The Best Fun Chores for Kids of Any Age

Chores are a great way to teach your kids the value of hard work and get them to help out around the house on a regular basis.

But your kids probably wouldn’t consider most of the chores they do each day fun.

While the majority of work that needs to be done around the house aren’t the most fun activities in the world, there are a few chores for kids that the might actually like to do.

These fun chores for kids will help keep your children engaged in their daily duties – and they just might have a good time doing them, too.

Fun Chores for Preschoolers

The beauty of giving your preschooler chores is that they’ll probably have fun doing just about any of the tasks on their list. That’s because kids in this age group naturally love to help, which means they’ll have a blast helping you out around the house each day!

These fun chores for preschoolers are sure to make your little one excited about helping you out around the house:

  • Dusting: Give your preschooler a fluffy duster and let them have fun dusting the furniture throughout the house.
  • Matching socks: Let your preschooler practice their matching skills to help sort the laundry.
  • Feeding the pet: If your little one loves their furry friend, they’ll be happy to help out by pouring the food into the pet bowl.
  • Cleaning small messes: From sweeping up crumbs from the floor with a small broom to wiping up a spill with a paper towel, your preschooler will be eager to help you clean up a small mess in the house.
  • Picking up sticks: Get your yard ready for mowing with the help of your preschooler! Let them pick up sticks around the yard before you start your mower.

Fun Chores for Kids in Elementary School

As your kids reach elementary school age, helping them have fun as they do chores may take a little more work.

In addition to providing them with fun tasks on occasion, helping your elementary schooler have fun while they do their daily chores is also a good idea.

These fun chores for kids will make doing their daily chores a little bit more exciting for your elementary schooler:

  • Gardening: Whether they get to spray the hose or dig in the dirt, helping out in the garden will always be fun for kids this age.
  • Washing dishes in the sink: Getting to play with bubbles as they wash dishes is an extra bonus that they’re sure to love.
  • Help cook dinner: Let your kids get in on the action to teach them how to cook and get an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.
  • Vacuum the floors: Letting your younger kids help operate a big household appliance like the vacuum might be a fun experience for them.
  • A race to clean up: Make cleaning up a game by timing your elementary schooler. Set the timer on your phone then send them to their room to clean up as fast as they can.
  • Make their own lunch: Giving your elementary schooler the responsibility for their own lunch is a great way to help them become more independent. And they can have a little bit of fun putting their lunch together at the same time.
  • Check the mail: Send your elementary schooler out to the mail box each day to check the mail. Then let them help sort through the letters with you.
  • Run the washing machine: From putting the clothing inside the washing machine to adding the soap, washing clothes is another fun chore for kids when you’re in this age group.
  • Changing lightbulbs: Make sure an adult is around to spot your middle schooler, then let them climb up on a step stool to change that burned out light bulb.
  • Help with grocery shopping: Letting your kids help out with the grocery shopping – from making the list to carrying in the food – will make them feel more involved. And it makes a trip to the grocery store a little more fun for your kids when they get to pick out some of the items in the cart.
kid having fun doing chore of washing dishes

Chores for Middle Schoolers that are Fun

Kids in middle school are probably not very thrilled about having to do chores each day. By adding in a few fun chores to the mix, you’re helping keep them engaged in their work.

And fun chores can become tasks they look forward to each week if you use these clever, sneaky tips to get them to help around the house.

Make your middle schooler happy to do their chores by mixing in some of these fun chores to their to-do list:

  • Rake leaves: If you let your kids jump in the leaf pile when they’re done raking, they might be a little more excited about finishing this task.
  • Shovel snow: The next time your kids are home for a snow day, send them outside to play in the snow and shovel the sidewalks and driveway while they’re out there.
  • Repair clothing: Learning to sew is a great skill to have and it’s a perfect one for a middle schooler to learn. Let your middle schooler help repair clothing by sewing rips and reattaching buttons.
  • Walk the dog: Giving your older child full responsibility for the family pet is a great idea. And they’re sure to have fun taking the dog out each day for a quick walk.
  • Wash the car: Spraying the hose and playing in bubbles is fun no matter how old you are. Add in the maturity of your middle schooler and you have the perfect car washer on your hands.
  • Laundry basketball: While sorting laundry probably isn’t your middle schooler’s idea of fun, turning the task into a game would make a little more exciting. Set up baskets and let your middle schooler toss the dirty clothing into baskets to make sorting laundry more fun.
  • Babysit younger kids and family friends with adult supervision: Even if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your middle schooler alone with young kids, letting them help out while an adult is present is still so much fun for them! And it helps them practice for when they’re older and able to babysit on their own.

Fun Chores for Teenagers

Finding fun chores for teenagers may be a little more challenging. The best way to find fun chores for your teens is to pick tasks that align with their own interests.

These chores are sure to make doing their daily housework a little bit more fun for your teens:

  • Care for their own car: With the responsibility of driving a car should also come the responsibility for caring for it. But your teen will probably be happy to wash and clean their car if that means the get to drive it on a regular basis.
  • Cook dinners: Do you have a teen who loves to be in the kitchen? Give them the responsibility of cooking dinner at least one night a week.
  • Help with home repairs: Is your teen handy with tools? Let them assist in basic home repairs throughout the house.
  • Babysit: In addition to helping out with their younger siblings while you’re not home, babysitting other children is a great way for your teen to earn a little extra money.

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