How Can A 9 Year Old Make Money Fast? 7 Easy Ways

Did your 9 year old lose their Nintendo switch?

Maybe they accidentally dropped their new tablet, and it shattered to pieces, and they just need to get a new one right away!

There are so many new fidgets, toys, and video games our children want.

But are we always responsible for buying them?

I think it can be good to have kids be responsible for their own purchases sometimes.

Why? Because sometimes we have to teach our children the value of a dollar.

So, how can a 9 year old make money fast to buy some of the things they want?

Whether through jobs for kids or being an entrepreneur, keep reading for some great money-making opportunities for 9 year olds.

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Easy Ways for Kids to Make Money

Nine years old may seem a little young to have to buy your own toys to some parents, but it is never too early to teach your children how hard work can pay off!

There are many ways for even the tiniest humans to make some cold, hard cash.

Although they may need a little help from mom and dad, these seven ways to earn money as a kid at 9 years old are simple and show them all the value of hard work. 

How Can a 9 Year Old Make Money Fast?

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been asking how a 9 year old can make money fast.

These 7 ways for kids to make money may be the answer to your prayers and give your little one some extra cash.

Not only will these ideas teach them about making money, but they’ll also learn how to save and spend wisely.

They may even learn a thing or two about being an entrepreneur.

Lemonade Stand

Ok, this is a little cliché, but lemonade stands can bring in some good business.

Have your little one set up during the county-wide garage sale days.

See if you can set up a small area during the farmer’s market or even during a popular event in your community, like a parade or festival.

A lemonade stand can bring in good extra money.

Read the ultimate guide for setting up and running a profitable lemonade stand to make sure your kid is off to a good start.

Garage Sale

Garage sales aren’t just a way for your 9 year old to make money but also for you!

We collect so much junk throughout our lifetime and garage sales are always a great idea to purge our homes every once in a while.

They always say, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Your child can easily find some old toys, clothes, and shoes to sell at the garage sale.

You can even donate items of your own to your child to give them a chance to make even more money.

Make them sit by their items, speak to customers, and handle the money.

They will not only earn some money themselves but also learn some valuable life skills.


Online Selling Sites

If you’re not a huge fan of garage sales or don’t seem to have a free weekend, consider letting your child find items they would like to sell online.

Facebook marketplace, Mercari, and Poshmark are all great places to let your child make money.

Keep in mind that kids this young won’t be able to have an account on their own.

You, as the parent, will have to have the account in your name.

Once you set it up, you can help your child select items they’d like you to help them sell.

Once they’ve selected items, they can help you with packing and shipping so they have a hand in the work involved and so they feel like they’ve earned their money.

It’s pretty easy once it’s all started.

Some items sell better than others, so check out the websites and determine which items may be the best to sell. 

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting takes a lot of responsibility, but it is an excellent opportunity for your 9 year old to take care of a pet and understand all the things that go into owning a pet.

Talk to neighbors, friends, or family and see who is going away during the summer or a school break.

For faster cash, see if any friends or family need help with pets after school each day.

If your child is going to be around, encourage them to discuss pet sitting.

At 9 years old, they can easily feed a cat or give a hampster fresh water daily.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is pretty straightforward.

Companies are always looking for consumers’ opinions, and often they are looking for people of all ages.

These surveys can range from 5 minutes to a couple of hours, and there are plenty of survey websites that kids can use.

Some good ones are LifePoints, Kidz Eyes, and Swagbucks.

Most of these websites allow kids to earn points and transfer them into gift cards or a platform like PayPal.

Household Chores

This one is perfect for 9 year olds!

Chores will teach them some responsibility and help them understand all the work that goes into running a house.

Plus, it will hopefully make your life a little less stressful and give you a helper around the house.


There are plenty of chores a 9 year old can help with.

They can load and unload the dishwasher, make their bed, help with grocery shopping, and more!

If you are looking for more chores for your 9 year old, check out these chore ideas.

Social Media

Now, this seems like a bit of a stretch when the question is, how can a 9 year old make money fast?

But, I feel it is important to mention this because social media is a massive part of our culture.

Creating a YouTube channel is one way your child can make money online.

Many kids have found ways to make money by taping themselves playing video games, creating videos of toys, and more.

Although this may not be the money maker right away, if you hit the right niche, it could make your 9 year old some big bucks.

Ways To Make Money As A Kid

These are just 7 ideas to help you get started and maybe give you a little more clarity on how a 9 year old can make money fast.

Although they are not old enough to get a job, there are plenty of money making opportunities for 9 year olds.

Talk to your child about their interests and ideas for making money. 

For more ideas on making money as a young kid, check out:

Is Making Money Fast Best? 

There are plenty of reasons your 9 year old may feel the need to make money fast. 

Always discuss your child’s reason for wanting the money.

If they want a new video game, should you drop everything to help them set up a lemonade stand at the local farmer’s market?

Or is it more important for them to figure out how to save money for the things they want? 

It’s always a great idea to look for ways to help your child understand money and how it works.

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