The Best High Paying Jobs for Teens

Depending on the age of your teenager, they may be looking for a job that pays more than the average salary for kids.

Many teens are looking to save for clothes, a new car, or even for college as opposed to jobs for kids that are only for extra pocket money.

High paying jobs for teens are jobs that either start off paying a premium or have the ability for teens to progress in their job to a hire paying position.

Here’s a list of some of the best places for teenagers to find work that will pay higher than average.

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High paying jobs for teenagers


Many retail locations will hire teenagers as young as sixteen, though labor laws vary by state.

Many retail locations are offering above minimum wage, and companies such as Walmart are able to work around academic and extracurricular schedules.

Another benefit of teens working retail is that retail employers often offer benefits for their employees, such as discounts.

If your teen has a particular interest such as fashion or sports, they could try to find a store that will cater to that.

Stores are often looking to hire employees that have experience with the products that they sell.

There are typically many positions available in a retail environment, with some being more physically demanding than are others.

In this way, your teen will have a lot more options for what they want to do and when.

This is why retail locations are great places for teens to make some money.


Food Service

Similar to retail, food service employers can be good opportunities for teens.

There are lots of options when it comes to food service and many different types of jobs available.

Your teen would be able to choose whether or not they wish to work with customers or as a part of the team.

Teens can apply to fast food restaurants, sit-down restaurants, or take out restaurants.

Plus, there is typically room for promotion in the foodservice industry.

In fact, many customer service jobs in food service will have opportunities for your teen to rise up and take on more responsibilities for higher pay.

Often food service jobs can be a great starting place for teens, and by the time they are ready for college they have a good paycheck that they can use.

If your teenager works for a chain restaurant, they’ll have a better chance of being able to transfer their job if they go away for college or move.

Starting retail as a teenager gives teens the benefit of gaining experience and being able to move up in a company so that they can eventually reach a high paying position.


If your teen excels at a particular academic subject or if they are simply a good teacher, then being a tutor can be a great way to make some extra money.

Tutoring can be a great high paying job for teens because it can be done any time of year which means their earning potential stays steady.

To get started tutoring, your teen could reach out to some peers in their classes and see if anyone needs help.

They could also contact local elementary or middle schools and see if they have a student tutoring position available, or the means to advertise for your teen.

Additionally, your teen could always post on sites such as Facebook with information on how much they charge and what subjects they offer.

I recommend starting off charging a lower price and increasing it as they gain experience.

This way, the service fee  directly correlates with their skill as a tutor.

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If your teen is a skilled writer, there are plenty of jobs available online.

Many bloggers and writers are looking for others to write articles for them, which they can then format and post.

In fact, your teen could write something like this article you are reading right now, if they have the proficiency, of course.

Writing can be hard work, as there are a lot of demands to juggle. Plus, it will naturally require some creativity.

They’d have to juggle writing styles and get used to formatting based on client specifications.

 Additionally, they’ll almost always have to research the topic of articles they are writing about.

However, there are plenty of benefits to writing.

Teenagers can decide their own hours and only write articles when they want money.

This way, they can take time off, when necessary, with zero repercussions.

Writing can help teens grow as proficient writer, which is an incredible skill to develop as it will follow them throughout their lifetime.

Being able to control when and how much writing they want to do makes being a writer one of the most convenient and high paying jobs for teens.

Graphic Design

Many companies look for young, tech savvy teens to design logos and posters for them.

For a fee, your teen can make designs that can be used for small businesses, organizations, events, and more.

Companies are looking for people to make posters, fliers, business cards, and logos.

There are plenty of graphic design software packages available, and sites like Canva and Fotojet make it super easy to create at any time.

Not to mention, many teens already have experience from school or clubs.


Doing graphic design will let your teen experience working directly with clients so they can build their skill.

Plus, it is a job that while unpredictable at first, can be done at any point in their lives.

Building a reputation early on is best as it is something that they can continue to do as a side job later in life or as their main job since they’ll have experience.

It also allows them to be able to charge a premium because they’ll have years of experience to back it up.

More jobs for teens

Is your teenager interested in other job opportunities?

There are so many jobs teens can do that are flexible enough to work before or after school and that don’t interfere with their extracurricular activities.

Work from home jobs for teens are one example of flexible employment.

Doing things like web design and coding can allow them to maximize their time.

Starting a business is also a good way for teens to work around their own schedules.

Anything they’re good at can turn into a business opportunity, and with the right guidance can become a high paying career in just a few years.

Check out these other jobs for teens:

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