The Best Jobs for 9 Year Olds

These are the best jobs for 9 year olds to earn cash. Check out our list below to get some ideas of in-home, outside, creative and unique jobs for nine-year-olds that they’ll love.

Doing chores around the house for an allowance is a great way for your younger kids to learn about money. But by the time your child turns into a preteen, they’re probably ready to start earning some real spending money.

If your nine-year-old is looking for ways to earn a little bit of extra cash, they’re in luck!

There are a variety of easy jobs for nine-year-olds, you just have to get a little creative!

Jobs for 9 Year Olds to Earn Money

Kids in this age range are naturally helpful, so offering them simple jobs to earn money is a great way to teach them about business and the value of money.

But since your preteens probably aren’t responsible enough to be left to their own devices, the best jobs for 9 year olds are ones that can be done with a little bit of parental supervision. 

But that doesn’t mean your child can’t take responsibility for the jobs they do.

Whether they’re working in the yard or using their imagination to do something creative, each of the jobs on this list are aimed at improving their work ethic, teaching your kid a valuable skill, or helping them learn about various aspects of business. 

Jobs Around the House

While I’m excluding basic chores from this list of jobs your kids can do for money, there are still tons of great jobs your nine year old can do around the house.

Here are a few simple jobs your elementary-aged child can take on to earn some extra spending money:

  • Babysitting (with adult supervision). While your nine year old can’t be left alone with younger children, they would make a great extra set of eyes while you’re still at home. Letting your nine-year-old “babysit” their younger siblings while you do a load of laundry or make dinner is a great way to introduce the concept of babysitting in a safe and constructive way.
  • Organizing assistant. Help your middle schooler take advantage of the decluttering craze by offering their services as an organizing assistant. Kids this age are great at sorting and stacking, making them perfect helpers for anyone who is working on decluttering and organizing their home. Your nine-year-old can help sort through clutter, clean up items that are no longer needed, and organize things after they’ve been sorted.
  • Business assistant. Do you have a family business or know someone in need of office help? Your nine year old will be great at helping out with small tasks in the office. From alphabetizing files to putting documents in the shredder (with supervision), there are so many easy jobs for nine year olds around the office.

Outdoor Jobs for Nine-Year-Olds

If your child loves being outside, there are a variety of great ways they can earn money – especially during the summer months.

While your nine-year-old is too young to safely operate a lawn mower, there are still tons of great jobs they can handle outside.

These outdoor jobs for 9 year olds are simple ways for them to earn money for their work:

  • Rake leaves. During the fall, hand your kid a rake and show them how to rake and clean up leaves from the yard. When they’re comfortable with their raking abilities, your kids can expand their business by asking neighbors and family friends if they can rake their yards, too.
  • Pull weeds. Whether they clean out your vegetable garden or flower beds, pulling weeds is another simple task your nine year old can do for money. And it’s another outdoor job that’s perfect for expansion – just make sure your little one is supervised as they travel around the neighborhood offering their services.
  • Vegetable stand. Gardening is a simple activity that can earn your kids money. Help your child plant the garden, then let them tend to it throughout the summer. When their plants start bearing fruit, they can set up a vegetable stand to sell their fresh veggies to friends, family members, and neighbors.

Creative Jobs for Nine Year Olds

Kids love to get creative! Whether your nine-year-old enjoys baking or loves to make things, they can use their talents to earn extra money.

Think about the types of things your creative kid likes to do for fun, then figure out a way to turn that talent into profit. Here are a few creative jobs for nine year olds:

  • Selling baked goods. Does your child love to bake? Help them sell their baked goods to earn extra money. Your child can come up with a menu and bake the desserts, then you can help them sell them. To sell the baked goods, you could:
    • Set up a stand in your yard
    • Sell the baked goods in your neighborhood by going door to door
    • Set up a stand at your local farmer’s market
    • List the baked goods for sale on Facebook
    • Ask your friends and family for custom orders
  • Selling handmade items. Handmade items are very popular right now, and if your little one is crafty, they can take advantage of this popular trend. Handmade jewelry or hand painted artwork are both simple crafts your nine-year-old could do without much assistance. All you would need to do is help them sell their crafts.

Unique Jobs for Nine Year Olds

Sometimes, you have to get a little bit creative when coming up with jobs for nine-year-olds.

Since kids this age are too young to go out on their own and find a job, thinking creatively about how your little one can earn money is the best way to find a job that fits their personality.

If you’re looking for a unique job for your preteen, consider one of these job ideas:

  • Make YouTube videos. This particular job will take a lot of adult supervision, but it may be worth it considering how much some child YouTubers earn in a year. If your child has a special talent or just loves being in front of the camera, consider video taping them and uploading the videos to YouTube. Your child can be in charge of planning the video content and responding to comments on their channel (after you have vetted them for inappropriate or rude comments). Wondering what your child could do on their YouTube channel? Consider these ideas:
    • Play video games
    • Unbox toys
    • Bake or cook
    • Make crafts
    • Sing or dance
    • Play with toys
    • Talk about their favorite toys or games
  • Selling toys online. There are a variety of ways you kids can earn money by selling toys online. To earn a little bit of extra money, they can list their own toys on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. When they sell, you can deliver the toys and collect the money to keep your kids safe. But if your little one is looking to start a business, consider setting up an eBay account for your child and helping them list toys online. In addition to selling their own toys, they can find used toys at yard sales and thrift stores to list on their online shop.
  • Rent their toys or games. If your nine-year-old has toys or games that they don’t want to sell but don’t mind lending to their friends, they could set up a rental business. Simply charge their friends a fee for using their video game console or reading a book from their library to earn a little extra spending money.

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