Fun LEGO Building Games for Kids

There are so many fun ways to play with LEGOs in addition to putting together pre-sorted sets.

Playing games with the LEGO bricks is another amazing way to use your kid’s toys and have fun together as a family.

For your next game night, put away the board games and do some LEGO activities for kids, instead!

These fun LEGO building games are sure to be a hit with everyone in the family.

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Building Games to Play with LEGOs

There’s no reason to stick to the instructions included in your LEGO sets!

The next time your kids want to have some fun with their building bricks, why not play a game instead?

These cool building games are the perfect way to have some family fun playing with LEGOs.

LEGO Sudoku

Turn your baseplates and building bricks into a brain-building challenge with this fun game idea from Frugal Fun for Boys.

Use the bricks to figure out different color patterns by building upon the pieces of the patterns on the gameboard.

Duplo Ring Toss

Use LEGO Duplo bricks and a baseplate to make your own ring toss game to play with your kids.

All you need are building blocks and pipe cleaner to put this fun game idea from Stir the Wonder with your kids right now.

And since the game is so simple to put together, the kids can even help out in the construction process!


LEGO Building Challenge Game

Who is the most creative LEGO builder in your family?

With the help of this spinning challenge wheel from Artsy Fartsy Mama, you can have a blast challenging everyone in your family to different LEGO builds.

Use LEGOs to construct the spinning wheel, give it a spin, and build your own LEGO creations based on the challenge prompt the arrow is pointing at.

LEGO Addition Building Game

Grab the free printable game board from Playdough to Plato to play this cute addition and subtraction game with your preschooler.

With each roll of the dice, you’ll find out whether you should add or subtract bricks from your building, allowing your kids to practice their math skills while having fun.

The person with the tallest building at the end of the game wins.

Child's handing reaching to grab LEGOs.

LEGO Game Board

Help your kids get creative by building their own LEGO game!

Use these ideas from Frugal Fun 4 Boys to learn how to make a LEGO game spinner, along with a fun game board for your kid’s minifigures to play on.

Online LEGO Building Games

Building games are a great way for your kids to use their bricks to have some fun.

But LEGOs aren’t just for building! The brand also has a variety of interactive online games perfect for kids.

Help your kids practice their computer skills while building with their favorite bricks using these online LEGO building games.

Each kid-friendly game is perfect for learning the basics of LEGO construction while also playing with their favorite bricks online.


LEGO City Builder

Help Mayor Fleck and the new city dwellers complete a LEGO city in this fun online game.

Practice constructing buildings and roadways to put together an entire city right on your favorite device.

And after the city is constructed, your kids will have a blast playing with the minifigures within their city structures.

LEGO Tower

Learn about building construction as you build and operate your own LEGO tower with this fun online game!

Use virtual LEGO bricks to create your own apartment buildings and businesses for your favorite LEGO characters from NINJAGO, Creator, and City to use.

Two-story LEGO building house.

Build the Technic McLaren Senna

Use this fun online game to see how quickly you can put together a LEGO car using virtual LEGO bricks.

Featuring instructions to build the LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR, this online building game gives you a chance to complete the challenges before the time runs out.

LEGO Builder’s Journey

This atmospheric, geometric puzzle game gives you the chance to decide whether you want to follow the instructions or break the rules.

In this online virtual building game, you can choose to experiment with free-form puzzle solving or take on different building challenges through game play.

Funky Dots

Give your kids a chance to challenge their memory and exercise their brain with this fun online LEGO game.

Swap and match LEGO DOTS bricks to solve the tricky puzzles in different levels and get the high score in this free online game from LEGO.

Bits and Bricks

Help Bitz, the adventurous LEGO robot, build and play in this kid-friendly online game featuring colorful bricks and blocks.

LEGO Building Game Sets

Creating your own building games and playing online building games are fun, but sometimes your kids need to get a little creative with their bricks!

These cool LEGO sets turn building into a game.

Since the sets don’t come with conventional instructions, your kids will have to get creative to figure out how to put the sets together.

With interactive instructions, your kids can have fun solving building challenges in order to put each of these amazing LEGO sets together.

Wild Animal Rescue Mission

This set comes with all the LEGO pieces your kids will need to build a mission truck and solve the instruction-free building challenges.

In addition to the rescue truck, the set also comes with three minifigures and baby crocodile, panther, owl, frog and hare figures.

To play, your kids can use their favorite device to follow the on-screen adventure stories, using real LEGO bricks to complete Animal Rescue missions as they build.

Police Detective Missions

Introduce your kids to a fun interactive LEGO experience with this interactive playset.

The building set comes with all the pieces your kids need to build a speedboat.

To play, your kids will solve instruction-free building challenges, then use the four minifigures, including LEGO City TV character Duke DeTain, to complete the digital adventure stories on their favorite device.

LEGO Chain Reactions

Use the included LEGO elements to design and build 10 amazing moving machines with your LEGO bricks.

This interactive game comes with 80 page instructions, 33 LEGO pieces, 6 plastic balls, string, paper ramps and other components needed to complete a variety of LEGO challenges and chain reactions.

LEGO Super Mario Adventures

Have fun with your favorite classic video game characters with this interactive LEGO set.

Use the bricks to build the game, then move your LEGO Luigi from Start Pipe to Goal Pole, collecting digital coins for spinning seesaw and flying challenges and interacting with the different blocks and figures along the way.

LEGO Luigi comes with a color sensor, an LCD screen to display many different instant reactions to movement, and a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the classic video game.

Mars Spacecraft Exploration Mission

Your kids will have a blast with the interactive play experience in this missions playset.

The building game comes with all the LEGO pieces your kids need to build a spacecraft through instruction-free building challenges.

In addition to the spaceship, the set also comes with two asteroids, a Mars setting, three minifigures and a robo-dog figure to continue the interactive play after the set is built.

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