your kids’ LEGOs organized

With the help of some LEGO storage containers, you can help your kids get their building block collection under control.

And as your kids help you sort and organize their bricks, they’ll also be learning something too!

Give your kids a chance to practice matching colors and sizes of LEGOs by sorting them into different organizational containers.

They’ll be happy you took the time to organize their bricks as a family when they’re ready to start building with their LEGOs.

Make some LEGO inspired snacks

Head to the kitchen with your kids and do some baking for International LEGO day!

There are so many cute LEGO recipes you can whip up with your kids to celebrate the holiday.

From adorable sweet treats to delicious savory snacks, your kids will have a blast preparing some fun recipes inspired by the popular building blocks.

Throw a LEGO party at home

Celebrate the birthday of your kid’s favorite building bricks by throwing a LEGO party at home.

Grab some brick-inspired decorations from the dollar store, blow up a few balloons, and make a LEGO cake to have some fun on this cool holiday.

Your kids will have a blast partying with their favorite blocks for the day.


Learn with LEGO bricks

Bring the fun of building to your next educational lesson while also celebrating International LEGO day with your kids.

You can incorporate the building blocks into your preschool lessons at home or help reinforce the concepts your kids are learning in school with the help of LEGO bricks.

These cool blocks are great for practicing STEAM concepts as your kids play.

Visit LEGOLAND as a family

Go big this year for LEGO day with a trip to LEGOLAND.

Since there is a LEGO theme park in two different states – California and Florida — you’ll have your pick of fun locations to choose from.

But if a theme park trip isn’t an option, try checking out a LEGOLAND Discovery Center for some hands-on LEGO fun with your kids on the special holiday.

LEGO Activities for Kids

IF these LEGO day activities aren’t enough, here are a few more fun things you can do with your kids:

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