Jobs for Kids (The Best Ideas for Kids to Make Money)

Here on For Modern Kids, we believe that by allowing kids to have responsibility such as chores or jobs, it can build character, resilience and teach them valuable lessons in responsibility.

Of course kids don’t have to work, but for those that want to, these age-appropriate jobs for kids are the perfect way to introduce them to the working world so they can make money.

On this page, we’ve broken down jobs kids can do by age so you’ll know exactly what jobs your kids can do at what age.

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There are also helpful ideas for jobs kids can do in the summer and online.

If your child is more interested in starting a business than kid jobs, we’ve got something here for them, too!

Whether they are an entrepreneurial kid or teen, below there are guides to businesses they can start to make so they can flex those creative muscles and earn money while they’re at it!

Jobs for Kids by Age

Some younger kids are interested in working and it’s our job as parents to find something age-appropriate for them to do.

Below is a list of jobs for kids starting as young as eight.

These jobs are easy to do and can be a great start for kids looking to fill their piggy banks for a special purchase they want to save for.

Jobs for Kids to Make Money

If your child’s job hunt doesn’t need to be age-specific, then this list of jobs for kids is what you need to help them land their first paying gig.

Business Ideas for Kids

While some kids want a job, others may be more interested in starting their own business.

If your kid has an entrepreneurial spirit, check out this list of business ideas for kids to start and grow.

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Jobs for Teenagers by Age

Once kids get a bit older, their ready to take on more serious work.

From working in retail to starting their own small business, these jobs for teens are great to help them learn how to handle money in a responsible way before they leave the nest and live on their own.

Keep in mind there are still laws that have to be followed for kids to be able to work, even as teenagers, but in general, the older they get, the less strict the laws become.

Job Ideas for Teens

Here are more job ideas for teens including working from home, working online, babysitting and other ways to get paid.

Business ideas for Teens

As teens start to learn more about the world and how money works, they may decide that they’d like to try to start a business of their own instead of working for someone else.

Being an entrepreneur is a lofty goal, but one that is definitely achievable with the right guidance and planning.

Here are some business ideas for teenagers who want to be entrepreneurs.

Teenager working a job on a computer

Why would a kid want a job?

There are several reasons a child may want to work.

They may want to earn money for new clothes, games, hanging out with friends, or a special toy.

Other kids may have more industrious or entrepreneurial goals in mind like buying material they need to start a new business.

Whatever your child’s goals are, support them. Learning how to make and manage money can only help them now and in the future.

Just be sure that you and your child are following all laws regarding working age, permits and safety before your child gets their first job.

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