Last Minute Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Busy Moms

You’re busy and sometimes you forget about moving the elf on the shelf until the last minute. On top of that, it can be hard coming up with tons of unique ideas for the elf each night.

I get it.

You need something simple that you can do even if you think about moving the elf right as your head hits the pillow at night.

You’re in luck! I’ve got you covered, mama.

With this list of super simple elf on the shelf ideas, you’ll have an easy idea for each night so you won’t have to spend any time thinking up creative ways to pose your elf.

Just grab a quick idea from here each night and you’re all set.

Have a little more time on your hands and need more than last minute ideas for your elf? Check out this fully printable calendar of 27 days of Elf on the Shelf ideas from Black Friday through Christmas Eve.

Easy Last Minute Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  1. Elf draws a picture of Santa
  2. Elf has been coloring
  3. Elf gets into the cookies
  4. Elf reads a Christmas book to the other toys
  5. Decorating the Christmas tree with mini ornaments
  6. Builds a tower with blocks
  7. Just got out the shower using a small towel
  8. Picks out a fun outfit for the kids to wear the next day
  9. Watching Netflix or YouTube in front of a tablet
  10. Borrows and tries on dolls clothes
  11. Gets stuck in the refrigerator looking for milk
  12. In a box of cereal
  13. Got in to the chocolate candy with chocolate smudged on his face
  14. Adding pennies to a piggy bank
  15. Taking a nap in a box of tissues
  16. Feeding the fish
  17. Hiding in a Christmas stocking
  18. Sitting by a stack of small towels “folding laundry”
  19. Drinking from the syrup bottle with a straw
  20. Gets tangled in Christmas lights
  21. Taking notes on a mini notepad of the “nice” things your child did the previous day
  22. Taking a marshmallow bath in a bowl of mini marshmallows
  23. Elf is “cooking” food in the play kitchen
  24. Writes a note that says, “I made you a snack” next to a bag of raisins, mini marshmallows and goldfish
  25. Holding a sign with the number of days left until Christmas

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