Free Printable Baby Month Stickers

As a new mom I took a ton of baby pictures of my first son.

I couldn’t wait to snap pictures of my newest bundle of joy every chance I got. The only thing I think that could’ve made the pictures even more awesome would have been to have some fun baby month stickers to track his age in each photo.

It’s too late for my son, but hopefully you’ll get a chance to make your baby’s pictures even more memorable with these free baby month sticker printables.

On the other hand, sometimes as moms we have the best intentions of taking tons of pictures of our babies, but life happens and we forget to take pictures along the way.

Hopefully these baby month stickers will be just the thing you need to help you stay on track with capturing those moments in time.

Our free printable baby month stickers are the perfect way to capture the most precious moments of your little one’s life.

From the day they’re born to their first step, and everything in between, you’ll be able to document all the sweet milestones your baby has.

​Free Printable Baby Month Stickers



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This is a very easy project to do and you don’t need many supplies. Grab some sticker paper, scissors, and of course your free baby month stickers and you’re good to go.

Download your baby month stickers and save them to your computer. Next, print your stickers on a full 8.5×11 sheet of sticker paper (I recommend this brand). Once printed, cut out your baby stickers and enjoy snapping pictures of your adorable baby.


Stickers include:

  • ​Just born
  • ​Months 1-12
  • ​My first tooth
  • ​My first step
  • ​I said “mama”
  • ​I said “dada”
  • ​First smile
  • ​I can roll over
  • ​I can crawl
  • ​I can eat solids
  • ​I can sit up by myself
  • ​Hello World!
  • ​I like (fill in the blank)
  • ​Hi! I’m (baby’s name)
  • ​First Easter
  • ​First Thanksgiving
  • ​First Halloween
  • First Christmas

There are several different designs to choose from so you can use one set or style pictures with your baby with different sticker sets.

Make it fun and use different props from around the house. And don’t worry, mama, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great pictures. Most phone cameras these days take amazing photos with very little effort.

After taking pictures of your baby with these baby month stickers, create a memory book to store them in or have them printed and send them as gifts to relatives. They’ll love them!

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