The Ultimate Guide to the Best Jobs for Teens to Make Money

Getting a job is a right of passage for many teens. And while teens may have dreams of finding an amazing job right off the bat, the reality is that they may have to work through a few bad jobs before finding a good one.

But taking the time to plan and research is a great step toward scoring that dream job the first time.

This guide to the best jobs for teens will help you and your teenager find some amazing job ideas, no matter where their interests or talents lie.

Why is It Important for a Teenager to Have a Job?

If you’re on the fence about your teen having a job, you may be wondering what the benefits of part-time work for a teenager are.

There are a variety of great reasons for your teen to get a job, like:

  • Helping them gain more responsibility and independence
  • Getting a real-world lesson in financial education
  • Reducing the costs associated with having a teen
  • Gaining work experience they can take with them into their future career
  • Building relationships and connections that may benefit them in the future
  • Helping them fill their free time with something constructive
  • Allowing them to help contribute to their college expenses in the future
  • Giving them a chance to improve their time management skills

Teen Job Requirements

While there are so many benefits to your teen having a job, there are some legalities to consider before your teen starts working.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, companies must follow a variety of guidelines when hiring anyone under the age of 16.

If you have a young teenager who is ready to start working, they should know and understand these basic guidelines before they start looking for work:

  • Age restrictions: Only teens over the age of 14 are allowed to work in most job settings, with the exception of newspaper delivery, in the entertainment industry, or if your teen is working at a family business
  • School year hour restrictions: During the school year, teens under the age of 16 are not allowed to work when school is in session and can only work a maximum of three hours per day on school days. Teens are also limited to the hours they can work and must finish their shift by 7 p.m.
  • Summer break hour restrictions: When school is out for the summer, teenagers under the age of 16 can’t work more than eight hours per day or 40 hours per week. The hours your teen can work also increases to the time between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. between June 1 and Labor Day.
  • Pay rate: The majority of jobs for teens pay the national minimum wage, but some states have a higher minimum pay rate. Check your state’s laws regarding minimum wage to see what the going rate for entry-level employment is in your area.
  • Work permits: Some states require teenagers under the age of 16 to obtain a work permit from their parents before they can start working. Check your state’s guidelines to see if this rule applies in your area.


How Can a Teenager Find a Job?

Getting a job as a teenager can sometimes be difficult. Some businesses seek out employees with more experience and others need older employees with more than a high school education.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of great job opportunities for your teenager. It just means that they’ll need to do a little bit of extra legwork to find a great job.

These tips will help your teen find and land a great job:

  • Create a resume. While most part-time jobs won’t ask for a resume, taking the time to put one together can help your teen uncover interesting facts and information that can help them in their job search. If your teen doesn’t have any work experience, they can include other information in their resume, like extracurricular activities, leadership positions they have held, and relevant skills they have that could be used on the job. They can then use their resume to help fill out job applications when they find a job that interests them.
  • Reach out to your network. One of the best ways for your teen to find a good job is through word of mouth. Reach out to friends, family members, and coworkers to see if they know of anyone who is hiring at the moment.
  • Take advantage of the guidance counselor. Another great way for teens to find a job is to check in with the guidance counselor at their school. The counselor may have leads on job and internship opportunities that aren’t advertised using traditional methods.
  • Check job listings. They can also use traditional methods of job searching by checking local job listings. Job listings can be found in your local newspaper or through online job search platforms, like
  • Make a list of dream job locations. Your teen can also take matters into their own hands by coming up with dream job locations where they would love to work. After making a list of places they want to work, they can do the legwork of inquiring about open positions at each location. A quick phone call or visit to the store can give them an idea of which places are hiring.
  • Be prepared for an interview. If your teen plans on visiting locations in person to ask for a job application, make sure they’re prepared for an interview. Some locations may ask them to interview for the job on the spot, so being prepared will give them an advantage. Work with your teenager to come up with answers to popular interview questions to give them a leg-up in their job search.
  • Follow up after the interview. After completing their interview, make sure your teen takes the time to follow up with the employer if they haven’t heard anything from them within a week. Taking the time to call the interviewer or visit the store again to check in on their application and answer any other questions they might have can help them secure the position they want.


Best Summer Jobs for Teens

A summer job is a great way for teens to get started in the workforce.

On top of having plenty of extra time on their hands while school’s out, the summer also gives teenagers a chance to try out a job for a few months without pressure or stress.

But finding the best summer jobs for teens can be difficult if you’re not sure where to look.

These summer job ideas are a great place to start looking when your teen is ready to start earning some money.


Kids who are great at swimming and enjoy spending time in the water would have fun working as a lifeguard during the summer months.

But keep in mind that most lifeguards need to be excellent swimmers and have to complete training in CPR and first aid.

Your teen can find a job as a lifeguard at your local pool, rec center, or beach.


Another great option for a summer job is working as a landscaper.

Homeowners always need extra help keeping up with their lawns during the summer, which means your kid will have plenty of work available to them.

And with this job idea, they have the option of working for an established company or starting their own lawn care business.

