How to Make Money in the Summer as a Kid (No More Boredom!)

Wondering how to make money in the summer as a kid to save for a special purchase? Or do you just want to know how to earn money while school’s out? This list of easy money-making job ideas for kids will be your go-to resource.

When your kid is out of school for the summer, finding ways to keep them busy is essential. Instead of looking for ways they can play, why not help them look for fun and interesting ways to earn some spending money?

If your child is wondering how to make money in the summer as a kid, they’ll be happy to hear that there are tons of great job ideas for kids of any age.

Whether they’re looking for a traditional job or they want to start their own business at home, these fun ways to earn money will ensure they have a great and profitable summer break.

Can Kids Have a Summer Job?

Before you send your kid out to look for a job this summer, there are a few labor requirements you should know about.

According to the US Department of Labor, kids under the age of 14 are not legally allowed to work at businesses. And kids over the age of 14 have restrictions on the number of hours they can work and the types of businesses they can work for.

But that doesn’t mean kids under the age of 14 can’t earn some extra money during the summer months.

It just means that those kids will need to get creative if they want to make some spending cash because they won’t be able to work a traditional summer job.

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How to Make Money in the Summer as a Kid

Even if your kid is under the age of 14 and can’t work a part-time job at an established business, they can still earn extra money by taking on odd jobs or even starting their own business.

These money-making ideas are a great way for your kid to start earning some money while they’re on summer break.

And if you’re wondering how a kid can make money fast, you’ll love the fact that most of these jobs will allow your kid to earn money on the spot!

Yard work

Your kid can earn a ton of money helping friends and neighbors keep up with yard work during the summer months. And since there are a variety of tasks kids can handle during the summer, they’re sure to stay busy with this business idea.

Your kid can:

  • Mow grass
  • Water the garden
  • Pull weeds
  • Spread mulch
  • Plant flowers
  • Trim hedges and bushes
  • Clean up yard debris

Lemonade and baked goods

One of the most popular ways for kids to earn money during the summer is to set up a stand and sell something.

While a lemonade stand seems to be the most popular choice, there are a variety of things they can sell at their stand, including:

  • Baked goods, like cookies, brownies, and cupcakes
  • Prepackaged snacks, like chips and candy
  • Bottled drinks, like water and juice boxes
  • Breakfast treats, like donuts

Caring for kids and animals

Whether your kid loves playing with other kids or enjoys taking care of pets, there is a way for them to turn that love into a money-making operation.

Babysitting or working as a nanny are both popular options for kids during the summer months.

With kids being out of school, many parents are in need of extra help with their kids while they’re at work, making the summertime a busy season for babysitters.

Pet sitting is another great option for kids to make money during the summer. When friends and family go away on vacation, your kid can help take care of their pets while they’re gone.

To earn extra money in the summer, your kid can:

  • Watch kids at their home while their parents are at work each day
  • Take care of several kids at your home each day
  • Babysit kids on the evenings and weekends
  • Walk dogs each day while the owners are at work
  • Clean up after pets in friends’ and neighbors’ yards

Selling stuff

Selling products is a great way for your kid to earn some extra money. And since there are several avenues your kid can take with this idea, they can customize their business plan to suit their interests.

To earn money in the summer selling stuff, your kids could:

  • Help declutter your house and set up a yard sale to sell unwanted stuff
  • Buy used items at yard sales in town, then resell the stuff online
  • Make handmade items to sell
  • Buy used or broken items, then fix or repair them and resell them


Offer helpful services

When looking for how to make money as kid, sometimes it’s a good idea to think about simple tasks your kid can do. These services can help your kid earn money just by being helpful.

Think about ways your kid is already helpful around the house, then encourage them to offer those services to others.

Your kid can provide services like these:

  • Assisting elderly friends and neighbors with chores around the house
  • Helping busy moms by taking care of their kids or working around the house
  • Cleaning and/or organizing homes and garages for friends and neighbors
  • Maintaining and cleaning pools
  • Washing and cleaning out cars
  • Cleaning and/or organizing outside areas, like porches and windows
  • Painting fences, garages, siding, and window frames

Online jobs

While many online jobs are designed for adults to do, there are several ways kids can make money online during the summer.

These online ideas are a great way for your kid to be creative and have some fun while also earning a little money when they’re out of school:

  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Write a blog
  • Sell handmade products on Etsy
  • Create an online shop and sell physical products through drop shipping
  • Sell digital products online

Share their knowledge

If your kid has a special talent, they can use their knowledge to earn extra money.

Whether your kid is great at math or just loves playing baseball, helping them share their talent with others can also give them a chance to make money during the summer.

Your kid can use their talents to teach others by:

  • Tutoring kids who need help with school
  • Creating online tutorials for a blog or YouTube channel
  • Selling an online course
  • Writing an e-book

Summer Job Ideas for Kids

Kids who are over the age of 14 have the option of working a traditional job, which gives them the flexibility to work at a variety of different businesses.

Finding summer work when you’re a kid isn’t difficult if you know where to look.

These businesses typically employ young teens to work for them during the summer:

  • Golf course. Working at a golf course during the summer months is a great option for young teens. Your kid can work as a caddy or groundskeeper on the course, in the pro shop, or in the clubhouse restaurant.
  • Summer camp. Your kid could also find a job at their favorite summer camp working as a counselor.
  • Fast food restaurants. Several fast-food chains higher young teenagers to work as a drive-through cashier or as a cook.
  • Amusement jobs. Working at a fun place of employment, like an arcade, movie theater, or amusement park, is a great way for your teen to earn extra money during the summer months.
  • Referee or umpire. Kids who are interested in sports can work as a referee or umpire for youth leagues during the summer months to earn extra money.

The only limit is creativity and ingenuity when looking into how to make money in the summer as a kid.

From finding odd jobs to working for their parents, kids can use what they have and what they know to make some money and save.

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