60+ Surprisingly Successful Kid Youtube Channel Ideas

This complete list of kid YouTube channel ideas can help your child get started creating a YouTube channel. From educational to fun and creative videos, there are over 60 ideas to help kids get started recording and uploading to YouTube.

YouTube is a popular way for kids to pass the time. And if your kid is obsessed with YouTube, they’re eventually going to ask if they can have their own YouTube channel.

If your child is serious about starting their own channel, you may be wondering if it’s possible – and if it’s safe. The good news is that the answer to both those questions is yes!

With the proper planning and precautions, your kid can have be successful on YouTube.

And with these amazing kid YouTube channel ideas, your kid will have a blast creating their own channel.


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How to Create a Kids YouTube Channel

Before you can make your kid their own YouTube channel, you need to know a few of the rules on the platform.

First, kids under the age of 13 are not allowed to have their own YouTube account. And kids between 13 and 17 can only open an account with a parent’s permission.

But the rules do allow a parent to open an account for their child.

So, the first step to your kid getting started on YouTube is to set up an account for them.

  1. Set up a Gmail account for your child (if they’re under the age of 13). Along with this Gmail account comes a YouTube account. But this account only allows your child to view videos on YouTube. To create a channel, one more step is required.
  2. After the account is created, you can set up your child’s YouTube channel by clicking on Select My Channel on the left side YouTube’s homepage. In this area, your child can select the name that will be associated with their channel. To ensure your child’s privacy, it’s a good idea to avoid using your child’s real name in this section.
  3. Once your child’s channel is created, it’s up to you to decide whether their channel will be private or public. If you would prefer that only those you invite to view the channel can check out the videos, set the privacy setting to private. Otherwise, keep the channel public to allow the videos to show up in search results.

After setting up your child’s account, there are a few other considerations that need to be made. Think about these factors that go along with a YouTube channel:

  • Other social networks. Promoting your child’s videos is a great way to help them increase their viewership, which means they may need to create accounts on other social media platforms. Are you comfortable with them having accounts on sites like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter? If not, what are some other ways your child can promote their channel?
  • Time spent on videos. Creating videos for YouTube can be a time-consuming process. That means you and your child need to decide ahead of time how much time they will dedicate to creating their videos. Making videos is just like any other screen time your child uses, so it’s a good idea to keep that in mind when setting limits.
  • Parental input. Knowing how much input you’ll have in your child’s channel is another factor to think about when getting set up. Younger kids will probably need more hands-on assistance than older kids, but it’s also best for parents to be involved no matter how old your child is. At the least, a parent should view each video before it is uploaded to the channel to ensure it fits within the platform’s guidelines and is appropriate.

How to Make Money with a Kid’s YouTube Channel

While creating a YouTube channel is a great way for your kid to earn some extra money, making money with YouTube won’t happen overnight.

Successful YouTube channels take time to build a following, which is often required to earn good money with a channel. But once your kid starts gaining followers and viewing hours, they’ll be able to start earning money.

There are a variety of ways your kid can earn money with their YouTube channel, including:

Advertising: One of the most popular ways to earn money with a YouTube channel is through advertising.

By enabling ads on your kid’s videos, you allow Google to display ads within the video. Each time a viewer watches an ad, your child will earn money.

But not all YouTubers can earn money with advertising. In order to advertise on their channel, your kid must first become a YouTube partner.

The perquisites for becoming a partner include:

  • A minimum of 4,000 video watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months
  • At least 1,000 subscribers
  • Adherence to the platform’s terms and policies

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate links are specially coded links that allow you to earn money each time a viewer clicks and makes a purchase. For each purchase made, you’ll earn a small percentage.

Promoting products your kid uses in their videos is a quick and easy way to earn money with a YouTube channel.

Donations: Many YouTubers give their viewers an option to donate to them to support their channel and earn money.

That means fan funding is another great option for your kid’s YouTube channel to earn money.

Sponsorships: As your child’s YouTube channel becomes popular, they can also earn money through sponsorships.

