Best Jobs for Kids Under 13 Years Old

Starting at a young age, a lot of kids become interested in earning money.

Before the teenage years, job options are limited, but they can still be lucrative if kids use the skills they have to make money.

Jobs for kids under 13 should be easy enough for young kids but challenging enough that they have to work toward their goal.

They should also not interfere with school or extracurricular activities and shouldn’t keep them up late into the night.

Other than that, if the job is something they are interested in, can do in a reasonable amount of time and they have the okay from parents, they should go for it.

Here are some great jobs for kids under 13.

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Jobs for Kids Under 13 Years Old

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting can be a great way for a child under 13 to earn some extra money.

If a family member or close friend has to leave for a trip, they can always ask your child to watch their pet for cheaper than a shelter.

This job is perfect for kids as it gives them time to play and interact with animals and learn to be responsible.

I do recommend that your child learn about how to take care of animals if they do not have any pets in the home.

Taking a pet care class will ensure your child has the proper training to know how to care for an animal and to know what to do if there is an emergency.

At this age, it’s probably best if you or another responsible adult are home with your child to keep an eye on things.

But it’s important that they be allowed to take the lead and do the work that they are being paid for.

If there are any questions or special instructions you may need to step in as the parent and guide your child.

For instance, if the pet requires medication at a specific time it is always best to help your child and remind them or help them to set reminders so that they remember.

Here are a few pets your 13 year old may consider petsitting:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • lizards
  • snakes
  • birds
  • fish
  • hamsters

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are a tried-and-true method of making money as a kid, especially if you live in a suburban area with lots of neighbors.

Making a lemonade stand is easy, but your child will need some help in the beginning.

To start, help them create a budget and shop for ingredients.

Then, they can set up their stand and make lemonade or any other drinks they might want to sell.

Help them set a price that is optimal.

Operating a lemonade stand is one of the best jobs for kids under 13because it helps them learn about managing money and resources, and can help teach salesmanship and respect.

Paper Route

Yes, paper routes are still very much a thing, and they can be a great way for your child to earn some extra money.

At 13-years-old, if your child is a proficient bicyclist, then they can get a job delivering newspapers to homes.

This is a great job for active kids as they will be on their bicycle most of the time.

It can also teach how to manage time and can help your kids learn self-discipline. It’s a great job for kids who tend to be active in the morning as well.

If a daily paper does not work, consider a weekly paper, weekend paper or contacting the company to see if your child can work a few specific days.

Further, you should plan with your child as to what will happen on days with bad weather so they develop a contingency plan early on.


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There are a lot of possibilities associated with lawn care.

To start, your child can mow lawns during the warmer months provided they have the equipment.

If they borrow a lawnmower, they will need to provide gasoline for it or they can use a manual lawn mower to mow lawns.

Your child can also do general lawn maintenance tasks, such as weeding flower gardens when applicable.

Trimming hedges and shrubbery is also a simple chore that many people would pay to have done.

In the colder months, kids can rake and bag leaves during the fall seasons.

In the wintertime, your child can shovel snow out of driveways, paths, and sidewalks.

There really are a lot of possibilities when it comes to lawn care, as there are always chores to be done outside.

Plus, a lot of people simply do not have time for lawn care with work and other parts of their schedule.


Indoor House Cleaning

Cleaning homes is probably something your 13 year old is already familiar with because they are used to doing chores at home.

Young kids can take the skills they already have and offer it as a service to others as their ongoing job.

This tip works best if the house they will be taking care of is within walking distance so that you do not have to drive them to the house to check on it.

If you don’t mind being their transportation, that will widen their area of service, offering them more opportunity to earn more.

There are numerous responsibilities that come with cleaning someone’s house including:

  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning windows
  • Dusting
  • Washing dishes
  • Putting dishes away

If your child is given a detailed list of tasks then they are more than capable of cleaning someone’s house.


Exterior House Cleaning

Similar to yardwork, there is always something that can be cleaned outside of the house.

Kids can paint fences and walls if they get trained to do so. They can also use the water hose and spray driveways clean.

Washing windows and glass is also a simple task. Kids can wash chairs, tables, patios, and other outdoor furniture which are all a great way to make some extra cash.

Cleaning, painting, and maintaining the exterior of a home are all great skills to have in one’s back pocket, and are terrific jobs for kids under 13 when the weather permits.

Job Ideas for Young Kids

Young children don’t have to be limited to just this list!

There are tons of job opportunities for those who want to make some money.

Working not only teaches kids valuable lessons about money, but it aids them in learning to be more responsible, too.

If your young child wants to learn how to make money, here’s a big list of jobs for kids under 13 years old:

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