Kids New Year’s Eve DIY Party Poppers

Looking for easy New Years Eve party ideas for kids? This DIY party popper is is the perfect activity for little ones and adults so they can bring the New Year in with fun! #NewYear #NewYearParty #NewYears

New Year’s Eve parties aren’t just for adults. Kids like to stay up and party, too! And with a little imagination, we can provide them with lots of fun activities to ring in the New Year as only an excited kid can do.

You could go to the store for all your party supplies, but why do that when making them yourself is half the fun! Plus, you’ll be creating lasting memories with your little ones that they’ll always remember (and may even continue the tradition with their own kids someday).

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so now is the time to pull out the confetti and the glitter and start creating. Start with this really fun New Year’s Eve party popper. It’s got the colors, the mess and the magic to delight kids as they go “POP” at the stroke of midnight.


New Year’s Eve Party Poppers

Make sure your New Years Eve party is filled with these easy DIY party poppers. Kids will definitely enjoy this activity as they wait to ring in the New Year! It's a great activity for everyone to do together. #NewYear #NewYearParty #NewYears

You’ll Need

  • 4 toilet paper tubes
  • 4 different colors of tissue paper
  • Gold and Silver gift wrap ribbon
  • Round metallic confetti


  1. Cut tiny squares of tissue paper of each color. Cut ½ inch strips and pile them on top each other then cut tiny squares from them. Cut as much or as little as you would like depending on how full you want to fill your tubes.
  2. Cut 3 10×10 squares of each color and keep each color in its own stack of 3.
  3. Cut a tube in half (this will allow the person to break it open easier later on) and lay both halves together in the middle of one of the color stacks. Repeat this for the other 3 tubes.
  4. Roll the paper tightly around the tube so the paper is the same length on each end of the tube.
  5. Take a piece of ribbon about 12 inches long and tie it around the paper at one end of the tube so it is closed. Knot the ribbon and curl each end with scissors.
  6. Fill the tubes about halfway with some metallic confetti and some of the square confetti you cut.
  7. Take another piece of ribbon and tie it around the paper at the other end of the tube so it is closed. Knot it and curl each end with scissors.
  8. Hand out on New Year’s Eve and pull open the poppers and let the confetti fall out when midnight strikes!
This fun DIY activity will keep the kids entertained at your New Years Eve party. It's the perfect idea to keep them busy before midnight and to have something to ring in the New Year with. #NewYear #NewYearParty #NewYears

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