Easy Jobs for 8 Year Olds to Earn Money

Check out this list of jobs for 8 year olds that will allow them to earn money while learning entrepreneurial skills and responsibility.

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Do you have an elementary schooler with an entrepreneurial spirit? Or do you just want to encourage your kids to learn about business at an early age?

Finding jobs for 8 year olds can be a little difficult, but there are ways to help encourage your young entrepreneur. You just have to get a little bit creative.

Whether you’re hoping to teach your kids the value of a hard day’s work or just want your little one to think creatively about the money they earn, these job ideas will help your elementary schooler earn a little extra money and learn a valuable lesson at the same time.

Jobs for Money vs. Chores for Money

At this age, it can be difficult to distinguish between jobs your kids can do for money and chores they do for allowance.

If you tie your child’s allowance to the chores they do at home, those chores may seem like a job to your kid. But there is a difference between working for money and doing chores for money. 

Distinguishing between jobs and chores is up to your family. But if you’re unsure, use this simple rule of thumb:

  • If the job is something you do around the house yourself on a regular basis, it’s probably a chore.
  • If the job is something you would hire someone else to do, it’s a job for hire.

This simple distinction can help your family decide which kid-friendly jobs are considered chores and which household tasks are considered jobs.

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Jobs for 8 Year Olds Around the House

The distinction between chores and jobs is an important one when finding jobs for 8 year olds. That’s because your eight-year-old probably won’t be doing a lot of work outside the home.

At this young age, the jobs you give your kids will be more of a learning experience than actual work experience. And that means you’re going to have to provide guidance and assistance to your child as they work. 

One of the best ways to introduce jobs to your kids is to offer them work around the house.

Are you wondering what types of jobs your 8-year-old can do at home to earn extra money? Consider some of these easy household jobs:

Wash windows

While your kid may need help reaching the higher windows, they should be able to clean most of the windows on your house with a retractable pole.

That makes this household job a great way for your eight year old to earn money.

Walk the dog

Let your eight year old take the dog out for a quick walk around the block each day for a small fee.

If they’re good at handling your dog, they could expand their business to include other dogs in the neighborhood.

Spring cleaning and organizing

While your kids may help out with the regular cleaning, getting them involved in deep cleaning and organizing your home is a great way for them to earn extra money.

They can help with bigger jobs like cleaning under furniture or cleaning out closets in addition to their regular household chores.

Outdoor Jobs for 8 Year Olds

You’re going to need to keep your kids busy during winter and summer breaks. Why not give them a chance to earn a little money with some outdoor jobs?

These easy jobs are great for 8-year-olds:

Tend the garden

Taking care of your family’s garden is a great job for an 8-year old. In the garden, they can pull weeds, water the plants, and pick the vegetables when they’re ripe.

Rake leaves

Getting your yard clean in the fall is hard work. Give the job of raking leaves to your elementary schooler to help them earn money.

Shovel snow

No one likes to get outside in the cold and shovel snow – except an elementary schooler!

Let your kid have a little fun in the snow and earn some extra money at the same time.

And after they shovel your driveway and sidewalks, they can visit nearby neighbors to see if anyone else could use their services.

Car cleaning

Washing and cleaning out the family cars is a great job for eight year olds.

If your child is too short to reach the top of the car, they may need some assistance with washing the exterior.

But they can definitely handle cleaning the interior, vacuuming the crumbs from the seats, and washing the windows.

Unconventional Jobs for Eight-Year-Olds

If taking care of extra tasks around the house and yard doesn’t work for your kids, you’ll need to get a little bit more creative when coming up with jobs.

Luckily, there are a few fun ways your kids can earn a little extra money.

Here are some easy unconventional jobs your 8 year old could do:

Sell their toys

When kids reach this age, they start to outgrow toys. So, it’s likely that your elementary schooler will have a variety of toys lying around that they don’t want anymore.

They can take their toys to a consignment shop to get one lump payment or sell the toys individually online for a bigger payout.

They could even set up a sale in your yard to get rid of their unwanted toys during the summer months.

Recycle cans and bottles

If you live in a state with a bottle deposit law, your kids could earn 5 to 10 cents per bottle or can.

Let them collect bottles and cans at home or ask family members and neighbors if they have bottles and cans to donate.

Then, take your child to the recycling center to collect their payout.

Fetch golf balls

If you live near a golf course or are a member of a country club, let your elementary schooler head out on the course to collect golf balls.

After cleaning the balls, they can resell them to golfers for a fraction of the price at the pro shop.

Sell crafts

Is your elementary schooler creative and crafty? They could sell their crafts at local markets or online to earn extra money.

Garbage can collector

On trash day, your child could bring neighborhood trash cans to the curb and bring them back in after the trash has been collected.

Sell school supplies

If your child’s school allows it, let your kid bring extra school supplies to school to sell to their friends.

They can find a variety of fun supplies, like pencils, erasers, and notebooks, at the dollar store and bundle them together in themes then resell the bundle to their classmates for a small profit.

Popular Jobs for Elementary Schoolers

If getting creative isn’t their thing, there are always a few tried-and-true jobs that an 8 year old could handle.

These popular jobs are a great way for your kids to learn about business and make a few extra dollars:

Lemonade stand

Setting up a lemonade stand is a great way for your elementary schooler to learn about a variety of business concepts.

Help your 8 year old make the lemonade and set up the stand, then let them take the reins trying to sell their goods to neighbors and passersby.

Bake sale

If your elementary-schooler likes to cook or bake, take the concept of a lemonade stand to the next level.

Instead of (or in addition to) selling lemonade, help them bake some sweet treats to sell in your front yard.

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Just because they are young doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of good jobs for 8 year olds.

Young kids can and should earn money working to learn responsibility and how to keep and save money.

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