90+ Free Baby Gifts, Products and Samples for Expecting Mothers

Most expecting mothers would agree that one of the most fun things about having a new baby is all the cute little baby things you get! A lot of moms have baby showers which helps them gather the baby essentials they’ll need, but did you know there is also tons of free baby stuff for expecting moms, too?

Of course you won’t find most of these things advertised, but we have done some serious digging and we’ve emerged with what we believe is the largest list of free baby products, samples and gifts for new and expecting mothers!

Baby stuff can be expensive, so take advantage of the savings from these generous companies. You deserve it, mama!

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​Before snagging your baby freebies…

Before you start signing up to get all this awesome free baby swag, here are a few preliminary things to know first.

  • Create a separate email address. Most places want you to register with them before they give you the goods. This often includes your email address. It’s not a bad thing, because often they want to send you more correspondence about other products from them that you might find useful or even coupons and other freebies. But if you don’t want your main email account overrun with baby product emails, consider making a separate account just for freebies.
  • Paying for shipping Keep in mind that some places offer a free product, but you’ll have to pay for shipping. It’s usually still a good deal, so don’t let that intimidate you.
  • Low income For mamas who earn under a certain income, we’ve included some places that offer services that may help you get what you need for your baby, for free.
  • Affiliates We are affiliates of some of the companies included. The links below will provide us with a small commission for sharing their products.

Now that you’ve gotten all the preliminary stuff out of the way, it’s time to grab your freebies! You’ll find free stuff for babies including samples and full sized formula, clothes and diapers, as well as free stuff for expecting mothers!

​Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers

Welcome Bags and Boxes

You’ll usually find welcome bags or welcome boxes stuffed full of freebie samples, coupons and full sized products at participating stores. We’ve included places where you can get them online.


​Amazon Baby Box

Register for Amazon Family and receive a selection of sample and full size products in your free Amazon Baby Box.


​Create an online registry with BabyList to get their free Hello Baby Box full of products for mom and baby.

​Walmart Welcome Box

Enter your due date or baby’s birthday and Walmart will send you a free Welcome box full of baby goodies!

Target Welcome Bag

After you create a baby registry with Target (online or in-store), head over to their customer service counter and they’ll hand over their special baby Welcome bag!

Buy Buy Baby Goody Bag

Creating your registry with Buy Buy Baby means you will receive their free Goody Bag full of savings, coupons and products.

Noobie Box Pregnancy Gift Box

​Noobie offers their free pregnancy gift box to new moms. Add your Noobie Box to your online shopping cart and pay only shipping for full size, sample size and coupons for mom and baby!

​Free Baby Products and Samples

​These are the best places to get free stuff for babies.


​Baby product companies, Youtube, and blogs about kids and babies often host giveaways as appreciation for their supporters. Go to your favorite blog or baby company and do a search for “baby” or “giveaway.”


​FreeCycle is network of groups you can join where people are giving away stuff for free often including gently used baby gear. Search for your local group to join.

Doctor’s Office

​Most doctors will have bags of samples and products for newly expecting moms at their first appointment. Companies usually provide doctor’s offices with samples of their products so they can be given to new moms. Don’t be afraid to ask for a few extras. Doctor’s are usually happy to oblige.

Buy Nothing Facebook Groups

​There are city specific groups set up on Facebook where people are giving away things they aren’t using anymore for free. Just search “buy nothing,” followed by your city name on Facebook to find one near you.

​Baby/Birthing Classes

​Attending a birthing class or new baby class at your local hospital or birth center is not only a good idea for educational purposes, but also because they often give attending moms bags of sample products and other goodies.


​Most baby companies are very friendly and want to get their products in the hands of consumers. By simply emailing them and asking for samples they will usually send them to you.

​Social Media Fan Pages

​Just about every company has social media. And most of them like to show appreciation to their customers in some form through their social media channels. This often means they host giveaways, free product testing and coupons on their pages (especially around the holidays!). So make sure you follow your favorite baby companies to stay up to date with their freebies.

​Companies Offering Free Baby Products, Trials, Samples and Coupons


​The Honest Company

The Honest Company

The Honest Company allows you to order a free discovery kit of their diapers and wipes to try before you buy.

​Seventh Generation

Sign up with Seventh Generation to receive preview and sample products and to get coupons in your email.

​Lansinoh Moms Club

​Join the Lansinoh Moms Club for early access to new products, special offer and to be a product tester.

​Sweet Bottoms Baby

​Sweet Bottoms offers a free 30-day trial of several brands of cloth diapers from their website. See full details here.

Free Baby Formula

​Similac StrongMoms Rewards Program

Sign up on the Similac website and receive a box which includes multiple cans of formula, and coupons for savings on more Similac formula.