With a sponsorship, your kid will get paid (and sometimes get free items) to promote on their channel.

You can reach out to brands to see if they’re interested or wait for brands to reach out to you to sponsor your kid’s videos.


Kid YouTube Channel Ideas

Now that you know how to get started, your kid is probably ready to get their YouTube channel rolling.

But before you start uploading videos, you need to make a plan.

One of the best ways to ensure your kid’s YouTube channel is successful is to pick a niche. A niche is a specialized segment, topic, or type of video, within YouTube.

Choosing a niche will help your child narrow their content and attract an interested, devoted audience that will love watching each of their videos.

Finding the right niche for your kid’s YouTube channel can be difficult if you’re not prepared. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask your child a few simple questions to help them come up with a few great kid YouTube channel ideas.

These questions are a good starting point for coming up with YouTube channel ideas for your child:

  • What talents can you share with others on your YouTube channel?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Do you think other kids would be interested in this?
  • What can you do differently than other channels to make yourself stand out?
  • Do you think you’ll be able to continually create new videos in this niche?
  • What video ideas do you have already?

After going through these questions with your kid, you’ll have a better idea of the type of channel they’ll want to start. Then, you can scroll through the list to pick the perfect idea for their YouTube channel.

Toy YouTube Channel Ideas

When your kid creates their own YouTube channel, it doesn’t have to be all about hard work. Some of the most popular kid channels involve toys!

With these fun toy YouTube channel ideas, your kids will have a blast and earn some money at the same time.

1. Toy Unboxing

Unboxing videos are very popular on YouTube. And what could be more fun for your kid than opening up new toys and playing with them?

When making unboxing videos, your child will start with an unopened toy. When the camera starts rolling, they’ll slowly open the box and remove the contents, showing each piece of the toy to the camera.

After that, they can put the toy together, if needed, and show their viewers how to play with it.

2. Toy Reviews

Another great toy-related channel idea for your kid is to offer toy reviews. Your kids can pick toys they already have and share their thoughts on them.

Or open new toys and show their viewers what they like and dislike about the toys.

3. Toy Building Instructions

Putting together new toys can be a difficult job.

If your kid is good at putting things together, they can create a channel helping kids (and parents) put together their new toys.

4. LEGO Building Instructions

Instead of putting together new toys, why not let your kid show of their LEGO creations on their YouTube channel?

They can use the instructions included in LEGO sets or create their own buildings using their imagination.

5. Playing with Toys

Kids love watching other kids play with toys on YouTube, which means your kid could create a successful YouTube channel just playing with their favorite toys.

Just set up a camera and let your kids play, then upload the videos to YouTube.

6. Game Reviews

Kids who love playing games can offer their opinion on different games available.

Whether they review fun board games or games they can play online is up to them!

7. Dress Up

Playing dress up is a fun activity for many kids. Why not create a channel centered on your kids playing dress up?

They can dress up in different costumes, then use their imagination to make scenes revolving around each outfit.

8. Toy-Focused Channels

Sometimes, they key to a successful YouTube channel is niching down to a specific topic.

If your kid enjoys playing with a certain type of toy, you could capitalize on their love to create a channel centered on that toy.

These toys are popular choices for a kid YouTube channel:

  • Nerf guns
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • LEGOs
  • Barbie
  • LOL Surprise
  • Matchbox Cars

Educational Kid YouTube Channel Ideas

Many viewers head to YouTube to learn something new, which means educational videos are always popular choices online for both kids and adults.

By showing off their skills and talents with an educational YouTube channel, your kid can help other kids learn something new.

9. Cooking Videos

Is your kid great at cooking? Do they have a knack for baking?

Let them show off their skills and teach other kids how to cook on YouTube.

They can create recipes and show their viewers how to make them or teach other kids how to decorate their baked goods on their video channel.

10. Art Lessons

If your kid is great at drawing or a wonderful artist, why not make videos showing other kids how to hone their artistic skills?

They can demonstrate how to draw different things, how to paint, sculpting lessons, or how to create their own comic book.

