35+ LEGO Activities for Hours of LEGO Fun

LEGOs are some of the most versatile toys a kid can own.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have endless creative possibilities.

Most of us probably remember playing with them and doing so many different Lego activities for kids when we were younger like building houses, boats, cars and people.

As a child, I had a blast with basic LEGO bricks.

LEGOs have certainly grown up a bit since our childhood memories were made.

Now you can find whole camps dedicated to teaching kids about engineering using LEGOs or entire competitions centered around a child’s ability to program a robotic LEGO!

But even with all the modern ways kids can use LEGOs, they still haven’t lost their basic charm.

It’s so much fun to watch modern kids engage in the same toys we played with as children, but with their own twist.

Today, in honor of a child’s love for LEGOs (and ours!), here are a boat load of super fun and crazy creative timeless LEGO crafts and activities.

Because let’s face it, LEGOs will never go out of style.

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Fun Lego Crafts For Kids

Legos and slime? Did you ever think the two could mix? Find this other fun Lego crafts below.

Lego Activities

Once kids are finished Lego crafting, here are some cool Lego activities to keep the fun going. These activities would be great for Lego themed birthday parties, or for a fun activity to do at home or with friends.

DIY Lego Soap

You’ll probably never have to remind your child to wash their hands again once they get their hands on one of these Lego soap or hand sanitizers. It will be all fun and games with Legos in the bathroom!

Lego Books

Every once in a while we all need a little inspiration. Check out these super helpful book guides for having even more fun with Legos (seriously, is that even possible?)!

Lego Games

Check out these fun Lego games kids will love and adults will enjoy, too!

Building with Legos

It’s time to build with Legos! Kids can use these activities to challenge themselves to build creations they’ve never tried before or even try their hand at a fun STEM challenge.

More Lego Fun

These Lego activities are so awesome, they deserve their own category.



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