Camp counselor

If your kid loves going to summer camp each year, there’s no need to give it up just because they’re a teenager.

They can attend their favorite camp and earn money as a camp counselor.

Golf course worker

Working at the local golf course is one of the best summer jobs for teens, no matter how much they know about golf.

Experienced golfers can work as caddies, but golf courses also have several other job options for teens, including working in the clubhouse restaurant, in the pro shop, or on the groundskeeping crew.


Many families are in search of a babysitter to watch their kids during the summer months.

So, if your teen loves taking care of kids, they can make plenty of money working as a babysitter or nanny every summer.


Pet sitter

Teens who enjoy taking care of pets can also benefit from extra work during the summer.

With many families going on vacation during this time, they’re sure to be busy taking care of pets while the families are away.

House sitter

Even if your teens aren’t great with pets, they can still take advantage of vacation season during the summer months by working as a house sitter.

As a house sitter, they can bring in the mail, do light cleaning, water plants, and take care of pets while the homeowners are on their trip.

Amusement park

Local amusement parks get very busy during the summer, which means they’ll definitely be looking for seasonal workers.

Your teen can work at an amusement park or water park during the summer to earn extra money and have fun at the same time.

Odd jobs

Tackling odd jobs for friends, family, and neighbors is another great way your teen can earn money in the summer.

Your teen can provide different jobs based on their skills.

The jobs can be as simple as watering a garden each day or include bigger tasks like cleaning out gutters.


While most internships are unpaid, working as a summer intern is a great way for your teen to get real-world experience in a job field they’re interested in.

Check with your teen’s high school guidance counselor to see if there are any high school internships in your area.


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Afterschool Jobs for Teens

Getting an afterschool job is a good way for teens to earn extra money when they’re out of school.

When looking for a job to work after school hours, it’s a good idea for teens to think about the time restraints they have and how the job will fit into their existing schedule.

These afterschool job ideas are a great way for them to use their spare time to earn extra money.


Teens who do well at school can share their knowledge and skills with other kids to earn money.

Working as a tutor afterschool is a great way for your teen to help make a difference during their free time!

And they can schedule their tutoring sessions around their other activities, which means it’s a flexible job that even busy teens can do.

Movie theater worker

Since the majority of movies are shown during the evening hours, working at a movie theater is another great option for an afterschool job.

Your teen can work as a ticket taker, in the concession stand, or on the cleanup crew.

Arena or theater crew

Working at a nearby arena, theater, racetrack, or sports stadium is a fun job for any teen to have.

Your teenager can get a job working in the ticket booth, concession stand, or seating assistant.

They’ll get to earn money and may even have a chance to watch their favorite sports team play or see live concerts while they’re working.

Fast food worker

Many fast food restaurants hire teens, which means they’re familiar with working around school schedules.

At a fast food restaurant, your teen can work as a cashier or a cook.

Restaurant staff

While fast food restaurants are a great option for teens, they’re not the only type of restaurant that will hire teenagers.

Working at a sit-down restaurant is another great afterschool job idea because there are so many different positions your teen could work in, including working as a host, on the wait staff, as a busser, or in the kitchen.

Ice cream server

Working at an ice cream parlor is another great job option your teen could pick.

Whether your teen works at a local spot or a national chain, there are several ice cream parlors that hire teens.


Does your teen love coffee? Why not get a job as a barista at a coffee shop?

They’ll get to enjoy the smell of coffee all day long and learn new recipes to try.

Delivery driver

Teens who have a driver’s license and are responsible drivers could work as a delivery driver for local restaurants.

Teens who are over the age of 18 can also apply to work as a driver through apps like DoorDash and Instacart.

Personal assistant

Getting a job as a personal assistant is a great idea for afterschool work.

And since there are a variety of avenues your teen can take with this job idea, they can look for a position that suits their interests.

Whether they work as an assistant for a busy entrepreneur or take care of everyday tasks for an elderly neighbor, an assistant job can be a great option for any teenager.

Family business

Does someone in your family own their own business?

Working in the family business is a great afterschool job that a teen can do!

In addition to being able to work a flexible schedule, your teen will also learn the family trade in case they want to take over the business when they’re older.


Work from Home Jobs for Teens

Working from home is a great option for teens with busy schedules. When your teen works from home, they can set their own hours and pick a job they’re interested in.

But working from home does require discipline, so it’s not the best option for every teen.

If they have initiative and drive, these work from home jobs for teens are a great way to earn extra money:

Customer service jobs

Working as a customer service representative is a popular work from home job option.

And many companies, like Uhaul for example, hire teens to work for them online.

Website testing

Many new websites use website testers to provide feedback to the company on the user experience while on the site.

And it’s a great job for teens who are looking for a work from home opportunity.

Freelance writing

Writing is a job that can be done from anywhere, making it a great work from home job your teen can do.

If your teen has a knack for writing, they can get jobs through online job boards to earn money in their free time.

Graphic design

Teens with experience in graphic design can use their skills to provide designs services to customers while working from home.

Your teen can sell their services online or connect with local business to provide graphics during their time away from school.

Transcription jobs

Is your teen great at typing?