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11. Music Lessons

Does your kid play an instrument or sing well? Using YouTube to teach music lessons is another great way for your kid to earn money through YouTube.

In addition to showing the basics of how to play a certain instrument, your kids could also teach other kids how to read music, how to count beats, and offer tips and tricks for playing.

12. Science Videos

Science can be a lot of fun if you put the lessons in the book into action.

If your kid loves doing science experiments, creating educational science videos is a great YouTube channel idea.

Find kid-friendly experiments for your child to do, then film them in action and upload the videos.

13. Math Instruction

Math can be difficult for some kids to understand. And getting help from another kid on a YouTube video is a great way for kids to learn.

Kids who are good at math can explain difficult equations on their videos to help other kids who may be struggling with the subject.

14. History Channel

Kids who enjoy learning about history can put their knowledge into action by creating a YouTube channel focused on history.

Each video can focus on a famous historical figure or time period, allowing your kid to share their knowledge with others in a kid-friendly way.

15. Reading Books

Reading aloud is a big part of a kid’s school day. That means kids love hearing others read them a story.

If your kid enjoys reading, creating a YouTube channel centered on them reading their favorite books is a great idea!

16. Sports Lessons

Kids who are great at sports probably have a lot to share with other kids who want to improve their skills.

Baseball players, for example, can show kids how to improve their swing, throw the ball farther, and catch more effectively. And soccer lovers can help kids improve their kick.

17. News Channel

If you have a budding news anchor at home, let them get started at a young age by creating a news channel on YouTube.

They can discuss issues important to other kids their age and interview people about different current events.

18. Exercise Videos

Kids today often don’t get enough exercise. By creating a kid-friendly exercise channel, your kids can help other young people have fun and get healthy.

And there are a variety of great exercise video options your kids can choose from, including stretching classes, aerobics, and active games kids can play.

19. Dance Lessons

Learning how to dance is a popular activity for many kids. And with YouTube, kids can easily learn to dance at home.

Just film your dancer demonstrating a dance, then let them go through the chorography step-by-step so other kids can learn the dance, too.

20. Cheerleading

Many kids love learning how to cheer, which makes it another great topic to consider for your kid’s YouTube channel.

Your kid can teach popular cheers to other kids online and offer helpful tips for improving their moves.

21. Tech Instructions

Kids today are surrounded by technology, which means they know a ton about using different devices.

By filming educational videos, they can help others learn how to use their phones, tablets, and gaming systems.

22. Teach Coding

Coding is a popular skill that kids are learning earlier and earlier these days.

A child who is especially good with coding can use what they know to start a channel and teach other kids.

23. Teach Foreign Language

Bilingual kids have the advantage of having knowledge of multiple languages.

A kid who can speak more than one language can make an easy-to-follow YouTube channel with videos showing other kids how to speak the language they teach.

24. Gardening Tips

Gardening is a great way for kids to get outside and learn about how their food is made.

Creating a kid-friendly gardening channel is a fun way for your kid to show other kids how to grow their own garden in their backyard.

25. Hunting and Fishing

Outdoorsy kids would probably love sharing their favorite hunting and fishing tips.

Your kids could record their time outdoors while they’re hunting or show their viewers tips for catching the biggest fish.

26. Sewing

Some kid naturally take to sewing and have the ability to sew simple patterns at a young age.

This is a great kid YouTube channel idea because it allows your child to teach other kids a practical skill that they will be able to use forever.

Some ideas of things to sew could be doll clothes, regular clothes like shirts and socks or simple tasks like mending a hole.

27. How-to Channel

A how-to channel is good for kids who are already doing something that other kids aspire to do.

Have a child who is an actor or actress? Allow them to make a channel about how to go on auditions and secure a role in a commercial or movie.

They could talk about best practices, communicating with a talent agent and where to find job listings.

Here are a few ideas for how-to YouTube channels kids can make:

  • How to get into acting
  • Hot to run a marathon
  • How to build a computer
  • How to beat the top level of a  video game

Anything your child is involved in that they think other kids want to learn how to do, too, they can make a YouTube channel for.

