Best Kid Stocking Stuffer Ideas- The Coolest Ideas Under $10!

Finding kid stocking stuffer ideas for elementary and middle school aged kids can quickly get expensive. Kids at this age are often starting to ask for more tech-centric gifts, which can add up fast!

But filling your kid’s Christmas stocking this year doesn’t have to break the bank. There are several really cool stocking stuffers for kids in this age group that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

kid stocking stuffer ideas

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Here are 15 cool stocking stuffers for kids aged 7 to 10 years old that all cost less than $10.

Kid Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Lego Mini Set


Do you have a Lego lover on your holiday list? Then be sure to grab a Lego mini set for their stocking! These small sets are the perfect budget-friendly option for any elementary school kid on your list.

Charm Bracelet


If you have a middle schooler who loves jewelry, this beautiful charm bracelet is the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s pretty enough to be a nice keepsake for your little one, without you having to worry about them misplacing it since it costs less than $10!

Water Bottle


Make sure your elementary school kid gets plenty of water throughout the day by including a new water bottle in their stocking. And getting a cool pop-culture inspired bottle, like this Avengers water bottle, will make sure they keep the bottle around them at all times.

More Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Friendship Bracelet Kit


If you have a crafter on your Christmas shopping list, they’re sure to love this cute stocking stuffer. With this friendship bracelet kit, your child can make more than 10 different bracelets for all their friends.

Mini Flashlight


A mini flashlight is a handy thing for kids to have on hand. And with the ring for a carabineer clip on the end of this small LED flashlight, they can easily attach it to their backpack so it’s within reach whenever they need it – whether they’re out camping with friends or afraid of something in the dark in their own bedroom.

Bean Boozled Game


Do you have an adventurous eater on your holiday shopping list? They’ll love this fun game of chance. The jelly beans in Bean Boozled feature both traditional jelly bean flavors and some seriously gross flavors like skunk smell and dog food.

Nail Art Stickers


If you have a child who loves painting their nails, you know how much of a mess that activity can be! Help them satisfy their creativity without messy nail polish with this set of adorable unicorn nail art stickers.

Cupcake Lipgloss


While your elementary schooler may not be wearing makeup, I bet they’re starting to show an interest in it! If you have a little one who isn’t ready for a full makeup set this year, consider putting this cupcake lip gloss in her stocking. It’s a great way to allow them to have a little bit of makeup without really giving them makeup at all.

Silly Straw Glasses


Sometimes, you just need to give your kid a silly gift in their stocking. Give them a funny gift they’ll actually use with this set of silly straw glasses. They’ll love sipping their drink with this silly straw!

Joke Book


One of the best kid stocking stuffer ideas is a joke book! And if you have an elementary school kid who loves joking around, grab them those funny glasses and this fun joke book for kids. This awesome book has tons of kid-friendly tongue twisters, one-liners, and knock-knock jokes. That means they’re sure to have everyone laughing before Christmas morning is over.

Rubik’s Cube


This fun puzzle game was probably a popular kid stocking stuffer when you were a kid. Why not bring some nostalgia to Christmas morning by adding a Rubik’s Cube to your own kid’s stockings? It’s sure to keep them busy for a little while trying to figure out this mind-bending puzzle.

Hot Wheels Cars


Hot Wheels never go out of style. Even if your kid has started to transition away from traditional toys, they’re sure to love getting a set of these cars in their stocking this year. Whether they play with them or display them in their room, you can’t go wrong with Hot Wheels!

LED Shoelaces


With these awesome light-up shoe laces, your kid’s kicks are sure to stand out! Each lace is constructed of 10 LED lights, making them an amazing eye-catching accessory any child would love.

Silly Putty Scents


While slime is popular with kids right now, it can be pretty messy. Instead, pop one of these Silly Putty Silly Scents in their stocking this year. It’s just as fun as slime without the mess. And with scented Silly Putty, you’ll also get the added anticipation of finding out whether they received a stinky or sweet scent!

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