Working as a transcriptionist allows them to work during their free time transcribing recordings into text. Your teen can transcribe a variety of different things, from interviews to videos.

Social media marketing

Teens are great a social media, which means they have an in-demand skill many businesses are searching for.

Your teen can work as a social media manager for online entrepreneurs or local businesses during their time away from school.


Retail Jobs for Teens

Working retail is one of the best jobs for teens.

It gives them the opportunity to learn skills they can use throughout the rest of their work life, including customer service and communication skills.

And there are a variety of positions your teen could do at a retail store, including working as a cashier, stocker, or sales associate.

These retail jobs are a great choice for teens looking for part-time employment:

Grocery store

Working at a grocery store is a very popular job for teens.

Many grocery stores hire young teens, making it a great entry job for teenagers. Your teen can work as a bagger, cart attendant, stocker, cashier, or on the cleaning crew.

Clothing store

Teens who love dressing in the latest fashion will have a blast working at a clothing store.

In addition to getting to see the latest styles as they come in, they’ll probably get an employee discount they can use to purchase new outfits with the money they earn.

Pet store

Any teenager who loves pets could get a job at a pet store to earn money.

They’ll get to have fun stocking the shelves with pet supplies and play with the pets that come into the store with their owners each day.

Salon or spa

Teens who enjoy doing their hair and makeup will love getting experience working at a salon or spa.

While they may not be able to work directly with clients, they can work as a cashier, appointment setter, and assist with clean-up.


In addition to practicing their customer service skills, working at a bakery can also give your teen a chance to learn how to bake and decorate.

It’s a great job for anyone who loves to be in the kitchen.


Another food related retail job for your teen consider could be working at a deli. They’ll love learning about different cuts of meats and assisting customers in finding the best selections.

Online Jobs for Teens

Finding online jobs for teens is a great way for busy teens to earn extra money.

Your teen can find a variety of jobs online. But to be successful, they’ll need to be driven and able to work independently.

These online jobs are perfect for teens looking for part-time work:


Writing a blog is a fun way for your teen to earn money and share their passion at the same time.

Bloggers earn money through advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and product sales.

YouTube personality

If your teen enjoys making their own videos, they can earn money by setting up a YouTube channel.

YouTubers can earn money in a variety of different ways, including ads and sponsorships.

Virtual assistant

Providing business assistance to online business owners is another great way for your teen to earn money online.

Based on your teen’s skills and knowledge, they can provide several different types of services as a virtual assistant, including content writing, social media management, email management, scheduling, photography, and graphic design.

Online tutor

Tutoring doesn’t have to be an in-person job.

Teenagers can also offer tutoring services online.

There are online outlets that connect students with tutors. Or your teen can set up their own virtual tutoring service to help kids with their homework or to study for a big test.

Online odd jobs

Your teen doesn’t need a steady job in order to earn money online.

There are a variety of ways your teen can earn extra money when they need it by doing odd jobs online.

Sites like Fiverr and Amazon Turk offer online workers small tasks they can do to earn money, giving your teen a chance to earn extra spending cash in their spare time.

High Paying Jobs for Teens

While most teens are stuck earning minimum wage at their job, there are a few ways your teenager can earn more money while working.

But finding a high paying job for a teenager can be a little bit difficult.

The key to getting a higher paying job when you’re a teen is to use your skills to your advantage. Think about the things they are good at, then find a way to use those skills to help them earn more money.

These high paying jobs for teens will give your teenager a chance to earn big bucks from their job:

Computer tech

Teens who are tech savvy could earn money helping customers repair or troubleshoot their tech.

From setting up a new computer to fixing a broken tablet, there are a variety of tasks that your teen could handle in this job.

And since everyone is hooked to their tech, most people will pay a higher fee to have their devices fixed.

Web designer

If your teen has experience in web design, they can earn a great salary creating and fixing websites.

Your teen could work for local businesses or do online work for bloggers and entrepreneurs to earn big money.


Do you have a dramatic teen at home who enjoys playing different characters?

Talented teens can work as an actor in commercials, television, and movies to earn big bucks in their spare time.


Does your teen have a special skill they can share?

Working as an instructor or coach is a great way for them to earn money.

There are a variety of lessons your teen can offer based on their skills, including music lessons (instruments or singing), swimming lessons, sports lessons, and acting lessons.

Golf caddy

While most jobs at a golf course probably pay minimum wage, teens who are good at golf can use their knowledge to earn more by working as a caddy.

In addition to providing traditional caddy services, like carrying and cleaning clubs, caddies who also provide tips and advice to help the golfers improve their game can earn even more money by receiving tips from the golfers they work for.


Although working as a babysitter may not be a high paying job option, taking on a nanny job could be lucrative for your teen.

As opposed to a babysitter, a nanny typically works for a single family on a regular basis, which means they can earn a higher salary.

Starting their own business

One of the best ways to earn a good income as a teenager is to take the plunge and start their own business.

Find a good business idea for your teen, then get to work earning money through their own endeavor.


If you have a teenager of a specific age, you can find more job ideas here:

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