28. Day-in-the-Life

Many kids are curious about what it’s like to live how other kids live.

If our kid has a special living circumstance like being a homeschooler, an entrepreneur, or living overseas they could create a day-in-the-life channel to educate other kids about what it’s like and how to live that way.

29. Cultural Traditions Channel

Kids from all over can start a YouTube channel to educate others on the cultural traditions that are specific to their family and culture.

It can be a way to show others different foods they eat, clothes they wear, celebrations they take part in and more interesting things about their way of life.

30. Making Money as a Kid

Figuring out different jobs kids can do can be difficult.

With the help of a seasoned kid entrepreneur, they can learn about the various ways kids can make money.

31. DIY Repair

Kids can make a channel about repairing things that they are good idea.

For example, if your child is good at fixing bikes or small electronics, they could focus a channel on teaching others how to repair those same things.

Your kid can provide tips and tricks for starting a business, getting a job, and finding customers on their YouTube channel.

32. Sharing a Passion

Kids can become very passionate about a topic. And if your kid loves something, you know how much they want to talk about it.

Set up a camera and let them share their knowledge with other kids.

Whether they love talking about comic books or can’t stop discussing Pokémon, they’re sure to find other kids online who share their passion on the subject.

Creative YouTube Channel Ideas

Do you have a creative kid at home? Let them show off their creativity with a YouTube channel.

There are a variety of ways your kid can use their creativity to create a cool YouTube channel that other kids would love to watch.

33. Art Videos

While teaching a skill is a great way for your child to show off their talents, sometimes people just like to watch art being created.

Set up a camera above your child as they draw, sculpt or paint, then upload the videos to YouTube so others can enjoy their work.

34. Music Videos

If your child has musical talents but doesn’t want to teach their skills, simply filming them playing or singing would be a great way to start a YouTube channel.

Your kid can show off their skills and gain some online fans at the same time.

35. Craft Videos

Crafts are a fun way to pass the time. And if your kid loves making crafts, making YouTube videos for other kids to enjoy is a great idea.

Your child can give instructions to make the craft so others at home can put together their own art project.

36. Slime Making

Making slime is a popular activity for many kids. Why not dedicate your kid’s YouTube channel to slime?

There are so many different types of slime your kids can make, it will keep them busy for a while!

37. Makeup Tutorials

Older kids who are just learning how to put on makeup can show off their new makeup skills with videos.

And they’ll be teaching other kids their age how to do makeup so they can improve their makeup abilities, too.

38. Nail Art

All it takes to start a nail art YouTube channel is some nail polish and a camera.

Your kid can easily set up a phone or other video camera and record themselves making fun nail designs.

39. Life Hacks

Clever kids who come up with creative hacks to solve everyday life problems could start life hack channels.

These channels show others how to do stuff like keep your shoestrings from constantly coming untied or a hack to keep your nail polish from chipping.

40. Animated Videos

Creating animation is a fun way for your kid to put their drawing skills into action.

They can create their own drawing and storylines for their videos, making this a great creative outlet for any kid who loves to draw.

41. Motivational Videos

Being a kid today can be pretty hard. But having other kids to lift you up and encourage you can make those hard days not as tough.

If your child has a way with motivational words, let them share their joy with other kids through a motivational YouTube channel.

42. Organizing videos

Do you have a child who has really creative ways of organizing their room or things around the house?

An organizing YouTube channel is just the thing for them!

They could show how they color-code things or how they organize every inch of a small bedroom.

Fun Kid YouTube Channel Ideas

Making videos can be a lot of fun!

And with these fun kid YouTube channel ideas, your kids are sure to have a blast putting together their own videos.

43. Vlogging

Your kid may just want to share their life with other kids. In that case, a vlogging channel is a great choice.

When your kid vlogs, they can share aspects of their life, talk about things that are important to them, or simply film their day-to-day activities for others to enjoy.

44. Skits

Is your kid interested in acting?

Let them show off their skills by being in a skit with friends.

Likewise, kids who want to show off their playwriting abilities can put together a skit or play and have other kids star in it in their YouTube videos.