​Enfamil Family Beginnings

​Sign up with Enfamil Family Beginnings and receive a welcome kit with a variety of full size and sample size Enfamil formula and coupons.

​Gerber Program

Create an account on the Gerber website and select the stage your child is in so they can personalize your experience. Don’t forget to check “yes” when it asks if you’d like to receive infant formula, coupons, etc.

​Everyday Family

​Become a member (free) of Everyday Family and select from participating companies to receive freebies like coupons, samples and other special offers.

​Nature’s One Sample Program

​Register as a member on Nature’s One’s website and choose a product that you’d like to try. Add the sample product to your cart and checkout. You’ll receive a full-sized product in the mail. Read more about the sample product program here.

Pregnancy Freebies for Expecting Moms

​Free Belly Button Bands

Choose up to $40 in merchandise to add to your cart. At checkout, enter code FMK40BB to get your belly button bands for free plus shipping.

​Hot Hips Pant Extenders

​As your belly grows, these pregnancy pant extenders will help! Pick the colors you want and add up to three pant extenders to your cart. Use code FMK60HH to get your Hot Hips pant extenders for free plus shipping.

​Scream-free Natural Birth Plan Checklist

​If you’re looking for tips and inspiration to have a natural birth, this is the kit for you. You’ll get natural labor techniques, notebook pages for journaling, inspiring quotes and more…all for free at Pint Sized Treasures.

Free Baby Clothes


​If you have a decent social media following, there are tons of baby clothing shops that are looking for more publicity online. Send a message to a few shops and see if they would be willing to send you a few baby outfits in exchange for social media pictures of your little one wearing their clothes.

​Baby Leggings

These baby leggings come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. Choose five pair that you love, add them to your cart and use coupon FMK50 to get them completely free plus shipping.

​Ruffle Buns Baby Bottoms

​You can get three pair of these adorable ruffled baby bottoms for free plus shipping with coupon code FMK60. Add them to your cart, enter the code and you’re all set!

​Eskimo Kids Baby Hats

When it’s cold outside, keep your little one warm and fashionable with one of these adorable Eskimo Kids hats. Choose one hat from a variety of styles, add it to your cart and add code FMK35 to get it for free plus shipping.

​Little Fans Baby Sports Clothes

​Sports fans, get excited! You can dress your little one in your favorite team gear for free! Choose up to $35 in NFL, MLB or NCAA apparel. Add it to your cart and enter coupon code FMK35LF to get yours free plus shipping.

Little Wanderers Baby Shoes

With several styles to choose from, you’ll be able to complete your baby’s outfit with an adorable pair of shoes from Little Wanderers. Choose two pair and add to cart. Enter code FMK60LW at checkout and get your baby shoes for free plus shipping.

Custom Snappie Baby Shirts

​Choose 2 shirts and then pick from their designs or create your own design for your baby’s custom Snappie Shirt. Once you’re finished, add them to your cart and enter code FMK50SNAP at checkout to get your custom baby shirts for free plus shipping.

Free Baby Accessories


​Free Baby Carrier

Coupon code FMK40 will get you a free baby carrier from Seven Baby. Choose your item, and enter the coupon code at checkout for a free baby carrier plus shipping.

​Free Hooded Baby Towel

Hooded baby towels are a must-have on every baby registry list. Now you can get one for free. Choose the towel that you like and add to cart. Enter code FMK35HT at checkout to get your towel for free plus shipping.

​Free Custom Pacifiers

Choose up to three pacifiers and pick from their designs or custom design your own. Once you’re done designing, add them to your cart and enter code FMK30PAC at checkout to get them for free plus shipping.

Free Breast Pump


​Local Women, Infant and Children offices can assist moms who have financial need with getting a breast pump. Check here for your state coordinator.


​Medicaid/health department gives free electric pumps to eligible moms who work outside the home.


​Many moms qualify for a free breast pump through their insurance. ​Yummy Mummy provides helpful instructions for getting your breast pump through your insurance.

While searching for breastfeeding tips, check out how you can score some major mom freebies like a breastfeeding cover, nursing pads, and even a free breast pump! #breastfeeding #baby #babies #newbaby #firsttimemom #babystuff

Free Breastfeeding Gear


​Free Nursing Cover

​Pick a stylish breastfeeding cover and add to your cart. Use code FMK35 to get it for free plus shipping.


​Free Nursing Pillow

​Comfort is key when breastfeeding your baby. Choose a nursing pillow to support you from NursingPillow.com. At checkout, enter code FMK40 to get your nursing pillow for free plus shipping.

