How To Make Money As A Teenager: 7 Easy Ways

Making money as a teenager can be hard!

Although many of us have probably said to our teens when they ask for spending money, “get a job,” it can be harder than it looks.

Many teenagers are unable to drive yet or do not have a car of their own so finding jobs for kids this age can be a challenge.

As parents, we’re busy with younger siblings, work, or other priorities.

It’s often hard to find a way to get them to and from the job anyway.

They may not even be old enough to drive themselves and just want some extra spending money.

How to make money as a teenager is often a topic many parents need to help their children figure out.

How to Make Money As a Teenager

Let’s go over seven ways your teenager can start earning money and answer the age-old question: how to make money as a teenager.

These jobs are suitable for all teenagers, but always remember you want to do what is best for your family!

I’m not suggesting these ways will make your teen more money or that they are better than other jobs that didn’t make the list.

These are just a couple of ideas on how teens can get started making money.

1. Get A Job

Ok, so this one is quite obvious.

But a part time job is a great way for your teenager to earn extra money.

There are so many jobs out there for teenagers.

Lifeguarding, service industry, customer service, pet sitting services, you name it.

Even without experience, teenagers have a great chance of landing one of these jobs.

Here are some great job ideas to get started.

Many of these job options pay above minimum wage.

This gives your child work experience and some good money!


2. Gift Card Turn In

Once a child hits 13 years old, friends and family members often do not know what to give them for special holidays like their birthday.

Their interests change so quickly that a gift card is often the easiest option.

If your teenager has a ton of unused gift cards, encourage them to sell their cards on gift card sites.

Some great places to sell gift cards are Raise, Clipkard, and GiftCash.

Once their gift card sells, they get cash deposited into an online account on each website.

They can transfer it to PayPal or other cash apps.

They can also spend it on other gift cards they’ll actually use!

a display with different gift cards to buy.

3. Social Media Platforms

Although social media takes time to grow, it can be a good passive income stream for many teens who want to make money online.

Passive income through social media can be difficult to achieve but with patience, it can also be lucrative.

Social media platforms are a huge part of our teenagers’ lives.

TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channels are becoming very popular with teenagers earning money online!

Teenagers are recording themselves gaming, performing viral dances, or just vlogging about their life.

Making money online using different social media accounts is becoming one of the most popular ways for teens to make money. 

4. Clothing Exchange

If you have a teenager who is always buying new clothes or shoes, they may be able to turn some of those pieces into money.

There are many ways to sell used clothing in good condition.

Plato’s closet is a large used clothing retailer, always looking for name-brand and trendy in-season items.

Selling things that do not fit anymore or they just do not like is a great option for teens to make extra spending money. 

Another online way to earn money for used clothing is Poshmark or Mercari; both are not just for apparel.

Your teen can also sell old video games, electronics, and other items on these platforms.

Just make sure to teach your teenagers about weighing items and how to ship correctly because they will need to send the items to their new owners through USPS, FexEx, or UPS. 

a red headed girl looking through racks of clothes

5. Yard Work

People hate yard work so tell your teen to use this to their benefit!

If you and your family live in a place with all four seasons, this opportunity gives ways for a teen to make money all year long!

Teenagers can hang flyers, walk around their neighborhood, or ask their elderly grandparents to do some yard work for some extra cash.

Yard work is definitely hard work but it also builds good character and work ethic. 

A small lawn mowing business can earn your teen plenty of money.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that experiences fall and winter seasons, your teen will be able to add raking leaves and shoveling (or, if lucky enough, snow blowing) snow to the list of services they provide.

Shoveling snow, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and mowing the lawn are just a few money making ideas when it comes to yard work. 

6. Babysitting/ Dog Sitting or Walking

If your teen loves kids or dogs, babysitting or dog sitting are probably the best options and are both easy ways for a teenager to make money.

However, both of these ideas require great responsibility and should be treated as such.

Both babysitting and dog sitting pay a little more per hour than other jobs and are great money makers.

Babysitting is often only a few hours on the weekend or weeknight and involves some time outside, games, and maybe dinner or bath preparation. 

If involved in extracurricular activities, babysitting is a great way for teens to make money because they do not have a set weekly schedule like other jobs.

Dog sitting is a little bit more structured since dogs need to eat, go outside, and such on a schedule, but if your neighbor goes out of town and needs someone to watch and walk their dog multiple days in a row, your teen can get paid well!

7. Rebate Apps

Everyone loves a good rebate, and many easy rebate apps will allow your teen to receive money on their everyday purchases.

Ibotta is a popular rebate site that includes grocery stores and popular restaurants like Starbucks and Chipotle are included.

The app can also find rebates at stores like Old Navy and Nike.

The amount of cashback varies, but it’s easy, and the money can add up quickly.

Teenagers can redeem it for cash, gift cards, or use it for purchases within the app. 

Another rebate app your teen will probably appreciate is Upside.

If your teen has a car, they will receive money back every time they buy gas at certain gas stations, and they can redeem it for gift cards or cash. 

Ways to Make Money As A Teen

You now have seven ways for teens to make money, and you and your teen now know how to make money as a teenager.

 Some are a little more straightforward.

While others are a little out of the box.

Pick what works best for your teen, and don’t be afraid to have them try a couple of options!

More Money Making Ideas for Teens

If jobs are not your teens thing, have they ever though about starting a business?

Running a business does require some time commitment, but the payoff is so worth it when your teen learns how to manage money in a business and is able to fund many of the things they want.

Here are some great business ideas for teenagers who are interested in starting their own company some day (or today!).

Younger teens usually have a harder time finding jobs because they lack the age and often the experience that older teenagers have.

If your teen is under 16, here’s some ideas for how to make money as a teenager on the younger side:

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