Super Fun LEGO Birthday for Kids Ideas

If you have a LEGO fan at home, hosting a LEGO birthday for kids is a great idea!

And since there are so many great brick-themed supplies, you’re sure to find the perfect elements to create a totally awesome party for your kid this year.

Whether you’re looking for LEGO party decorations, LEGO activities for kids or fun favor ideas, you’ll find everything you need to host the best building block party for your kid this year. 

Boy with a birthday cake and LEGOs

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Lego Kids Party

Finding the perfect decorations and party favors for your kids’ birthday isn’t always easy.

And with so many awesome LEGO kids party supplies available, it can be hard to narrow down your options!

Instead of scouring the web for the best party ideas, check out this list of LEGO kids party supplies to create an amazing birthday celebration.

From tableware to invitations, you’ll find everything you need to put together a fun kid’s birthday party.

Lego Tableware

Make sure your party guests have plates and napkins when they’re ready to enjoy the birthday cake with this set of Lego tableware.

The set comes with enough plates, cups, and napkins for 16 party guests, along with a LEGO-themed tablecloth to cover your party table.

Lego Birthday Cake

Whether you use this fun LEGO birthday cake as a gift or a decoration for your party, the kids are sure to love it!

Use this cute set to create your own birthday cake out of building bricks, including a top tier that spins around, buildable candles, and a balloon animal element.


LEGO Pinata

Lego pinata

Give the kids at your party something fun to do with the help of this LEGO minifigure pinata.

Coming in at 24 inches high, this cute pinata is the perfect party activity because it features Emmitt from the LEGO Movie.

And since you can order it in two different styles – traditional or pull-string – you can customize the pinata to suit the ages of your party guests.

Building Block Favor Boxes

Finding cute goody bags for your LEGO party is a must.

Thank your guest for attending your kid’s birthday party with a set of cute building block favor boxes.

The boxes come in six bright colors and feature pictures of LEGO bricks, along with fun party phrases like “party time” and “let’s go.”

And they’re big enough to hold all your fun LEGO party favors inside.

Building Brick Glasses

You’re going to need plenty of cute favors to pass out to your party guests after the celebration is over.

Add these building brick glasses to your favor bags to give the kids something to play with when they get home.

The glasses come in a variety of fun colors and include a small set of building bricks that the kids can use to decorate their own frames at home.

Custom Cake Topper

lego cake topper decorations

Whether you make your own birthday cake from scratch or order a cake from a bakery, having a cute cake topper is a great way to decorate your birthday dessert.

Add a personal touch to your dessert when you order a customized cake topper to decorate the cake at your LEGO party.

With this adorable topper, you can add your child’s age and name to the top of their cake.

DOTS Party Kit

Make sure the kids at your party have plenty of activities to keep them entertained with the help of this LEGO Dots party kit.

With this cute party kit, the kids can make their own LEGO cupcakes.

The kit comes with eight customizable cupcakes, a sticker sheet, buildable birthday candles, and plenty of colorful tiles so that each kid can add their own personal touch to their design.

Kid at a birthday party on an image that says LEGO birthday party ideas

LEGO Straws

Have a little silly fun at your LEGO party with the help of some LEGO straws.

Each wiggly straw features a LEGO brick on top, giving your party guests a fun way to enjoy the drinks at your birthday celebration.

Serve them with the drinks at your party or add them to your goody bags.

Building Block Invitations

lego party invitations

Make sure everyone knows when to come celebrate your kid’s birthday with the help of an adorable building block invitation.

This LEGO-inspired invitation can be customized to include your child’s name, age, and party information.

And since it also comes with matching thank you cards, your kid can thank all your guests for coming after the party is over.

Just download the design and print it at home for a budget-friendly invitation option.

LEGO Birthday Backdrop

Decorate the background of your LEGO party with a Happy Birthday LEGO backdrop banner.

The banner and matching tablecloth are a quick and easy way to decorate for your next birthday celebration.

LEGO Candy Bar Stickers

lego themed candy bar wrappers

Turn fun sized candy bars into cute LEGO treats with the help of these stickers.

Simply wrap the brick-inspired stickers around mini candy bars to create a cute party treat everyone will love.

Brix on Stix

Whether you pass these LEGO lollipops out to the kids as they’re leaving or serve the candy on a stick as part of your party spread, these suckers are sure to be a hit with everyone at your party.

And since each package comes with 36 colorful pops, you’re sure to have plenty of sweet treats to pass out to everyone at your celebration.

Happy Birthday Banner

Wish your special kid a Happy Birthday with this fun LEGO banner.

The hanging banner comes with LEGO inspired letters to spell out Happy Birthday, along with decorative bricks to hang on each end.

LEGO Brick Crayons

lego themed crayons

Tell all your party guests thanks for coming with a cute customized favor.

These handmade LEGO brick crayons come with “thank you” toppers so you can show your appreciation to your party guests. 

Building Block Candles

Top your birthday cake with some LEGO style using these building block candles.

The tall candles come in four popular brick colors and feature classic LEGO brick bumps along the front.

LEGO Chip Bags

lego themed chip bag

Decorate chips to serve at your party with the help of these printable LEGO chip bags.

This instant download can be printed and attached to small chip bags to easily dress up the snacks at your birthday party.

Buildable Vehicles Party Favors

Give the kids at your party a fun activity to do when they get home by putting a buildable vehicle kit in their favor bag.

This set comes with 24 different buildable cars and trucks to include in all your birthday party goody bags.

Honeycomb Centerpieces

Use these LEGO honeycomb centerpieces to decorate the tables at your party to instantly dress them up with building block style.

The set includes nine different centerpiece designs, allowing you to add a unique decoration to each tabletop at your event.

LEGO Cupcake Toppers

lego themed cupcake topper

Decorate the tops of your cupcakes with LEGO style using these cupcake toppers.

The set includes minifigure heads and building blocks, along with personalized toppers featuring your child’s name and age. 

Building Block Cups

Add these cute building block cups to your favor bags for a cute gift to send home with your little party guests.

Or fill them up with drinks and let the kids at your party enjoy their birthday refreshments with a fun LEGO theme.

More LEGO Birthday Party Fun

Once you’ve got all of your LEGO birthday for kids ideas sorted out, you may want some additional LEGO fun ideas.

Here are more LEGO activities you can add to the list!

If the birthday party happens to be for a toddler, here’s a mega list of LEGOs for toddlers.

You’ll need some games to play and activities to do to keep everyone entertained at your kid’s LEGO birthday party, right?

Check out this list of LEGO activities for kids.

These LEGO fun facts would make for a fun trivia game at the party, too!

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