​Free Nursing Bands

​Milk Bands are the clever way to help moms keep track of which side to breastfeed from next. Get a full set of Milk Bands for free plus shipping when you use code FMK35M at checkout.


​Reusable Breast Pads

​These nursing pads are 100% cotton and reusable. Get ten pair of reusable breast pads for free plus shipping with code FMK35 at checkout.


​Pumping Door Signs

Free printable breast pumping signs

Whether at home, work or anywhere else, these breast pumping door signs will come in handy when you don’t want to be disturbed. Get your printable pumping signs from Milkology.com.

Breastfeeding Milestone Cards

free printable breastfeeding milestone photo cards

​Celebrate your baby’s breastfeeding milestones with these fun cards! Each step of the journey is worth a picture. Get 10 breastfeeding milestone cards from Milkology for free.

Free Classes

Free Breastfeeding Classes

​​Medela’s Breastfeeding  University

​Getting Ready to Breastfeed Class

Free Birthing Classes

​Birthing Class

​Baby Center’s Childbirth Class

Free Photography Classes

Free ​Mommy Photography Class

​Motherly.com’s photography class that teaches you how to capture those unforgettable moments of your kids.

​Tiny Photo Course for Parents

Take this free course to learn the secrets to taking better pictures of your kids from the Shultz Photo School.

​Free Baby  Sign Language Class

​Baby sign language basics complete online course.

​Motherly’s free 4th Trimester Class

​Infant care, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding basics class.

Free Baby Picture Prints


​New members can sign up and receive 101 free prints, five free magnets, one free set of address labels and one free art print. This would be the perfect way to print the pictures you take from the free mommy photography class mentioned above!

Free Diapers

​Disposable Diapers


​National Diaper Bank

Families that need assistance can dial 211 and search for partnering organizations near you.

Reusable Cloth Diapers

​Giving Diapers, Giving Hope

​​GDGH is a cloth diaper lending organization that lends reusable diapers to families in need for free. Get more information and apply on their website.

​Share the Love

​​Share the Love is a national cloth diaper bank that lends cloth diapers to low-income families. Find out how to apply on their website.

​The Rebecca Foundation

​The Rebecca Foundation is a cloth diaper lending program that helps families in need, military families, families of children with special needs and foster families get reusable cloth diapers for their babies. Find out more about this foundation and how to apply on their website.

​Cloth Diaper Giveaways

​Do an online search for “cloth diaper giveaways.” You’ll be surprised at how many places are offering them for free. Check places like Craigslist and Facebook baby groups as well. Change Diapers hosts a diaper giveaway roundup where you’ll find several websites that are giving away free cloth diapers each week!

Baby diapers are new baby must haves that are on every expecting mother's registry checklist. Here are several ways you can get free disposable or cloth baby diapers for your newborn for free. #babyregistry #baby #babies #newmom #babystuff #newborn

Free Baby Bed

​Baby Box University

​Baby Box University offers large cardboard baby boxes for babies to sleep in. They’re made to ensure that your baby has a safe place to seep when he or she is first born. The Baby Box comes flat and is easily assembled and comes with samples and other products to try. Find the Baby Box here.

Free Car Seat


​Local Women, Infants and Children offices are often able to assist moms who need help with getting a car seat for their new baby.

​Safe Kids

​Safe Kids is an organization all about keeping kids safe. They will be able to help moms in need with finding resources for car seats and in some instances may be able to provide moms with a car seat for their baby.

​Free Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Canopy offers dozens of adorable designs on their car seat covers. Use code FMK50 to get $50 off a car seat cover below $50 and get it for free plus shipping.

Free Baby Books

​Imagination Library

​When you sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library ​they will mail free books to kids between the ages of birth and five years.

​Kindle Children’s Books

​Kindle often offers free children books. Their free offers change so check back often for updated titles.

​Free Printable Baby Book

​Printable Crush offers a free baby memory book in pink or blue so you can save all those precious memories forever. Simply print and assemble in a binder.

​Babsy Books

Get up to five free books with code FMK40 at checkout on BabsyBooks.com.


Free Parenting Books

​5 Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night

​Download this free e-book on TheBabySleepSite.com.

​Better Baby Sleep

​LittleOnes.co offers their free e-book Better Baby Sleep for download on their website.

​6 Sleep Tips for High Needs Babies and Toddlers

​Grab this free baby sleep book from TheFussyBabySite.com.

4 Steps to Identify and Launch Your Family Legacy

​Sign up for MadeMeaninful.com‘s newsletter and receive a free download of their ebook.

Baby Checklists and Printables

​Baby Proofing Checklist

Baby-proof your home with this free checklist from CrayonsandCravings.com.