Just be sure they roll credits at the end so they get the credit for their work.

45. Shopping Hauls

Kids love to see what other kids buy. They like to know what the latest trends are and how everyone else is wearing them.

For haul videos, your kid can record what they buy after shopping trips for things like clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, décor and electronics.

46. Video Gaming

Playing video games is a popular YouTube niche for kids and adults.

If your kid loves gaming, letting them stream their games on YouTube is a great channel idea.

47. Puppetry

Puppetry is not a widely used skill.

Imagine how fun and popular a kids YouTube channel about how to do puppetry would be!

48. Food Reviews

Many kids are picky eaters. But if they saw another kid trying different foods, maybe they’d be more inclined to try them too.

Film your adventurous eater trying different foods then sharing their opinion so other kids will know what those foods taste like.

49. Pranks

Playing pranks on people is fun for the pranker, which means your kid will surely have a blast creating funny pranks and filming them.

But be sure to only recommend this channel if you’re willing to be the one that they prank!

50. Comedy Videos

Instead of playing pranks on others, your kid can also make their viewers laugh with their comedy.

Kids who love to tell jokes or make silly observations about the world around them would love filming their comedy skits and sharing them on YouTube.

51. Kids Activities

Keeping kids entertained is a full-time job for parents. What if there was a channel that would provide your kids with entertaining activities they can do?

Showing other kids fun activities and crafts is a great way for your kid to start a YouTube channel.

52. Movie & TV Reviews

Kids who love watching movies and TV may enjoy sharing their opinions on new and old episodes.

After watching a show or movie, they can film themselves telling other kids what they thought about the show.

53. Book Reviews

Reviewing kids’ books is another great YouTube channel idea for kids.

Your kids can read a book, then set up their camera and talk about the plot, along with the things they liked and disliked about the story.

54. Fashion and Style Tips

Do you have a stylish kid at home who loves dressing in the latest fashions?

With their own YouTube channel, they can help other kids stay on top of the latest trends and share their favorite fashion finds.

55. Hairstyles and Haircare

Having a knack for doing fun hairstyles can be something your kid uses to start a YouTube channel.

Girls and boys are often looking creative and unique hairstyles to impress their friends with, and your kid could be the one to inspire them.

56. Pet Videos

People love watching animals online. And your kids can easily create a channel centered around your family’s pet.

Give your kid a camera and let them start filming videos about how to care for their pet or even their pet doing something cute, then upload the videos to YouTube.

57. Travel Videos

If your family frequently travels, creating a kid-focused travel channel is another fun idea.

Let your kid show off your family’s vacation destinations from a kid’s perspective, including everything from popular tourist sites to area restaurants.

58. Magic Tricks

Do you have a magician at home? Create a YouTube channel so they can show off all their magic tricks.

They can simply do magic tricks in their videos or they can teach other kids how to do magic.

59. Food Challenges

Kids love experimenting in the kitchen, which means they’d probably have a blast filming themselves doing different food challenges.

Many of these challenges involve combining different foods or mixing foods together to create something new, which would be simple enough for kids to do on their own.

60. Destructing

We all know how much kids love breaking things, but did you know that your kids could make money by breaking stuff?

A popular niche on YouTube is destruction videos in which people film themselves breaking things.

That’s a great idea for kids YouTube channel.

61. Reaction Videos

Kids who love watching YouTube videos probably have a lot to say about the videos they watch. That makes reaction videos another fun option for a kids’ channel.

Reaction videos are simply videos of someone watching a video and reacting to what happens.

Your kids can react to other kids’ videos, watch movie trailers and give their opinion, or provide commentary on other popular YouTube videos for kids.

Final Thoughts

Any of these kid YouTube channel ideas are easy enough for kids to do. Some will require adult participation but many are ideas kids can do on their own.

As the parent, you’ll need to help your child run their channel and review all videos before uploading them. And don’t forget, if your kid’s YouTube channel becomes popular, they may be able to monetize it to make money making videos about stuff they love.

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