52 Fun Lego Facts Your Kids Will Love

Being a brick lover isn’t just about getting the newest set or building the biggest creation, it’s also about knowing everything you can about your favorite building blocks!

With these fun Lego facts, your kids can gain some amazing trivia knowledge to share with their friends.

Whether you’re searching for interesting historical tidbits, useful trivia questions and answers, or you just need some fun LEGO activities for kids to do at a party, you’ll find all the best brick knowledge on this list!

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Fun Lego Facts for Kids

Knowing interesting facts about their favorite toys is a great way to get your kids engaged as the play.

And since LEGO is such a popular item, there is tons of great information your kids can learn about this amazing toy.

The next time your kid starts asking questions about their favorite building blocks, spout out some of these fun facts about LEGOs.

  1. It would take around 40 billion Lego bricks stacked on top of each other to reach the moon.
  2. LEGO produces 1,300 LEGO per second, 78,000 per minute and 4,680,000 per hour.
  3. The first LEGO minifigure ever released was a policeman.
  4. The number of LEGO bricks sold in one year can wrap around Earth five times.
  5. James May in Surrey, Great Britain, created the first full-sized LEGO house in 2009 using 3.3 million bricks. It included a working toilet, shower, and a bed, which were all made out of LEGOs.
  6. There are 86 LEGO bricks for every person on earth.
  7. The LEGO company became the largest toy manufacturer in the world in 2014.
  8. LEGO Duplo bricks are 8 times the size of regular bricks, but both types of bricks can still be connected together.
  9. The LEGO company produces 318 million LEGO tires a year.
  10. Each Lego minifigure is exactly four bricks high without a hat.
  11. If Lego minifigures were alive, they would be the largest population group in the world with more than 4 billion made since 1978.
  12. Almost 86 percent of all LEGO minifigures are male.
  13. A single LEGO brick can support the weight of 375,000 other LEGO bricks on top of it before it will break.
  14. Most LEGO pieces are made out of ABS plastic, which means they will never decompose.
  15. LEGO is the world’s largest producer of rubber wheels, making more than automotive tire manufacturers Goodyear and Bridgestone.
  16. The majority of LEGOs are manufactured in plants in Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
  17. The LEGO molding process is so accurate that just 18 pieces in every million do not pass the company’s quality standards.
  18. There are no LEGO sets that directly depict war because LEGO’s founder did not want to make war attractive to children.
  19. Seven LEGO sets are sold around the world ever second.
  20. There are enough LEGO bricks on Earth to stack from the Earth to the moon 10 times.
  21. A set of Legos has been taken to space. In 2011, astronauts brought a set of building bricks to the International Space Station to see how they reacted to microgravity.
  22. The world’s largest LEGO tower is made of more than 550,000 pieces and stood at almost 115 feet, earning the Guinness World Record for the world’s tallest toy brick structure.
  23. According to the Lego group, the word Lego is an adjective, not a noun, as in Lego bricks, Lego products, etc.
  24. Children around the world spend a combined 5 billion hour per year playing with LEGOs.
  25. There were more than 3 million unique virtual LEGO bricks used in the 2014 The Lego Movie.
  26. All LEGO bricks come in the same standard sizes, no matter when they were made. So, a brick from the 1950s would still fit with a set of Legos purchased today.
  27. If your LEGO set is missing a piece, the company will replace it free of charge if you contact LEGO brick replacement customer service.
  28. You can use six 2×4 LEGO bricks in 915 million ways.
  29. LEGO beat out the teddy bear to become the Toy of the Century in 2000.
  30. Each LEGO brick comes with a number printed on the bottom to indicate the mold that was used to form the brick.
  31. The LEGO company wanted builders to project their own imagination onto their LEGO minifigures. Yellow was believed to be a racially neutral color, making it the color chosen for the first LEGO minifigures.


Colorful LEGO bricks on an image that says 52 fun and interesting LEGO facts for kids.

Lego Trivia Questions and Answers

How much does your kid know about LEGOs?

Test their knowledge with these fun LEGO trivia questions and answers.

Whether you’re hoping to quiz your kids about their favorite toy, learn something new about LEGOs or need a fun game for your LEGO themed birthday party, these trivia questions are the answer!

Here are a few more fun LEGO facts:

  1. How many LEGOs are made in a day? Around 125 million pieces
  2. When was the first LEGO minifigure created? 1978
  3. How did LEGO get its name? The word LEGO comes from an abbreviation of two Danish words — leg godt, which means “play well.”
  4. How many pieces of LEGO have been made? More than 400 billion pieces of LEGOs have been made
  5. What is the plural of LEGO? LEGO
  6. Who is the creator of LEGO? Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter who founded the company with wooden toys
  7. How many LEGOs are made in a year? 36 billion
  8. Was LEGO the first company to make connecting building bricks? No. Hilary Fisher Page, a British toy maker, invented similar building bricks in 1936 called Bri-Pla. They were later renamed Kiddicraft Self-locking Bricks and were purchased by LEGO in 1981.
  9. How many LEGO colors are there? There are more than 60 colors in the LEGO brick color palette.
  10. What was the most expensive LEGO minifigure ever made? A 14k gold Star Wars 30th anniversary C-3PO – only two were ever made
  11. When was the first LEGO piece made? The LEGO company produced its first plastic brick in 1949.
  12. How many different LEGO shapes are there? The company makes around 4,000 different shapes and sizes of LEGO bricks.
  13. What was the theme of the first character-based LEGO set? Star Wars, first released in 1999
  14. What is LEGO’s motto? “Det bedste er ikke for godt,” which means “the best isn’t too good” or “only the best is good enough.”
  15. Who were the subjects of the first set of LEGO minifigures based on real people? NBA players, released in 2003
  16. What is the rarest colors of LEGO pieces? Chrome black
  17. Why do most LEGO minifigures have a hole in both the top and bottom of the head? To make it less likely a child will choke on the head if it’s swallowed.
  18. What was the original name for LEGO bricks? Automatic Binding Bricks
  19. What does AFOLS stand for? Adult fans of Lego
  20. Who was the first LEGO minifigure to be made smaller than the standard size of four bricks high? The Yoda minifigure, which was released in 2002
  21. Where is the first LEGOLand resort located? LEGOLAND Billund Resort is located in Billund, Denmark. It’s the oldest LEGOLAND resort in the world and is located near the original LEGO factory.

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