Fun Christmas Pajamas the Whole Family will Love

These fun Christmas pajamas feature cute, comfortable, and festive holiday pajamas for kids and adults to wear during the Christmas holiday season.

Sporting your favorite Christmas pj’s can become a fun family tradition you do every year.

For both kids and adults, it would be fun to sport your love for Santa, the spirit of the holidays, and your favorite characters all decked out for the holidays.

These fun Christmas pajamas will help kids and adults do just that!

A family wearing red and white striped fun Christmas pajamas.

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Fun Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

Whether you are looking for fun Christmas character-themed pajamas or pajamas with festive Christmas designs, these are for you.

You’ll find a pair of fun Christmas pj’s for everyone in the family!

Elf the Movie Sleep Shirt

If the movie Elf is one of your favorite holiday movies, this fun Christmas pajama sleep shirt for girls is a must.

Buddy is always smiling, and this nightshirt shows off all his favorite smiles.

Lights Out Pajama Set

Sporting a reindeer with lights wrapped around his antlers, this comfortable Christmas pajama set will be fun for the holidays.

You can tell the kids it has a secret meaning: lights out so Santa and his reindeer can come deliver presents!

Christmas Story Bunny Onesie

This cute bunny one-piece Christmas Story-inspired pajama set for women will bring a classic holiday movie to life, complete with the ears and slippers!

Once you’ve got the pj’s on, you can watch A Christmas Story on Amazon Prime.

Men’s Christmas Tree Onesie

A fun holiday pajama set for men, this Christmas tree onesie is even decorated with ornaments and a star for the top of the tree.

These are fun Christmas pajamas that scream “I’m ready for Christmas!”

Colorful Women’s Reindeer Pants

A cute pair of fleece Christmas pajama pants are a must during the cooler holiday nights and these adorable pajama pants for women will help keep you warm.

Men’s Holiday Pajamas

Fun and festive, this set of fun men’s Christmas pajamas includes both a long-sleeved shirt and elastic drawstring pants for comfortability.

Christmas Light PJs for Kids

A festive pajama set for the kids to wear during the holidays, this snug-fit PJ set is perfect for Christmas and throughout the holiday season.

Father and son wearing fun matching Christmas pajamas.

Gingerbread Onesie

Such a fun pajama set for the holidays!

This gingerbread onesie is fun, festive, and full of holiday spirit.

Toddler Elf Pajama Set

Your little one will love being an elf during the holidays with this fun Christmas pajama set!

Grinch Pajama Pants

These men’s Grinch-themed pajama pants are soft and comfortable making them perfect for the holiday season.

Women’s Holiday Long Sleeve Set

Festive and fun, this Christmas pajama set includes a full button-down shirt and comfortable pants so that you stay warm during the holidays.

Santa’s Helper Boys Pajamas

Available for toddlers and kids, this Christmas pajama set for boys features striped pants and two different style shirts for the holidays.

No Place Like Gnome Set

Another comfortable pair of fun Christmas pajamas for men, this set features gnomes on both the long-sleeve shirt and the drawstring pants.

Short-Sleeve Capri Pajama Set

A super comfortable set, this soft holiday pajama set features a short-sleeve shirt and capri pants made from breathable fabric.

Fun Ways to Use Your Christmas Pajamas

If you want a fun way to celebrate leading up to Christmas day, here’s a fun idea your kids will love.

Grab a box or bag and stuff it full of fun things you all can do together on Christmas Eve.

This is called a Christmas Eve box and you can read more about putting one together in this Christmas Eve box article.

For the short version, put things like popcorn, your kids’ favorite snacks, of course some fun Christmas pajamas and a Christmas movie inside.

Present a box to each child on Christmas Eve and watch the glee on their faces.

Then just snuggle up together on the couch or put blankets on the floor, eat snacks and watch your movie together before bed.

It’s the perfect way to end Christmas Eve and keep the magical anticipation alive for Christmas morning with kids!

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