How to Make Money as a Kid at Home

Adults aren’t the only ones who can work from home.

Depending on a child’s age, some jobs for kids offer work-from-home opportunities, as well.

Due to any number of reasons, your child make be interested in finding ways to make money from home.

It could be that they don’t have transportation to a job, maybe they aren’t old enough to leave home and work alone, or perhaps they simply prefer working from the comfort of their own home.

Whatever their reason, this article about finding out how to make money as a kid at home will give several solutions so that your child can make money on their terms.

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How to Make Money as a Kid At Home

Research Studies

Participating in online surveys is one way for kids to make some extra cash on a regular basis.

There are plenty of websites that host surveys that they can take for money.

Taking surveys typically entails answering questions about your demographic (such as your age), and then answering a few questions based on what the researchers are looking to learn about.

Most survey sites will have corporate surveys about products.

In these surveys you would be answering questions about what products you buy, want to buy, and see in advertisements.

However, there are sites that host academic surveys, as well.

These surveys are typically a bit more complex as they seek to gain data about a scientific hypothesis.

Both types of surveys are good ways for kids to earn extra money.

Most sites have strict age requirements, so be sure to read the terms of use before signing your child up.

There are survey sites that allow younger kids to participate, which include:

As always, a parent will be required to create an account and help their child manage it.

Once your child is set up with a survey site, they’ll be able to start making money from home.

Freelance Writing

Learning how to make money as a kid at home can be a bit tricky, so why not cater to the skills that you already have?

If your child is a good writer they can find work as a freelance writer.

There is a lot of creative freedom when it comes to freelance writing as they can advertise the topics they want to write about.

If they’re open to new topics, they can advertise as such and clients can send them outlines of they want your child to write about.

Advertising on sites such as Facebook marketplace is a good idea when they’re getting started.

Remember, however, that freelance writing means having good grammar and the ability to effectively communicate ideas.

Therefore, it’s usually best for older kids who’ve completed several years of writing in school.

Kids who go this route would also benefit from finding another gifted writer and asking them to review their first couple articles so that they can learn from any mistakes that they may make.

This will ensure they are delivering an excellent product to their customers which should them repeat customers.


Rewards Sites

Rewards sites, such as SwagBucks and BingRewards, will pay you to use their search engine on a frequent basis.

Signing up for a rewards site is perhaps one of the most common answers to the question of “how to make money as a kid at home”.

Once they’re signed up, earning money is as easy as using the site’s search engine and completing any tasks that the site may be offering.

For instance, Bing Rewards offers bonus points for completing quizzes and surveys.

Rewards sites are a slower way to make money, but you can sign your child up for multiple sites and create a schedule so that they are able to earn the max number of points per day.

Plus, there are plenty of rewards that they can earn through these sites, such as gift cards to their favorite stores.

Not to mention, signing up is free and they probably already use search engines anyway.

As such, why not earn money from home while they search?

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Web Design

Web design can be difficult, but if it is something that your kid is good at it can be a great way to make money from the comfort of their home.

Many small businesses are willing to pay for someone to build them a website.

To start, they’d need to make their own website so that they have proof that they are a gifted designer.

Their own website can be simple to use but look good at the same time.

From there, they can start advertising their services to other businesses and use their own website as a means of advertisement.

As they build websites, they’ll learn what works best and what does not, and they will start getting better and better.

When working with clients, kids will need to make sure they incorporate everything that their client wants.

It is also a good idea to have a friend or parent try to use the website and rate its accessibility before they mark their project as complete.

Online Tutoring

Another great opportunity for how to make money as a kid at home is online tutoring.

Many students have become comfortable with online learning in recent years, which is a great opportunity to take advantage of being able to tutor students online.

If your child excels at a particular academic subject, becoming a tutor is a great way to make money on the side.

And since tutoring isn’t seasonal, there are plenty of opportunities to get work throughout the year.

Tutoring online means scheduling a time and meeting with students on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, or another video call platform.

Working online means you do not need to go directly to someone else’s house or schedule for a place to meet.

This means you can meet with more students in less time and still be able to help them academically.

More Ways for Kids to Make Money from Home

Kids have busy schedules. So it’s understandable that they may want to find ways to make money from their homes in-between their other activities.

One way kids can make money from home is to do chores.

Some parents pay their kids a weekly allowance for doing their chores, while other parents pay only for bonus chores completed after normal chores are done.

Whichever way works best for your house, try seeing if your child would be interested in earning some extra cash from doing chores at home.  

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