22 Practical Gifts for New Drivers (Gifts for Safety, Fun & Responsibility)

One of the most exciting things about turning 16 years old is being able to drive.

When a new driver gets a car (or you let them drive yours), there are few gifts that will make their ride as smooth as possible.

Since most teenagers are excited to get behind the wheel, driving gifts make the perfect option for them.

These fun gifts for new drivers are a great way to welcome your teen into the world of driving on their own.

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Tech Gear for New Drivers

There are so many amazing tech gifts you can give your new driver!

Some will help them get to where they’re going and others will help them stay safe while they’re driving.

No matter what kind of tech gift you give your teenager, they’re sure to love adding these gadgets to their car.

Navigation System

Make sure your teen gets to where they’re going safely with the help of a navigation system.

If your teenager is driving an older car that doesn’t use Bluetooth, a mounted navigation system can be safer than using the map app on their phone.

Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera system is another great safety measure to add to your teen’s car.

They can record as they drive, allowing you to check the video and provide driving and safety tips if needed.

A dash cam can also come in handy if they ever get into an accident.

Bluetooth Transmitter

Getting your teen an older car is a budget-friendly option. But if you want them to stay handsfree as they’re driving, you need to make sure their car is Bluetooth compatible.

With a Bluetooth transmitter, your teen can upgrade their older car, allowing them to take handsfree calls and play their favorite music from their phone.

Echo Auto

Bring Alexa into your car with a portable Echo auto.

This device connects to the Alexa app on your phone and plays through your car speakers.

Car Charger Adapter

Most older cars aren’t equipped with USB charging ports, making it difficult for your teenager to charge their phone while they’re driving.

With a car charger adapter, they can use the lighter in their older model car to charge their USB devices with ease.

Phone Mount

Make sure your teen can easily reach their phone with the help of a phone mount. This handy mount fits most phones and secures to the dashboard or windshield with a powerful suction cup.

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Cool Gift Ideas for New Drivers

Not all gifts need to be aimed at safety when it comes to finding present ideas to give your new driver!

You can also give them some fun gifts to help them celebrate their big day!

These cool gift ideas for new drivers are fun ways for your teen to decorate their new car.

Floorboard Lights

Your teen will love lighting up the floorboards in their car with this set of smart lights.

The lights can even connect to the car’s stereo to add a color display to the interior of the vehicle.

Vent Air Fresheners

Keep your teen’s car smelling fresh with these stylish vent air fresheners.

The metal fresheners come in the shape of daisies. And you can choose from four fun colors.

Portable Vacuum

Make sure your teen keeps their car neat and clean with a portable vacuum.

This car vacuum plugs into the vehicle’s power source to help them easily clean the floors and seats of their car without the need to head to the car wash.

Car Coasters

With the help of a set of car coasters, your new driver’s cup holders will stay mess free.

These soft rubber pads rest inside the cup holders, collecting spills and dirt.

And when you’re ready to clean them, simply pop them out of the cup holder and wash them in the sink.

Rear View Mirror Decoration

Add some bling to your teen’s car with a rear view mirror decoration.

This rhinestone frame fits around the outside of the mirror, adding a glam look to the car’s interior without obstructing the driver’s view.

Macrame Rainbow

With this cute macrame rainbow car ornament, your teen can add some fun colors to their car.

The handmade decoration is a simple way to add a personal touch to a new driver’s car.

Purse Hanger

Make sure your teenager has a place to hang her purse while she’s driving with a set of purse hangers.

These handy hangers attach to the back of the seat, creating a hook to hang a purse.

Document Storage

With the help of this stylish document wallet, your new driver can store all their important car paperwork in one handy place.

The wallet has a spot for insurance cards, registration, and other important info.

And the best part is it’s small enough to fit in the glove box.

Car Cleaning Gel

One of my favorite gifts for new drivers is this car cleaning gel.

They’ll be able to clean all those hard to reach cracks and crevices inside the car with ease with this handy cleaning solution.

Plus it’s fun to squish!

Car Wash Kit

This is one of the best gifts for new drivers.

Thanks to all the amazing cleaning solutions in this car wash kit, your teen can keep their car clean for a long time.

You’ll get glass cleaner, protectant, tire foam, and wax – everything they need to polish their car regularly.

Safety Gifts for New Drivers

Keeping your teen safe while they’re on the road is essential.

And with the help of these handy safety gift ideas, your new driver will be ready for any emergency that comes their way!

Car Safety Hammer

While seatbelts are the best way to protect yourself from serious injury during an accident, sometimes they cause issues when you need to escape the car in a hurry.

That’s why it’s a good idea that your new driver have a car safety hammer in their glove box.

This hammer easily cuts through seatbelts and breaks car windows so your teen can escape if they’re ever trapped inside their car.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Make sure your teen is ready for an emergency while they’re on the road with a roadside emergency kit.

This kit comes with everything they’ll need in case of a breakdown or accident, including jumper cables, a whistle, rope, tools, and a distress sign.

Portable Air Compressor

Having a flat tire is one of the biggest roadside hazards your teen could face as a new driver.

With a portable air compressor in their trunk, they’ll be ready to inflate their tires in an instant.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Along with a portable air compressor, a digital tire pressure gauge will be very handy.

That way your new driver can make sure their tires are fully inflated each time they get in the car.

This easy-to-use tool is perfect for older cars that don’t have a digital monitoring system installed.

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit in their car is a great way to ensure your teen can take care of themselves in case of an accident.

A small, portable kit is perfect for their car and comes with a variety of different first aid essentials, including bandages, gloves, masks, gauze, an emergency blanket, and a compass.

Jump Start Box

There’s no need to worry about your teen getting stuck with a dead battery when you give them a jump start box.

This handy gift comes with a 12-volt battery good for 20 starts.

A combination of safety and fun in mind, these are the perfect gifts for new drivers.

These are things they’ll appreciate if there is ever an emergency while they’re driving and just because they can be stylish.

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