5 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Organized this School Year

With summer quickly coming to an end, it’s time to start preparing for a new school year. And along with school comes busy schedules and crammed to-do lists.

Instead of letting the stress get the best of your family this year, start the school year off right by getting your family organized.

These five simple tips will help get and keep your family organized this school year.

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Use a Calendar and Schedule

To keep track of meetings, deadlines, and important events throughout the school year, it’s important to have a master calendar and weekly schedule in place for your family.

Start by hanging a large calendar in a prominent place in your home, then take the time to sit down and outline all the important dates your family needs to remember during the school year.

Consider including these items in your family calendar:

  • Weekly extracurricular activities
  • Days off from school
  • Appointments (doctor, dentist, haircut, etc.)
  • Sporting events
  • After-school activities and events
  • Big assignment due daates
  • Test dates
  • Family events (birthdays, parties, vacations, etc.)

After filling in the important dates, hang the calendar on the wall where everyone can see it. Then, be sure to keep the calendar updated throughout the school year.

This will not only help you stay organized from day-to-day, it will also help other family members keep track of everyone’s important dates and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Along with keeping an up-to-date calendar for your family, it’s also important to have a weekly schedule that tracks your family’s day-to-day activities.

On your master schedule, include a scheduled time for homework, dinner, and bedtime each day, in addition to regular activities your child takes part in each week.

The schedule could also keep track of time for your kids to do their chores or scheduled screen time for each child.

Make Lists

Making to-do lists is a great way to keep you organized each day, and the same goes for your kids!

Getting your kids in the habit of creating checklists is a great way to help them stay organized throughout their busy school days.

Lists can be used in a variety of ways to help your family stay organized this school year. From keeping track of chores to listing homework assignments, checklists can help everyone in your family stay on top of the things they have to do.

One great way to help your kids implement this organizational tactic into their own lives is to include list-making as part of your daily routine.

Give your kids a pen and some paper each evening and have them write down every thing they need to do the next day. Then, send the list with them to school so they can mark their tasks off the list as they complete them.

Have a Routine

Getting into a daily routine will make your school mornings run more smoothly. And while having a great morning routine is an ideal way to start each school day, having a nighttime routine is also very important.

When planning your morning routine, be sure to include plenty of time for getting ready and eating breakfast.

To make your mornings easier, consider preparing for the following day before you head to bed each night.

Making sure backpacks are organized and ready to go, laying out your child’s clothes, and preparing lunches are all easy ways to simplify your back-to-school mornings.

Create a Study Space

To ensure your kids are focused while they do their homework each day, create a dedicated study space for them to use.

Whether you place a desk in their bedroom or designate a quiet spot in the family room, giving your kids a distraction-free place to do their homework will help them focus on their work and develop better study habits.

Creating a study space in your home doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Start by finding a good writing surface – a desk is perfect but the dining room table is just as good!

Then, make sure the area is stocked with essential school supplies. The amount of supplies you’ll need will probably depend on the age of your kids. Older kids may only need pencils and paper, while younger kids may need other supplies, like crayons, markers, scissors, and glue. Keep the space organized by storing all the supplies in one handy desk organizing container.

You can bring the supplies out during homework time and store them away when they’re not in use.

Have a Filing System

Back to school time means you’ll be dealing with tons of paper clutter. The best way to tackle this inevitable mess is to create a filing system before the school year starts.

Use a small file storage box to keep track of all your child’s important paperwork that needs to be kept. You can also use this box to help your kids keep track of ongoing assignments and organize their homework.

Larger projects, journals, research for papers, and other needed paper items can easily be stored in this handy filing system.

The bottom line…

Figuring out how to keep kids organized doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these simple steps and they’ll be on their way to an organized and stress-free school year.

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