Bottle Feeding Must-haves Checklist

​Get a free printable list of 11 bottle feeding must haves for formula feeding parents from Crayons and Cravings.

​Free Jungle Themed Nursery Mobile

​If baby’s nursery will be jungled themed, then snag this free jungle themed nursery mobile printable from KiddyCharts.com.

​Free Gross Motor Baby Milestone Checklist

​Download this free printable from Pink Oatmeal.

​Free Printable Nursery Wall Decor

​Download these fun free prints from PinkOatmeal.com.

​Free Printable Gender Reveal Cards

​You can get these gender reveal cards from Kendrajgaines.com.

​Customizable Modern Nursery Art

​Create customized artwork for your baby’s nursery wall with this printable at thelittleumbrella.com.

​Forest Animal Nursery Prints

​Get these cure forest creatures from welivedhappilyeverafter.com

​Nautical Wall Art

​​These prints will work well in a nautical themed nursery. Get them from ohsolovelyblog.com.

​Pink Giraffe Nursery Printable

​Grab this sweet pink giraffe for a safari themed nursery from simpleeverydaymom.com.

Baby and Pregnancy Milestone Cards

​Baby Month Stickers

Use these printable baby month stickers to take pictures of your baby’s milestones each month. They also make a great baby shower gift. Three styles to choose from.

​Pottery Barn Baby Milestone Cards

​Track your baby’s first year with these milestone cards from Pottery Barn.

​Printable Milestone Flags

Raeannkelly.com offers these adorable milestone flags so you can capture every month of baby’s growth.

​Baby Milestone Cards

​These cards will track not only baby’s month, but also things like her first smile, tooth, words and other “firsts.” Print them from sarahhalstead.com.

​Weekly Baby Milestone Stickers

​From “just born” to 12 months, track baby’s milestones with stickers from littlestuff.me.

​Pregnancy Milestone Stickers

​Here’s a twist on milestone trackers. Try these pregnancy milestone stickers from Extreme Couponing Mom to document your pregnancy progress.

​Baby Age and Milestone Stickers

​Extreme Couponing Mom also offers these free Baby Milestone stickers.

​Baby Milestone Printable Cards

​Track baby’s first holidays, and occasions with these colorful baby milestone cards from Kiddy Charts.

Free Pregnancy and Baby Apps

​Baby Center’s Pregnancy Tracker and Baby App

​​​​Baby Center’s free app includes a week-by-week pregnancy tracker with reminders, checklists, a pregnancy photo diary and more. The baby app is a parenting guide with a first year growth tracker. Get all the details and download the app on IOS or​Android here.

​What to Expect Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

​This pregnancy app includes a day-by-day and week-by-week pregnancy tracker to help you keep track of your baby’s progress, videos, personalized updates and an active community of other expecting moms. Get more details and download the app for IOS or Android​.

​MyMedela Breastfeeding Companion App

​The MyMedela app is made by Medela, a top breast pump manufacturer. With this free app, you can track your breastfeeding progress, get tips for breastfeeding and pumping, get immediate answers to breastfeeding questions and

​more. It also connects to Medela’s smart breast pump, Sonata, for real-time pumping session information. Download the app on IOS or Android.

​The Bump Pregnancy Countdown App

​The Bump’s free pregnancy app gives moms-to-be tools to make to keep track of their pregnancy week-by-week. In this app you’ll find a doctor’s visit planner, an interactive 3D model of baby growth, a baby registry tracker, baby and bell photo album and more. Find out all the details and get the app on IOS or Android.

​Baby Sleep Sounds HQ

​This free app gives you over 50 sleep sounds to get baby to sleep. Get more details and download on IOS.

​Baby Names App

​Winkpass has created an app with a database of over 25,000 baby names. Create a favorites list and learn the meanings behind the names you choose with this app. Share your choices on social media and more. Find out more and download the baby names app ​on IOS.

​Baby Names by Baby Center

​This app allows moms to get custom-tailored names from its baby name generator. Share the names you’re considering with your partner and get the meanings behind the names you choose. Find out more and download the app on IOS​.

​Cinemama by March of Dimes Foundation

​Have you ever seen those awesome pregnant belly growth animations some moms-to-be have? This app is an easy way to help you create one, too! With their alignment tool, you can take daily photos and it will make a fun animation of your pregnancy that can be customized and shared. Get more info and download the app on ​IOS or Android.

Enjoy your free baby stuff, mama, you deserve it!

The biggest list of places to get new baby must haves and essentials for expecting moms for free! Whether it's your first baby or third, your registry will likely have many of these baby gifts on it. You can score a lot them for free and mark them off your checklist. #baby #babies #newborn #newbaby #newmom #pregnancy #babyregistry #firsttimemom #babystuff

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